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watching hunter x hunter and its pretty fuckin good tbh
especially if you've watched shit tier shonnens like (((naruto)))


Have been thinking about reading it for awhile but the author does hardly any work on it, like 6 chapters a year so I don't want to read something then have to wait forever for slow trickles of chapters like say Berserk. At least with Berserk the author waited 20 years before pulling that shit.


to be completely fair, hunter has been going since before Y2K




raise your voice at me


oh sorry man don't mean to come off as rude or anything.




>the anagram for Ging is Nigg


>this next arc is gonna be gon fighting an army of ants
ok this show just got a lot less cool


holy fuck this arc is fuckin shiiiiit
is this filler?
this has got to be filler right?


holy shit its not


now the main baddie is just cell from DBZ


is it gud? I might finally read the manga soon-ish


ya, its pretty good for its genre. if you've suffered through Naruto, this show is like a fucking masterpiece in comparison.
I'd give it a 7.5 overall so far, and an 8 or 8.5 within the genre. im talking about the anime tho, so idk how faithful it is to source material.


File: 1538077441266.png (866.45 KB, 1920x1036, nyan.png)

she's fuckin lucky she was up against Gon, and not me


pls let him actually be dead
that would make this arc worth it


they turned kite into a really ugly girl


Youpi is better ant than pitou


but you can't fuck a cat girl if youre fucking youpi…


Youpi can shapeshift into a catgirl maybe?
And youpi has better personality


that would just be lying to yourself
plus pitou is dtf

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