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im doing this all to fight the globalist tbh
way too lazy to import whatever got posted on end
i just marked the pilot holes for the rails. next i'll buy a blade (either a carbide tipped one or an abrasive one?) and slap it on the chop saw to cut the steel gantry plate down to size, since its 190 thousandths too long. then i'll drill the pilot holes and actually start assembling some of this. i have two aluminum sections that i'll use to take the bow out of the cold rolled plate, then i'll weld gussets on once its flattish. i need to put some thought into the order that i do this in, since welding will probably warp it slightly and i'll want to make sure thats on the 'correct' side to cancel the warp that already there.
the linear guides have been a bit of a nightmare. i made a mistake on my first order, getting half the number of required carriages. i talked to the chinamen sales rep and following his instructions, made a second order of just carriages. well they fucked up and sent me the wrong rail profile, so the two aren't compatible. im politely asking them to make right, but who knows if they'll do it. i only have another 30 days to dispute the order, so i hope i wont be out anything. if things go south i'll still be out some cash since i'll have to buy linear carriages from somewhere else, and G*d knows if they'll be compatible so i'll have to buy half the number of rails again too.
this project is so vast it hurts to think about the to do list for it.


ok decent HSS M6x1 tap and a set of small metric HSS drill bits on the way
will have these holes drilled and tapped fri/sat
gonna get ahead of myself and talk about things i want to do with this when its done:
>sheet metal stamping die
>injection molding die
>stamped sheet metal ar15
>BHP polymer frame
ya. those would be really cool


they're sending the required rails– free of charge, and i get to keep the stuff they sent me. cool, i guess. not much i can do with the extras tho


just modified a pmag to fit in my CETME-L
hoping it feeds well


6/10 pilot holes drill for the gantry plate. using essentially a journal bearing to keep the bit straight. wish my dad's makita had a bubble indicator on the back so i could check straightness offhand. i snapped my 3.2mm HSS bit on hole 4 earlier. luckily he had a 1/8 HSS bit lying around so i just have to get through 4 more without snapping it up.


pilot holes done. they're fairly consistent but for some damn reason the top ones are offset from the bottom ones by like 5mm. I must have scribed that side differently. shouldn't affect anything just annoying


i made a bolt to interrupt the follower in my magazine because 10rd mag limit niggerfornia. first i crushed and removed the rivet that was in place to limit the follower, then i tapped the hole and tapped/cut a piece of quarter inch 2011-T4 round stock. it turned out ok, i messed up on the length, i intended it to go to the other side of the mag and rest in a round notch i make on the inside. i didn't tap it long enough, so it just goes about half way like the rivet did. technically illegal since i can take it out and have my 20rdr


ok when i said 'shouldn't affect anything' it was just an assumption. turns out it does affect something. shieeet.
can work around it, just didn't expect it.


drilled all the holes
now im drilling into my aluminum spacers and im going to tap them
its really tedious. 2/10 done. on 3 now. probly will stop at 5 tonight. maybe i'll tap those 5 and run out to grab some bolts to actually check that all this is working well
if i really wanted to i could make the bolts myself. i have the right tap and round stock for it. its a massive pain in the ass tho since my setup is rather primitive


half of it drilled. seems like aluminum likes being drilled dry at high RPM. got one side completely drilled, and test tapped 1 hole. smooth like butter. god damn i haven't used a nice tap in a while. godly


ok fuck it the first one tapped so easily i just ended up doing the other 5. i really need a plug and bottom taps for this.
just ordered those right now after thinking about it.


obfuscated my screw face with some black RTV sealant. now it looks like an epoxied bolt. should pass any curious law enforcement eyes


just snapped by 5mm HSS bit
since i want to finish this portion by tonight i had to compromise. i'll drill out the remaining with a 3/16 HSS bit and ream it out with the broken 5mm bit. this is gay tho
bought 16mm? length bolt to check the threads that have been done. seems good so far. it has about a quarter inch of depth it needs to go further, but that should work out when i get my plug and bottom tapers in. bolts are zinc, which is fine. i should anodize the aluminum portions tho since it will be in contact with the steel


gotta figure out how to clear all these chips from the bottom of these holes. a steady stream of liquid would be easiest way i suppose. wish i didn't used up my entire can of WD40 when i phosphated my rifle. WD is like the boomer go to general purpose lubricant. fucking boomers


3/5 down, 2 to go. working fine with the 3/16 bit. this bit is actually better than the 5mm i was using. it has like variable flute rate, slowing down towards the top. its wayyy better at moving chips, and its just cuts better in general. shouldn't surprise me since my metric bits were chinesium "HSS" so who knows wtf they really are


ok all holes for the aluminum spacers are drilled and tapped. will need to go over them again with the other taps when they come in, but its essentially done.
coming up next:
>cut down gantry plate
>align, drill, tap y axis rails
>cut and drill/tap aluminum spacer support pieces


cut my gantry plate and base. i have a lot of file work to do to clean everything up and get it just right but it went relatively smoothly. too bad more of this machine isn't made from aluminum, my non-ferrous cutting blade goes through like butter. the abrasive on steel is much more of a bitch.
i got bolts and half the washers i need, and everything threads fairly well. not as much threaded depth as i expected but the washers make up for that. im really happy with how well they line up, its damn close.
next i'll need to scribe the center marks on the spacers and place my rails. i need to think about everything i need to align them on all three axis. i think i know how but i think i'll get to that when i get to it. this will involve drilling and tapping again, but the drill bits are smaller so it should go easier.


gotta think about how my motors will link up with the ballscrews. just eyed it out and it looks like the ballscrews could be raised enough for the two to match up with the motor against the gantry. i must have put some thought into this when i was purchasing materials and planning but fuck if i can remember.
this also throws into question how i'll connect the two when they are aligned. i plan on having a structural supports on each end that takes most of the load of the spacers, and would also allow me to control their tilt, but that would get in the way of the motor and ballscrew connection. i could split it up into 4 pieces instead of 2, but that makes things weaker and harder to affix to the gantry. if i could put a hole in one where the connection could run through would be best, but i dont think dimensions would work out.


im looking at my own thread its so autistic i haven't even included any pictures yet just massive blocks of text.
gonna go scribe the midpoints for the rails before i go to bed. maybe i'll take a picture when they go on


scribed the centers and realized one side is longer than the others- my gantry plate is out of square. checked the cut i made and its just about perfect. check the one that came from the place that they made and its fucked
how the fuck did they fuck this up god damnit. if i knew about it i would have fixed it first, then done everything else. this explains why my holes were misaligned tho, because i assumed they would cut the fucking thing square and worked from one edge out, not realizing that one side was several millimeters further out. god fucking damnit


going to put it into square with a flat file. this will take a while


theres something really satisfying about not having any training in this stuff and coming up with my own protocol for getting things the shape i want
just squared out that edge. used a dremel to rough the material and the flat file to find the high points and finish work. all i have to do now is clean up the aluminum with my al cutting blade and it'll be pretty much perfectly square


File: 1535089010838.jpg (3.17 MB, 4208x2368, WP_20180823_22_19_15_Pro.jpg)

sexy fuckin rifle with modified pmag.
also rails on gantry plate. I drilled and tapped the center hole, using it as a guide to get it directly over my scribed centermark. Now I only have to rotate the rails in their current position to get them perfectly aligned, and they'll be ready to take the next plate


File: 1535089061960.jpg (1.95 MB, 3688x2027, WP_20180818_17_45_32_Pro.jpg)

Fuck missed pic


god fucking damint i just drilled all the holes for the rail in the wrong size


ok well after a week of deliberation i've orderd some set screws that i will loctite, put into the holes i made, then drill and tap those. probly cover them with some epoxy to get everything nice and flat looking. its a pain in the ass but i have nobody to blame but myself i guess

also ordered the bolts to secure my ballscrews. first i'll complete the rails for each axis, then i'll align and secure the ballscrews. once that's done i'll figure out procedure for attaching the plates to the carriages and finish that, before making (3d printing and bootstrapping?) the connections between the ballscrews and the plates.

when all that is completed i just have to do the motor mounts and whatever linkage to connect the motor and ballscrew shaft

oh and welding gussets, bottom of gantry plate, etc. before doing the epoxy granite casting and all the electrical/hardware/software and other non construction stuff


bolts for the ballscrews came in. fit well, are exactly what i wanted
my replacement drill bits are coming via thailand post of all things.. lord knows how fucking long it will take
the other fasteners i need are coming tomorrow (supposedly), so hopefully i can resume this weekend.


nuts for the bolt ballscrews came in, other fasteners came in. drilled the holes out slightly oversized and tapped them, but couldn't tap them all the way because the only tap im missing from my kit is 8-32, and the only one the local osh thats going out of business had was a taper tap. have a replacement bottom and plug tap comining, then i should be able to fix the stupid, stupid mistake i made in >>76




IA that you ATA


File: 1536878926431.jpg (2.28 MB, 4208x2368, WP_20180913_15_45_16_Pro.jpg)

finished threading for Te set screws. loctited them in, now gonna wait 24 hours before I drills and tap into em. I hope it goes smoothly, I dont have much room to screw up. wish I just did it right the first time. shit set me back a week


lmfao. the set screws are too small. im on a fucking roll of fucking this up and wasting money, apparently


well turns out the screws can actually work, but the fasteners are so hard that the HSS bit just kinda 'fizzles'. if i knew that i would have heated them to ruin the temper before i loctited them


>making good progress
>make a small mistake
>fuck, ok but i can fix it
>fuck the fix up
>ok but i can fix that
>fuck up the fix to the fix

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