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Redpill me on Fist of the North Star
worth a watch?
i skimmed an edited version of the movie on youtube
not sure if the editing was from the studio or the uploader, but it was p. confusing / disconnected. the animation ranged from ok to bad, the dub was meh, and i thought it was really, really interesting and weird
i caught the first 10 minutes of ep 1 of the tv show and i thought it was edited / introduced wayyyy better than the other thing i saw. the voice acting, animation, and editing were all more than acceptable to me.
i know its considered a classic by many.
or no watch?


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read. the. manga.

I can't speak for the anime tbh. I heard that the original series there was the first episode that was a faithful adaptation then something ~90 episodes of filler before they got to anything else that was canon. There were some modern ova's that look alright.


Looks like I was wrong about the amount of filler. It's just really fucking manly though.


i usually read mangas second
does it have a good plot? or is it just him fuckin people up and the viewer havin a good time watching?
the anime so far is really competent in a lot of ways, but its mostly followed a formula of bad guy does something > ken sees it > ken kills them all


It's a very good anime


it has a plot, nothing to complex but it did it's job. there's part after the main villian is killed, and another one even after that that's not as good. I don't think the anime covers the most latter part though.


ive been skipping filler and it leaves a few holes where im not really sure how things got to where they were.
shin dies p. early in the anime. also its crazy how much this is differing from the movie so far. i mean dramatically so
it has some issues tho. animation is repeated a lot. they hide it pretty well, but after you see it 5 or 6 times you start recognizing when certain shots are repeats or edits of repeats
theres also so repetition issues with the story, mainly in the events that the characters deal with, although i suspect thats non-canon padding that made its way into the anime


i find Raoh to be a pretty sympathetic character tbh


Opinion Piece: Ken-Oh did nothing wrong


honestly Raoh is the most developed character by far.

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