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Time to create threads so we can have serious discussions.

>I-70 at 23rd Street in Kansas City shut down after pedestrian jumps from overpass


>UMKC pharmacy professor Ashim Mitra stole a student’s research and sold it secretly to a pharmaceutical company, defrauding the university of millions of dollars, the University of Missouri alleges in a lawsuit filed Tuesday. Mitra, the suit alleges, already has improperly reaped $1.5 million from the sale and has the potential of earning $10 million more in royalties over the next five years from what the university says could be a billion-dollar drug.


And last but not least a typical story from KC
>Teens get addicted to opioids after wisdom teeth removal. Insurers are cracking down.


any good news?


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The world record in deadlifting was beaten by a big guy (he beat his own record). 1,046lbs (474kg) is the new record.


But those are weights he lifts not corpses.


not even impressive anymore after Ray Williams squatted 1080 to depth– and at rocketship speed

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