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one punch man was p. good
had a lot of punchlines i actually laughed at. might even consider it a solid 8/10


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is the paper anime of it p. good too?
its exactly my kinda humor


yeah it's actually really good but I don't think there's a "paper" version per se at all.
The guy literally made like one chapter as a test of software and like the upload service he was making, and it got some buzz so he made a few more then it got a fanbase. like 70-80 chapters in a publisher hooked him up with a real artist to basically give it a real go and it got an anime.

So basically there's two comics but even the latter one is digital only I think. They usually go by One Punch Man (one) and One-Punch Man.
The original artist/ writer is named one, so it's pretty confusing.


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He also has another series called Mob Psycho 100 that in a way is better, I think he had the whole story figured out before he started writing it at least. One Punch Man is all around really fucking funny though, but the art early on is pretty shit as he literally taught himself how to draw doing it it seems.


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earlier vs later for instance


that just makes it even funnier to me

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