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Well I'm selling the MR2. What should I get next?
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the car is gone
im buying another bmw


bad man


get an mr3

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Would you drive this car as your daily driver for 2k a year>? Lets say youd get 2000 a year, but you had to drive this car daily. Would it be worth it?


Yeah would rock that. It wouldn't be hard to just laugh about it


File: 1534303075184.jpg (103.82 KB, 550x395, sliderimg002.jpg)

to qualify that, i think itasha is cool as fuck


if the car was provided for free?
fuck ya. fags would get triggered as fuck because it says fag on it. i'd also get sponsored by the nigger depot guy, and put swastikas and stars and bars on it


when i was a kid i was obsessed with beetle adventure racing and always wanted a lime green bug, so this isn't really that far off in terms of gayness

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Otto von Bismarck invented Germany in 1871.
Has any other invention done more damage to humanity?


Anglos created the concept that niggers are humans, and handed the reigns of civilization– which had been gifted upon the savage continent– over to them. Humanity has been downhill ever since.

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make way me and the pinto are coming through


>rear frame retrofit
<150 million dollars
>lawsuit settlement
>50 million dollars
lawsuit settlements it is


oh god fuck it i messed up the formatting

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best car coming through


da nm you got the police package?


9c1 all da way


File: 1533073827506.png (654.8 KB, 857x473, qPBLm7J.png)

got a 1jz with a big single in it
positraction, carbon fibre wheels,
dual exhaust, shotgun under the seat,
and behind mine? bulletproof glass.

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Protegé5 Sport Wagon


i wouldn't take 1 or 2 on their own but i'd take them both as a package deal


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tfw no sentra se-r

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