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ITT i manage all my trainees as they ignore me


Probly gonna tweak this more later so you have a more advanced sprint program since you're not coming from complete inactivity, but should work for now as is.


General program guidelines:


motivating music


im still here, folks


Are u hulk hogan?


basically but i use the nigger-word more


well, after just random workouts and high protein diets every night, I landed my first girlfriend (low-hanging fruit) and got to 3rd base.
once she breaks up with me, I'm starting this program. she totally boosted my confidence with the stuff we do in public, so I no longer have an issue with working out in public.




okay well she broke up with me. time to work out for a better girl. gonna try and start this program


ya ok.


Male sauna here i joined a gym but am afraid to use anything but treadmill there


thats ok ditz you were always meant to be a cardio bunny anyway


have to work on my fucking form for everything. I look like a stupid gay retard. its 5 am


for what lifts?


sup shorkcel, my gym is shut down so how do I go about bulking with no gym. my bmi is 19, i've been losing weight since I started keto and i'm gonna start my bulk in a week so.


BMI is an innaccurate indicator of anything unless you're an out of shape piece of shit
whats your bodyfat percentage


also the answer is you make a home gym. it can be very simple, consist of a dip bar, some dumbbells, bags of sand etc. unfortunately there really is no great replacement for the squat, but there are options.


I dont know, I looked at a chart and its probably still around 20-25%. I'm gonna keep going
why would I do dips or any other body weight exercise, I should just buy heavier weights every couple of weeks


because a bodyweight dip is the equivlanet of 100+ lbs directly onto your triceps and pecs you fucking mongoloid
ya you should load them (hang weights from your hip ala homemade dip belt) but i fucking doubt you could do many full dips anyway


I recently set up my home gym. I got a bench, a curl bar, some resistance bands and some dumbbells (going up to about 80lbs). I miss my lat pulldown and my squats, but it's just a matter of having to put in some more effort to get the same result. I don't miss going to the gym with sweaty plebs and I'm never going back wew.


also, I can do dips seated or between furniture and I can do my pullups and chinups on the stairs.


do your dips between furniture, full bodyweight dips
for lower body do dumbbell split squats, its the best you'll be able to do for now
upper body dips, pullups, and db press and db bench are good.



Some of the shit he does seems out of left field, but the "tiny" squat/split squat superset (starting around 3:07) is the best substitute for real squats I've come across. His full routine seems kind of insane, but I might try it because I miss my legs feeling like they'll fall off.


dude just do split squats stop overthinking this


Try them bro.


supersetting the same muscle groups is not good practice for strength training
its alright to shorten a full body workout. you're just tiring yourself out if your just do a bunch of squat variations. fact is if you can do that many reps in the first place, then the weight isn't heavy enough to have the desired training effect


>if you need this many reps, get more plates
We're still talking about a routine without a barbell right? How do I load 300lbs on a dumbbell?


>split squat with 2 18 inch dumbells with 120 on each
problem solved that would be heavy as fuck.


I get your point, but like I said, they go up to about 80lbs each. I mean, it's reasonably heavy still for me at the moment because I didn't do anything since covid, but ultimately it's just not heavy enough to train legs without resorting to shit like this.



>they go up to 80lbs each
>160 lbs total
>160 lbs total on a single leg
go fuck yourself they're heavy enough if you're doing it right
and again, if you get 18 inch dumbbells you can fit 120lbs each for 240lbs total


bout 10 years before i went through
also fuck those dip bars, that shit sucks


is the entire point just teaching you what extreme muscle failure is?


also you went to BUDS?


no i went to BCT but they're slowly being integrated (i had partially integrated orientation, did boats and logs etc) and are very similiar
the main point is to weed people out. there is a conditioning aspect to it but for the most part BCT / Phase 1 of BUDS is a meat grinder to only have people that absolutely positively will not give up


>its not even called BCT anymore
ya theyve changed things a bit
they were experimenting with changing stuff when i went through


so I ignored you and I'm just doing leg press and bench press
good enough right shorkcel?


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