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another round of seasonal shit to talk about
im watching these three right now. haven't finished bunny girl senpai yet, but im really enjoying it. ive managed not to binge it all in one day, doin 3 eps a day and its the perfect amount. it kinda reminds me of mushishi but i like it a lot more because it has story arcs. i thought the first episode was an excellent.
that time i was reincarnated as a slime is also really good. easily the best isekai to date, although that statement alone doesn't mean much. from the title alone i didn't think i'd like it, but they've managed to make something novel and interesting. jokes are on point. im current with that, and this latest ep (15?) was the first one i was pretty meh about. i enjoyed the rest so far
rising of the shield hero.. i thought most of the first episode was fucking gay. i think the video game shit is way too on the nose and is gay. the second ep redeemed it a bit, and i actually enjoyed it. depending on how it progresses it could go either way, i suppose. i actually dropped it 15 mins into the first ep but i put it on later in the background when i was doin stuff because my friend said he was enjoying it
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when do we move sportschan to the crunchyroll forums?
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muh dik
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Mongo Thread

So i finished Berserk a few days ago, and i was looking for another one to start. I start konosuba, at first since i liked the anime and wanna know what happened next, but it fuckin sucked?. like it had really choppy flow. i guess the anime and manga were based off the LN, so maybe i'll have to read a LN now
so then i started one punch and its just as good, if not better than the anime
the jokes are perfect for that kinda format
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seasonal shit

anyone catching this?
its been gettin hyped like crazy and now i know why
gonna say if you haven't watched it, dont look into anything, go into it with as little info as posssible
spoilertimeit starts with the really typical, fantasy/vidya quest feel too it. dont remember what that genre is called. honestly the first 5 minutes i thought 'ah fuck this isn't like how people said, this is just more generic shit'. theres the obvious foreshadowing that shit might not be as it seems, but you honestly are prepared for how much it gets subverted lol
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MAL hypocrisy

One of these is considered animation.
One is not.
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I always knew there was nothing wrong with hentai
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video games are amines as long as you only watch plays and make fanfics
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watching hunter x hunter and its pretty fuckin good tbh
especially if you've watched shit tier shonnens like (((naruto)))
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one punch man was p. good
had a lot of punchlines i actually laughed at. might even consider it a solid 8/10
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/am/pill me on manga
how does one read it?
i saw some fag reading attack on titan in manga form today, and holy shit it looked so boring. like i wouldn't mind breaking into manga, mostly because i want to read Berserk, but i just dont get it.
like you obviously don't read it like a book, because theres just not that much text there to tell you whats going on. are you supposed to used the pictures and text to act out the scenes in your head? thats the only way i could see it making any sense
somebody explain
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>we despise western media
are we secretly gommunists?
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is w40k an anime?
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You're still a virgin, Right?
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guys meet my gf
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just bought a few more anime shirts
would you like me to model them for you, /am/?
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Firearms and Anime are two of your rights guaranteed under the constitution. Never let them take them from you
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goodnight /am/
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Tatami Galaxy is a good /aM/core show despite all the pretentious kiddos surrounding it.
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but dad it's 3 am in the morning
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this guy comes up, slaps your waifu's ass, and takes your anime
what do /am/?
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where is >>7 and >>8 board hasn't properly started yet and it's already getting rulecucked smh
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Let me use you up
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im looking at anime pussy in the library and the girl next to me keeps looking at me funny
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>she shruggu with tiddy
>blushu in response
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this boar etc.
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oi wtf is going on here?