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Sportschan now has a hidden service. I don't know why I did this but I thought it would be cool.

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Let's have a video games thread here and start it with one befitting to sportschan.
Recently reinstalled NHL 2002 I think I can spare 15 minutes daily for a match.
My passion toward hockey started when I was a kid back in the '90s when I watched the Winter Olympics (can't remember which one). I especially liked the netminders. Then later I had the luck to acquire NHL 94. It was awesome. I dunno why but I ended up playing with Chicago Blackhawks a lot and when I got NHL 99 I chose again that team for the familiar names. Tho I think at that time Roenick just signed up with Phoenix I can't remember well now. Beside him from '94 I still remember Joe Murphy, Chelios, Coffey, Brent Sutter and ofc Eddie Belfour. NHL 99 I played the most, with normal 20 minutes periods and 82 matches per season. Despite this much "practice" I've never got really good at defence and while I could still beat most opponents on the second hardest difficulty they scored so much against me I rather just played on the second easiest (I think there were 4 difficulty levels) and gave three advantages (it was some minor setting) to the opponents.
Much later I wanted a game where I could play consecutive seasons and not just restart the one and ended up playing NHL 2002 which is notable of it's wacky color commentary, since I found NHL 2006 not satisfactory (can't remember now why). I played liek only two seasons however.
So now reinstalled it again. Set up a season. Fantasy draft, because it's fun. I'm aware of the trade exploit, where I can trade a player for a 1 point better then that for a 1 point even better and go around trading with teams in cycles, start with a player with 70 Overall rating and end up with Joe Sakic. However I thought I rather not waste too much time trading just concentrate on players whom I want to get during draft. And left to pick the goalie late instead of grabbing whom I wanted. I thought I could just circletrade and upgrade it to my preferred one.
How naive I was. These faggots don't want to trade goalies, no matter what I offer. How the fuck I'm gonna do it? I don't wanna create a custom tender with awesome stats to trade in. I also don't want to take control of other team and trade manually (I'm not sure if doable actually), and I really don't want to restart the draft pick. Hell.


File: 1553023447827.jpg (229.8 KB, 1280x966, roy.jpg)

And what's worse quite a few teams ended up very lopsided goalie pairings. On one hand not one team have weak goalies, like Atlanta ended up with Passmore (Overall rating 69) and DiPietro (67) why NY Rangers tucked away Roy (91) and Belfour (89).
All right DiPietro Potential rating is very high, when I played 2002 previously his Overall hopped from 67 to ~90 after the first season ended… So he can be an extremely good acquisition. And Atlanta don't want to depart from him for Billington (82) in return whom I could give, not even if I sweeten the deal with Joe Sakic and Tom Poti (80) both of whom I circletraded just for this purpose.
But noone else want's to give me a decent or potentially decent netminder for these three. It really sucks.


File: 1553023938879.png (619.9 KB, 960x720, ClipboardImage.png)


I loved NHL 94 on the genesis very much. There is a project that has update the teams and everything to the previous year. I haven't tried it but I imagine some very immense autism went into it.


File: 1553024075320.jpg (115.07 KB, 1086x724, sakic.jpg)

Also tried to calculate who needs what. So NY Rangers despite having two great goalies their back lines are awful. Best back has 77 or 78 Overall so they could benefit from Poti. But I still have to give them a goalie for a goalie because a team needs at least two. So I tried to give a keeper to a team for free, without anyone in return, and I was rejected. Mysterious.


Oh, haven't noticed you replied.
Now that I'm looking at screenshots I'm not sure which was it what I started with. But maybe because the title was different on console and on PC (the latter version I had).
Creating a new roster is a Sisyphean task for sure. Maybe there's a trick to copy the stats from a fresh game so it doesn't need typing player by player…

I decided to play with the goalies I have and see if I can trade later. Or next season if I stick with the game. Beat Canucks 5 to 1 for first game. I think I will give advantages for the opponent to make them more formidable or fiddle with the difficulty settings - it is possible to change behaviours and player capabalities and such - to make the matches more fair without stepping up one full difficulty.
Maybe I should do that but I just want a couple of minutes entertainment and not a formidable challenge. Maybe with exhibition games.


File: 1553052602698.png (1008.59 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

i lik mario kart


Now that's a novel idea.


File: 1553108207477-0.png (92.13 KB, 640x480, nhl-ai-options.png)

File: 1553108207477-1.png (111.3 KB, 640x480, nhl-boost.png)

Great many things to fiddle with and make things more difficult.
Emotion Effect, Game Speed, Speed Burst Strength and Length, Fatigue and it's Recovery Rate, Aggression, Injury Frequency, Hitting Power, Fall Recovery, Shot Blocking Frequency, Pass Interceptions, Pass Accuracy and Speed, Shot Accuracy, Puck Elasticity and Friction, Puck Retention, Goalie Rebounds, Puck Control. Quite the list.
And there is boost, Player (the AI controlled skaters) and Goalie. I'm not sure what is changed by these sliders.




oh cool you guys are still here
this is just your bunker ya?


>this is just your bunker ya?
Pretty much.


File: 1553263133986.mp4 (18.16 KB, 203x203, kcball.mp4)

it's more than a bunker


It's the half-living monument of Kansas City?


Well, yes. I hope it remains such as I liek End and we made frens there I don't feel it fair to abandon it. But the devil doesn't sleep so who knows. I have nothing against sportschan and Dddudeman was kind to set this up for us fast. Without being sentimental I'm grateful for that. I'm open to have conversation (albeit slow) with any of you guys here.


I play the updates and post rarely on their forums. They not only do updated everything but also some small gameplay tweaks it's a tradition for me to blow through at least a season usally many more each year. It's just the tightest hockey gams I've ever played and the community keeps it alive which is super cool.


File: 1553345934606.jpg (69.53 KB, 840x522, don-taylor.jpg)

As I mentioned above in NHL 2002 is infamous of it's wacky color commentary (Don Taylor gave his voice to it). It's kinda fun for a while listening lines such as:
>100% of shots that aren't stopped goes in
>he said "I see your shama lama and raise you with a ding dong!"
But they get old fast. Hearing them a second time they start to get no fun at all and after that I wish they would stick with talking about regular stats and trivia. The best would be to mix the two, 1/3 wackiness and 2/3 trivia. But without this after a while I consider to turn off the commentary and just listen some music with that.

Something else.
I think what I refer to as NHL 94 is not exactly the same as the Genesis NHL 94. Judging by screenshots.
My main problem with older games - like NHL - that they play on DOSBox and have awful resolution. It's no fun playing in small window designed for ants. Even NHL 2002 plays only in a 4:3 window and the menu screens are small 800*600 or even 640*480 not sure. Tiny.


File: 1553455234705.png (704.37 KB, 938x499, powerplay.png)

I decided to give to the AI controlled players boost with one notch on the slider and to goalies three. Both on both sides. I'll probably change this with an additional notch for the players, and maybe one for the goalies as well.
I think I mentioned I play with 5 minutes periods which means the in-game clock runs four times faster. This makes exploiting powerplays painful, since regular ones are reduced to 30 seconds real time. Which means two chances at tops, if the opponent decides to bring out of the puck from their zone instead of just dumping it, the number of chances most likely will be reduced to one. This sucks and will make my PP stat awful. I systematically lose fistfights so I could get 3 mins (45 secs) PP after the penalty runs out for my guy.
On the bright side, killing a regular penalty is a cakewalk. In most cases.


File: 1554668856800.jpg (44.11 KB, 640x480, philli.jpg)

Ok. I played quite a few games now and I know why I suck at defense.
First I use speed boost too often, which makes the movement of the player less controlled - however it's the same key for body check (big hit is another key, very useful but can result penalty more easier) so it needs to be pushed anyway. The main reason is that I often guess it wrong which player will be selected when I try to take control over another one closer to the attacking opponent, and then I move that guy in the wrong direction mostly giving breathing space for the opponent instead of closing on him. I should see first which one is selected and then move him.
Also I'm not familiar with defense tactics. I should try them and see which suits me more. And probably the players, maybe some needs more talented guys in checking and such.
Funny thing. Sometimes the AI controlled opposing players can check my guys even when they control the puck.
I find Philadelphia's dark (away) jersey the most aesthetically pleasing.


File: 1555228871807-0.jpg (187.05 KB, 1200x1318, Tuomo_Ruutu_-_New_Jersey_D….jpg)

File: 1555228871807-1.jpg (23.1 KB, 251x350, ylonen.jpg)

Ruu and Ruutwo.

And how one pronounce Sakic? In NHL 99 they pronounced Sakits, but in 2002 they say Sakik.


it's not like sack-itch?


That's how they said it in NHL 99 and I would think that's the correct form. But who knows.

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