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File: 1540696589094.jpg (354.57 KB, 1920x1080, GoblinSlayer-Episode2-17.jpg)


anyone catching this?
its been gettin hyped like crazy and now i know why
gonna say if you haven't watched it, dont look into anything, go into it with as little info as posssible
spoilertimeit starts with the really typical, fantasy/vidya quest feel too it. dont remember what that genre is called. honestly the first 5 minutes i thought 'ah fuck this isn't like how people said, this is just more generic shit'. theres the obvious foreshadowing that shit might not be as it seems, but you honestly are prepared for how much it gets subverted lol


heard about it since it was in manga tbh (just found out it's originally based on a light novel) think I'll check the anime out though I have heard there's some nasty nasty stuff :^)


only the first episode is good
t. edge pro


theres lots of goblin RAPE
its not even that edgy, its good because it subverts your expectations given the tropes and themes of the genre


generic herem shit
MC is the complete idiot mc package for this formula.
The edge only lasts for the first few episodes and then it dies off into fantacy bullshit.


are you retarded?
serious question


>harem is locked by setting
>if a character in any other setting that isn't highschool has a cast of bitches all gunning after one single idiotic mc then it doesn't count
Are you retarded?
Serious question.


he was talking about your typos


File: 1540895247613.png (450.1 KB, 726x611, 1540464632.png)

fugg :DDD


File: 1542275826424.jpg (98.96 KB, 853x480, limpurwistuu.jpg)

this anime has everything
streetwise utes
political intrigue
vets with PTSD
boys of all ages getting raped
JD salinger references


ok after initial optimism in this show, things are not looking up ;_;
unless somethings happens in this next ep, this show will be lost to mediocrity


File: 1542422775284.png (531.37 KB, 800x600, ClipboardImage.png)

>streetwise utes
oh yah cunt?


If it's mirroring the manga then it's not going to get any better.


is that why I never heard of the manga again from the initial burst of interest until the anime came out?


ya, looks like its gonna be mediocre, i dont see how they could pull it into something interesting within the next 5 eps
too bad. it could have taken a really wild ride
things that are failing it:
>lazy animation
not even animation since its CG, but seriously. the ending of ep 7 literally has a full minute of a still shot. theres plenty of scenes where characters are 'powering up' or whatever the fuck with recycled lines, etc etc
>annoying side characters
side characters are fucking annoying. seriously their dynamic is so shit. only the elf gets a pass here, because wymen are annoying as shit– so thats perfect for her character. the dwarf and lizardfag have no excuse. they're weak as fuck and generally tactically inept too. how the fuck have they managed to survive this long in this world
>lack of development
the only character that seems to have thep otential for growth is the girl. the trio sure as shit don't (considering two of them are already 100+ years old), and goblin slayer really may be completely devoid of personality.
like it would be fine if he's a one track mind kinda guy, a dedicated 'technician' at goblin killing, but he can't literally be a robot. he has to actually have emotions and such, otherwise whats the point of him as a character? to move the plot along?
it would have been so cool to have your cool, collected, and overliteral goblin slayer for 3, maybe 4 eps. but by the end of those start showing him slippin a little bit, let it show that some of it is a fascade because the dude is fucked up emotionally. then it could slowly build, maybe his apprentice girl is in actual trouble, the stress is building and he's starting to lose it. kill off that lizard fag because he's annoying and it could have been a good scene, and use that as a pretext for elf and dwarf to fuck off for a bit. then maybe after the girl is saved, maybe goblinslayer is kinda fucked up, and out of the fight. there could be a face reveal (like as a cliffhanger for ending of ep 6 or 7) and at the start of the next ep there could be an actual face, or partial or wtver, and there could be some character development where its revealed that– oh shit maybe he's not just a robot he actually is a person
like that could have been so cool. it could have felt like the fights these characters are in have some danger since people actually die, and he could go back to bein a badass technician, but maybe with a little nod to the audience to remind them that hey he actually is a person.
like fuck man theres just so much they could have done. they subverted the genre in the first 10 minutes of the first episode, only to fall back into it by episode 2
why couldn't they just do something like… anything else. it could be great


File: 1542571801339.jpg (643.63 KB, 1365x2048, 000.jpg)

shit new volumes out


mil idk what this is


it's a montly manga I read but the scanlators only release by the volume, if that, so like once a year a pretty substantial amount like JUST came out so I got some reading to do.


*makes notation in your file*


File: 1542573831657-0.jpg (866 KB, 1365x2048, 073.jpg)

File: 1542573831657-1.jpg (1.07 MB, 1365x2048, 070.jpg)

File: 1542573831657-2.jpg (887.2 KB, 1365x2048, 045.jpg)

think goblin slayer or berserk but they guy murders tanks


i wanna actually read berserk
goblin slayer appears to be shaping up to be a major bleh


I haven't read goblin slayer but sort of the same concept it seems that there's a bad ass berserker guy who just kills mercilessly.


berserk has nuance tho
or at least im assuming it does
theres a lot in the anime to digest


File: 1542584854986.png (837.1 KB, 1314x687, one doing the killing.png)

yea this one does too, goblin slayer seems pretty shallow. This one gets pretty text heavy sometimes, but has good feel too. But if this guy sees a tank you know shits about to get real.


ok i started the berserk manga
i really like it, the art is gorgeous
some of his dialog bubbles and flow are kinda jank, but its easy enough to decipher
is there a place you go for a good translation? the one im reading is kinda fucked there too
>guts get buttraped by a pedonigger
nooooo gatsuuu


your best bet would probably be the volume translations on nyaa or some private tracker.
the big scanlation sites won't have the best ones early on because they will probably have the earliest scans done which aren't going to be great in quality as for translation or cleaning or any of that.


ya whatever one i started with had a ton of typos, odd translations, and fucked up text bubbles lol
im on a beetter one now. they also put it up out of order in some parts


poor caska, she's pure rape bait


she need the dick


that's not twoo


File: 1542672662006.png (643.06 KB, 1200x675, o6dedd3ch3gk9peskjl3.png)

yeah bruv she needs it


File: 1542676031758.png (204.93 KB, 305x521, erp.PNG)

idk about that
but i'll tell you i do need to


File: 1542678897084.jpg (52.35 KB, 310x432, 2d1066befe55e771257a5861a4….jpg)

tell you h'wahat


lol seriously poor casca, everything keeps trying to breed with her


Mr Skull Knight what in G*ds name have you just done


the art is getting lazy af on these later ones fam


jesus some of it is so ugly
like at first it would jsut be the occasional frame
then it would be most of the frames
now these chapters are entirely made of the shit tier stuff


where you at now?


just finished
the last 30-50 or so had real inconsistent quality
what was really obvious was when it moved away from hand drawn shading to this ░ ▒ ▓ style
at that point a lot of the art started to get pretty lazy, and more and more frames were getting very empty or poorly done
the last 5 especially guts looks like hot garbage


You read the Jotunn stuff? I thought the art since they got off the boat was really good to be honest. The backgrounds suffered but that happens to every manga for some reason as it goes on the background just becomes non-existent.


the last chapter?
i feel like quality came back up a little towards the end, but still even the detailed stuff in the later ones just feels flat and hazy, and seriously Gats really looks bad
like his face is primarily just white and thick outlines
i might go back and throw up some examples to show what im talkin bout


well fuck man
i went back and was lookin and its not as prevalent as i thought
but something definitely changed. mostly in the faces, i think. but also in that he started using that dot shading really heavily
i thought the dream sequence stuff looked pretty good, and so did most of the berserker stuff
there is one panel where guts really does look terrible. i couldn't find it tho


File: 1542961517499.jpg (96.26 KB, 853x480, mpv-shot0001.jpg)


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