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Judaism is the shared heritage of Abrahamic religions and an integral part of Islam. Keeping Muslims out of Judaism is just plain wrong; Judaism, Sabbath, Jewish organizations, and even Israel belong to everyone, not just Jews, and Muslims and Christians make up the bulk of the people that follow in the footsteps of Abraham.

Judaism is an ethnoreligion. But here's the thing, everyone's a Jew if they say they are, at least according to the Israeli Population Registry Regulation (July, 1950), "A person is a Jew by his own declaration (provided he is not a member of another religion)."

If just saying you're a Jew is good enough for modern Israel's founding fathers, why isn't it good enough for Jewish communities and advocacy groups world wide? And keep in mind that Christians and Muslims DO see themselves as versions of Judaism.

The Jewish community at large shames itself in full "mask off" bigotry and racism on the regular with outdated gatekeeping and exclusion. And nothing makes that more clear than the hostile stance to Black Jewish communities like the Black Hebrew Israelites.

MAKE NO MISTAKE, the aggressive posturing of some Jewish communities against the Black Hebrew Israelites is about race and ONLY race, but in typical fashion the complaint, the reason why BLI can't be recognized and accepted among other Jewish denominations, given is something else. They say it's not textually correct, but BLI reads from the same books as White and Mizrahi Jews. They say it's extreme, as if Israeli settlers bulldozing Palestinian houses with people inside isn't. They sometimes say flat out, full fledged, racist statements about ancestry, "They aren't ethnically Jews", for which there is ZERO defense.

Judaism, Israel, and Jewish organizations that regularly exclude people of color and other religions need a wake up call.

Judaism belongs to everyone.

That's it. It's time to confront those that would make people feel unwelcome and excluded from the Jewish religion, communities, and the Jewish state that over 3 billion people trace their spiritual heritage to.

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