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Light Novel Thread


is this the spice and wolf thead?


now why would you go and spice a wolf?


its a SEXY wolf


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fritz. leiber's highly regarded sword and sorcery adventure/fantasy series made into a graphic novel since you're too dumb to read


ya but i want to read a light novel not a graphic novel


Read one then nigger and stop making threads about it


Will you read one with me? I want to read spice and wolf


Sure gib copy pls •3•



can't this week, I have hot yoga


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then just read the non-graphic novel version


that's actually a great idea. link?


im more of a sheik fan myself tbh, link has always seemed a bit of a poofter to me


Fuck it, free shit masterpost

- @pantopialibrary (telegram)
- libgen.rs
- z-lib.org
- sci-hub.se for papers (you can also directly ask the authors. They may provide them to you for free)
- calibre-ebook.com, free ebook reader
- it-ebooks.info, programming languages ebooks
- audiobookbay.nl, audiobooks
- booksonic.org, audiobook
- annas-archive.org, search for stuff



reddit has varus

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