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its true tho. plus numbers are haram


I'm willing to bet that neither ddudeman or any of his teenbro mods ever watched scrambled porn before. Old Playboy channel or that one movie channel that ran softcore flicks at night, I think channel 17 or 27. You post-internet kids will never know the joy of when the static gods are kind to you and you are able to peek at a full boob.


21 for me, pretty sure it was cinemax. HBO came in pretty watchable but 21 man, porn back then was real tasteful too. Do they even bother making softcore anymore?


I still remember messing with the vertical hold control of my old assed tv trying to descramble the Spice channel (don't recall the actual channel # but I am pretty sure it was in the high 50's) when parents were at work during summers. It was a "cable ready" digital channel display (showed on an LED display instead of on the screen) television that only went up to channel 99 or so, complete with a particleboard cabinet with woodgrain finish. I reckon it was from the mid-late 80's since I recall it from early childhood. Was given to me for video games once we got a newer one for the livingroom. Sadly I don't recall the actual make/model and cannot find any similar online.

We actually had HBO for about a year until mom realized there was porn on there late at night.


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softcore is just regular tv these days


HBO boobs are mostly fake and not even real.


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not from the 90s but still A E S T H E T I C


thats not from the 90s

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