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>Fallout 76
<Same world as Fallout 4
<No NPC interaction
<only 24 players total in a server


>expecting better from bethesda
lmao im just gonna sit back and laugh at all the fallout soy cucks who bought the 120 dollar preorder special edition while playing the real fallouts, 1 and 2


>the game is entirely online but solo play is possible; via avoidance of other players.
holy fuck this is the most retarded shit


you sound like Jim



my older brother already pre-ordered it and is HYPE!


When will they learn?


I think there was a $130 Cawa doody pre order package




lol i saw an article the other day titled something like "bethseda issues open letter prepping players for fallout 76 bugs" or something like that


it being always online is gonna prevent modders from fixing this one for them. They've been doing this shit since Morrowind, perhaps earlier.


Things I have learned from following the game:
>No NPCs
>Basically no story
>No real PVP
>No private servers at the start
>No mods for at least a year
>When/If mods come they will be Creation Club """mini dlcs"""
>Can't build a character how you want, stats and perks are decided by cards
>Expected to be even more bugs than normal for a Bethesda game
>Ran only 2 hour beta periods so people don't play the game long enough to see all the bugs and how bad the game is
>can get power armor right at the start


sounds awesome
preordering now


The video game industry is the only industry where you give people the same product with less features every year, but still have people buy it anyway.


NPCs will always buy items they're programmed to buy


The player IS the NPC!



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remove reddit


Go back to cringe.


did you just tell him what to do?



>expecting anything with 76 in the name to not suck


<he forgot
>where we were


what a disaster



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