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Sportschan now has a hidden service. I don't know why I did this but I thought it would be cool.

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The project that never ends. Or starts.
was working on it again today. a while ago i placed pilot holes for the rail screws. today i drilled them out. need to tap them. currently 1 fucked up, and 1 questionable holes. going to skip over them and fix them later just so i can make some progress.
not pictured: mine


Keep at it! Cool stuff that. Rails should be a little forgiving too even if you miss a few holes.

Getting them perfectly parallel might be a bit of a trick. I'd probably not worry about it at the rails and do it on the back side with two bolts on each end and the slide installed as a spacer. I'd tighten the bolts down gradually while continuously checking slide movement, then drill a couple holes through the back plate and the bars the rails are bolted to and drive pins in to lock them in place, then drill/tap a few more back holes to finish bolting.


im not sure if what you're saying will apply to how im doing my build, since im not building it in the most ideal way.

my build has a weird evolution… where i spent a lot of time planning, and bought a bunch of stuff, had stuff come in the wrong dimensions, and then i threw it out the window and im somewhat winging it.

i dont think my old thread still exists on endchan, but it had some of my theorizing before i started

specing out a lot of my stuff i did some very rough calcs on things like total weight, torque, deflection etc and i basically just bought well above all those values because i also want to be able to use these components in the future when (if?) i upgrade

i'll just say this about my rails since its what i remember– i had them parallel within a few thou. its difficult to say why they would were off, though i suspect it has to do with some screws not being perfectly straight and moving the rail one way or another when they're tightened. i should have a little bit of play in adjustment, but generally speaking they should be pretty close even without it.


i got a nice starret tap wrench in today. i broke a tap off in a blind hole the other day i decided that i want to minimize going through that nightmare as much as possible.
also got a Fowler electronic inclinometer. Fowler makes nice, affordable high precision instruments. im a fan

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