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vidya gaems?


Ethics in video game journalism




i think i downloaded insurgency on steam like, fucking forever ago. it seemed cool or whatever but i never played it.


Torchlight MMO ("Torchlight Frontiers") coming 2019.
Not sure if I want to play an MMO tbh.

Tried it when it was free and it wasn't even worth the time to download it.


honestly not sure im gonna play anything until cyberpunk comes out in a few years. maybe some mindless multiplayer game if something good drops between then and if my fwends get it


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24 years after the release of Doom II, a boomer finally managed to find all secrets to get a perfect 100/100/100 score. Yup, they don't make games that you can play 24 years anymore.


fuck i was wondering about mentioning that yesterday
john romero gave him a shoutout on facebook.


i mean they really dont tho
24 years in a really dedicated community for some of the last stuff to get discovered


the goldeneye speedrunning community continues to find new ways to shave a second off each level after 20+ years
they are really the most autistic of them all


how the super mario 64 community?
the stuff pannenkoek puts out continues to be the most autistic wonderful stuff ive ever seen


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we need to make a SM64 mod dedicated to the enriched culture of sportschan


Netflix is looking to cast Ciri as nonwhite (BAME - black, asian, minority ethnic) for their Witcher series:
>Cirilla. The Lion Cub of Cintra
>Looking for a 16 or 15 year old BAME girl who can play down to 13/14. Must not be older than 18 years old.

Maybe Poland can shut it down somehow


…..wut? Runic Games went bankrupt though?


They were closed down by their parent (Perfect World) who is now making the new game.

Gameplay stream (skip the first 5 minutes)


fuck….I wanna be that robot class…


>shut it down
rayciss much?
gamers NEED a nigger ciri


I'm sick of these alt-right dog whistles I'm literally shaking


Superb! Indulge In Female Flesh - The Story Of A Filthy Sushi Shop

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