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I found some strange speakers at goodwill today. No markings on the outside or anything. Probably homemade boxes. The "crossover" is just a capacitor. They were only $7 so I thought I'd give them a shot. Surprisingly, they sound really good. They have that vintage new england sound, like older KLHs and Advents. I looked up the model number of the speakers and they're Oxfords from 1969. I don't have any other information, but it seems that these speakers were used more in guitar amps than in stereo speakers.


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They're alnico speakers, which I guess is something that people like in vintage speakers.
Unfortunately, one of them has a buzzing sound when I turn the volume up because theres a crack in the cone where it meets the edge of the speaker. I've refoamed speakers before but these don't have a separate foam/rubber surround like I'm used to.
Tomorrow I'm going to try to either patch that crack with black RTV or rubber cement. I think if I make a good bond on both sides it should repair it and keep it from cracking any worse, but still leave enough flexibility for the speaker to move.


plop the thing in the middle, I always like to do this, it improves the sound too




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Applied two patches, and spread rubber cement all around the outside where the crack is. I'm waiting for it to all dry now, and I'll probably give another layer of rubber cement afterwards.


Did it work or what?


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Yeah it came out well. I also added some speaker terminals to the back, since they just had wires before.
I just moved into a new dorm so I'm in the process of setting up everything for a 5.1 system.
Obviously this isn't how it'll be set up eventually


Hell yeah that's badass. Gj d00d



Damn, nice snag


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I have them with the tv now as the front speakers.
Rears are DCM CX-11s, the center is a Bic Venturi center and the sub is some infinity I found for cheap that sounds great. I really like the Oxfords though, especially for listening to records or tapes.


>upside down outlets
i hate when they do that
it should be criminal
duder go flip that outlet


You got some generic ass prints I respect the aesthetic though.


File: 1573545127428.png (9.55 MB, 4032x2272, 126:71, ClipboardImage.png)

its so that if something with three prongs is plugged in but not all the way and a piece of conductive material falls on it it doesn't cause it to short circuit
they're my roommates, he just had them laying around and we put them up. they're really generic but they look nice, i don't mind them. the other wall is where i have my stuff


thats dumb just plug it in all the way
and what if it didnt have a ground
what then huh smart guy?
its UGLY


make a gloryhole in the cinderblock




Speaker autist, I have a bass amp that crapped out on me. Would you mind assisting me in repair?


>speaker autist
where'd you come from, frend?


whats wrong with it



Not sure yet! No sound at all but the head powers up just fine. Wasn't asking for assistance this instant but once i take it apart and try to trouble shoot i may need help.


you make the gloryhole yet?


why do you think he hasn't posted in so long?


I don't know a ton about amps, I have like 4 broken receivers sitting in my room that I've tried to fix unsuccessfully. Most of that shit is a mystery to me
Yeah it goes right out into the hallway


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In todays episode of speakers I got from goodwill, I found some Realistic Mach 1's from ~1982. They were only $18 and in good condition I've seen them go for over $500. On these, the cabinets are a little beat up and they're filthy, but the drivers themselves are in fantastic condition. I don't have any of my amps or equipment with me, so I haven't been able to fully test them, only quickly with my friend's small Chinese amp. Even with that, they sounded really impressive. With a lot of clean power, I imagine they'll be the best speakers I've had so far.
They're gigantic, about 65lbs each, and the main woofer is fucking huge around 16".
These speakers seem to have a pretty big following, and there are a couple of mods you can do to them to make them sound even better. I'll probably re-cap the crossover and make sure those dials on the front are working and do a few of the recommended mods. I haven't decided whether I'll keep them or sell them yet.
I may even make some new boxes for them, because a lot of people say these are a little too small for the drivers.

Thank you for reading my blog post


wew, cool.
>water cooled
sounds intesnse


got a job at a hifi store today lol



File: 1576531608479.jpg (582.83 KB, 590x1280, 59:128, IMG_20191216_162003.jpg)

Let me post


dont tell dudchan what to do


like a regular paying job or you're doing a job (like a contract)?


like a regular job. i mostly just do whatever they need me to around the shop. today I built a media server computer thats part of the owners line of really nice streaming servers


nice good job


Okay Musican friend here. Finally got around to poking around at my amp/speaker situation.

I own a Behringer Ultrabass BX3000t and a 4x10 BB410 1200W speaker Cabinet.

>Amp powers on fine.
>Amp receives signal from bass
>amp outputs signal on it's line out/effects outputs
>no loose wires/connections on speaker cabinet
>no noticeable loose connections on amp speaker output

Some asshole at an open mic the amp was "living" at used an instrument cable instead of a speaker cable and has fried either amp or speaker due to the thinness of the cable.


Speaker has blown completely.

I would rather the speaker cabinet is broken, as I could easily pick up a cab to my liking.


Ended up finding a 250W combo amp for $600. And it only weighs 34lbs!!

Now to wait for warm weather and really start taking apart everything on the broken amp/speaker.


do it now


File: 1585031697292.png (19.03 MB, 4032x2272, 126:71, ClipboardImage.png)

KLH Model 24s
Aragon Aurum Preamp
McIntosh 2125 Amp
||Not Pictured||
Emotiva XDA-1 DAC

Sounds fucking awesome, too bad I don't actually own any of this


steal it and post it on here

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