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Sportschan now has a hidden service. I don't know why I did this but I thought it would be cool.

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Endchan 500 Internal Server Error for at least an hour now.
Interesting thing: in the morn I found a post asking why we don't post here. I replied which were said already a few times and added we don't want DDOS, thx. I would ask if you guys have something to do with current downtime, but the answer would be questionable, since some would even say yes just for kicks.


No one on here would do that, or even be capable of doing that tbh. It's just endchan falling apart. There's a reason /sp/ came here a while ago


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On /meta/ some had the idea of botspam and the beauty of imageboards what we love I do is that one never can know if someone is serious or not.


It's back up now


Yes I noticed thank you.


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there's people capable for sure but there wasn't really animosity toward odili.

honestly if there's a 500 on endchan it can be quickly resolved if you hop on the irc or discord and tell odili he usually just has to reboot the something.

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