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To be completed friday




you're right.
the jewish US postal service is late in delivering my 38mm gasget
fucking niggers


this fucking packaage has really been sitting at the regional distribution center since wednesday


gasket came in. that part worked perfectly. the dial i ordered was for a 6497 and had a different foot arangement (opposite the 6498 that i ahve). I cut the second hand off so i could use the secondless dial, then i cut the feet off the new dial. epoxied it onto a cleaned up old dial (which had the proper feet). the new one had a diameter of 38, while the old one was 39.5. So there was a 1mm brass ring showing behidn the new dial. ordered a 38mm oring with .5 inch thickness, and it perfectly covered that up. looks real clean, will post the pic

so now for what didn't go great. i got the dial attached, hands on. movement placed in, and after several hours of fighting the movement tabs i got it secured in the case. noticed 2 specks of dust on the inside of the case. fuck me. they're only visible under really specific lighting conditions, but at some point i'll have to take it apart to get it. probably when i do i'll order one of those snap in rings instead of using the tabs because that was a nightmare.


File: 1559704270135.jpg (2.96 MB, 4208x2368, 263:148, WP_20190604_15_30_55_Pro.jpg)

Dial face with o ring installed.


File: 1559704333082.jpg (1.22 MB, 2317x2154, 2317:2154, WP_20190604_20_05_27_Pro.jpg)

Just need to cut the stem


oh also despite my best efforts i epoxied the dial slightly off rotation, so i had to bend the feet in the opposite directions to get it more aligned properly. i think its ok. fuck ton of cheesing this build, never ever fuck with watch shit its not worth it ive got the shakiest fucking hands

i actually managed to send one of the little screws fucking flying in my garage earlier.. i had to clear the entire thing out, sweep up everything, and magnet sweep the pile to find it. so lucky i did


It's a cool project I guess, but why would you bother assembling a watch?


just for the experience of doing it. also gives me the allusion of choosing what goes on and whats in it.
never do it again. don't forget i bought most of this shit back in 2016, and promptly fucked it up. messing with it now has been a pain in the ass, and i just cut the stem for the winding knob too short. its done in terms of looks tho. i'll post a pic in a sec

also i can hear the hands rubbing, so im definitely gonna just go through the headache of disassembling it all over again when the new stem comes in


File: 1559708088928.jpg (1.08 MB, 2733x1557, 911:519, WP_20190604_21_10_49_Pro.jpg)

mounted the clasp at the 6 position because of what /fa/ggots say, looks goofy layed out like this but it does look better on the wrist


chink hour hand hole is slightly too large. will have to rip off the min hand again, reseat the hour, then probly put the smallest, carefullest dab of epoxy connecting it to the pinion. gotta be real careful


actually, i change my diagnosis. the hour hand pinion is coming up because my bent foot dial sits higher than a regular dial so it doesn't keep it seated against the minute gear that turns it. so in some positions it lifts up and turns freely.
should be able to use a brass wavy washer shit to keep it in place


ok so i disassembled it all again
did a better job getting dust and debris.. used my malkoff to highlight it and picked it up with silly putty.
pushing the hands down became a bit of a fiasco. accidently bent the fuck out of the minute hand. bent it back as best i could, but theres only so much i'm willing to do. shits scary. shoudl have bought 2 just in case.
also ended up scratching it a bit. i dabbed a sharpie on the more noticeable chip. put light scratches on the actual hand. only really noticeable when the light hits it right, i might luck out if the glass prevents that angle
got my two replacement stems in. managed to cut the first one too short, again. got the second one right. red loctited it, should be good.
sprayed some leather protector onto the straps.. two coats.
overall, a nightmare. watchfags are true autists. fuck that shit im not cut out for it. will post final pics tomo


>i didn't align the hands

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