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video games are amines as long as you only watch plays and make fanfics


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>plays being made about animes


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it's more likely than you think

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watching hunter x hunter and its pretty fuckin good tbh
especially if you've watched shit tier shonnens like (((naruto)))
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they turned kite into a really ugly girl


Youpi is better ant than pitou


but you can't fuck a cat girl if youre fucking youpi…


Youpi can shapeshift into a catgirl maybe?
And youpi has better personality


that would just be lying to yourself
plus pitou is dtf

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one punch man was p. good
had a lot of punchlines i actually laughed at. might even consider it a solid 8/10
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is the paper anime of it p. good too?
its exactly my kinda humor


yeah it's actually really good but I don't think there's a "paper" version per se at all.
The guy literally made like one chapter as a test of software and like the upload service he was making, and it got some buzz so he made a few more then it got a fanbase. like 70-80 chapters in a publisher hooked him up with a real artist to basically give it a real go and it got an anime.

So basically there's two comics but even the latter one is digital only I think. They usually go by One Punch Man (one) and One-Punch Man.
The original artist/ writer is named one, so it's pretty confusing.


File: 1538463223997.jpg (145.74 KB, 768x1024, 2d8af51a6c4fd3959fc782c43b….jpg)

He also has another series called Mob Psycho 100 that in a way is better, I think he had the whole story figured out before he started writing it at least. One Punch Man is all around really fucking funny though, but the art early on is pretty shit as he literally taught himself how to draw doing it it seems.


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earlier vs later for instance


that just makes it even funnier to me

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/am/pill me on manga
how does one read it?
i saw some fag reading attack on titan in manga form today, and holy shit it looked so boring. like i wouldn't mind breaking into manga, mostly because i want to read Berserk, but i just dont get it.
like you obviously don't read it like a book, because theres just not that much text there to tell you whats going on. are you supposed to used the pictures and text to act out the scenes in your head? thats the only way i could see it making any sense
somebody explain
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the paperback volumes on amazon would run you about 400 bucks if you bought them all in one go


well thx for the spoonfeeding bby


( ' 3 ' )


I've analyzed the visual theory as that speech bubbles and images are switched over from western equivalent. Weird how often that thing happens, same with doctors and house addresses. Anyhow, you let your eyes follow the golden cut formed by the artwork, and make glances at the text surrounding it for additional info. If you look into Spider-Man or something you'll notice it functions like a picture book, the images are hugging the text boxes that form a line to follow. Manga has it reversed. That being said, some do it better than others, One Punch Man is excellent by a pro artist while JJBA is shit at being a manga, it's more like a french pinup collection.


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File: 1538211318924-2.jpg (158.46 KB, 960x525, jojos-bizarre-adventure-pa….jpg)

kinda depends on which JoJo's you're looking at I think he gotta little formulaic on parts 3-6. 1 and 2 are pretty damn good, 7 is great even though it still kinda suffers from the maddening schizophrenic style of parts 3-6 which a lot of people don't bring up. The fights are generally speaking hard to follow though.

With one punch man are you talkin about the original or the uhhh, I'm really not sure what to call it. It's basically a remake manga with a real manga artist but they've been diverging from the plot while the original is on what seems like an indefinite hiatus.

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>we despise western media
are we secretly gommunists?


Who the everliving fuck is "we" and why would they hate an entire hemisphere's media?


but commies are jews and western media is also jews

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is w40k an anime?
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WH40k Cal-Arts is real and is coming soon!


i really wish somebody would nuke my state already


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File: 1537002195210-1.jpg (76.92 KB, 1336x668, thundercats-roar.jpg)

uhh yeah also hate to break it to you, but that one cartoon, I guess it's actually many and that studio more or less dominates cartoon networks day time programming.
I didn't know any of this until the thundercats debacle of a few months ago


Gumball's a good show tbh.


i'll rape you bitch

File: 1535334531891.jpg (264.65 KB, 648x886, 4c2bcc7f5d51ecd899ccca9815….jpg)


You're still a virgin, Right?
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First of all: nice dubs. Second of all: You spell her name with a K. Third of all: whatever you virgin.


say that one more time i DARE you


File: 1535611883911.jpg (119.66 KB, 616x250, lidia-v.jpg)

saving myself for lidia


File: 1535612001735.png (370.53 KB, 946x814, stretch hsv.png)

this is what im saving myself for



File: 1536204426429.png (1.29 MB, 1602x812, ruhroh.png)


guys meet my gf
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>she's not real
pics dont lie bruh


File: 1536275871549.png (635.28 KB, 1280x720, bg_best_girl.png)

Big bearded gay men should stop talking to us high test alphas who demand perfection from their ladies.


File: 1536399508334.png (70.99 KB, 574x408, gintama line.png)

oh, if you didn't know manti teo pretended he had a girlfriend that died and everyone felt bad for him, then it came out and she wasn't real and he said he got pranked and it was a whole fiasco when it turned out he lied about that as well.


bout to fuck my gf


i dont get it
supposedly theres 3 diff affection levels and 2 diff voice patterns
what do they affect with Liru?

File: 1536044004403.jpg (89.22 KB, 844x1230, 2d67301a29dc2989746edc9f47….jpg)


just bought a few more anime shirts
would you like me to model them for you, /am/?




I bought a traditional Japanese robe at a convention. I can feel myself getting closer to Ken-sama every day.


better be a cute boy or girl you are


Ive gotta admit I'm kind of between being a cuteboy and a girl? Like I'm like a girl but I've got a penis a very small one. Like I do bet, I mean really I do, that maybe it wouldn't be much up against your big strong one. Maybe we could push ours together to compare them after I pulled up my skirt. Would that please you sir?


ok i got them
gimme a couple months for the hormones to really kick in before i model them for u boys ;)

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