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So i finished Berserk a few days ago, and i was looking for another one to start. I start konosuba, at first since i liked the anime and wanna know what happened next, but it fuckin sucked?. like it had really choppy flow. i guess the anime and manga were based off the LN, so maybe i'll have to read a LN now
so then i started one punch and its just as good, if not better than the anime
the jokes are perfect for that kinda format


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only thing I can think to recommend is Vagabond. Art's great, but in the same but much worse boat than Berserk in that it's been on hiatus forever now, and unlike Berserk it's not even sporadically released the guy is just not working on it at all.


damn.. one punch was really good up until like, halfwayish? then it sorta got an actual storyline and its not focusing on Saitama or the humor, its just like a regular actiony kinda thing. not its strong point. gettin bored


original or the re(dux)?


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did it still look crappy or did it look good?


the professional one


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Read Made in Abyss, is pretty good.


i hate the style to the point that i refuse to watch or read it




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Clockwork Planet (just started Vol. 3) seems promising so far Why is terrorism so casually mentioned in it?


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I like how there's this dichotomous style to it as they get deeper into the abyss.
The main characters' designs being super cutesy turned me off initially too but the anime was pretty well received so I checked the manga out. Are you talking about the art style specifically or more the character design?


character design. really, really hate it. hate it hate it. i know it has some mature themes, but i can't get over it.


idk why, but i read this post probably 2 or 3 times and even looked at the picture, and i thought it said clockwork orange
wtf is wrong iwth me


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I've been re-reading some CR H-Doujins


can someone please explain to me what im lookin at here???


CR means chinky raccoon


no it doesn't sweety
it means cheeky racoon


cunnilingus raccoon


I can get why you may have done that

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