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Would you be interested in using LynxChan? It would offer better performance and features.



no stephen stop shilling nodejs


yeah, look how great endchan is


stephen pls


it would probably be fine if they updated their stuff but they can't change their DB stuff at this point without losing stuff?




the lynx cat has also killed my family


Let's team up and kill him





no i will not use lynxchan because i use nginx for other things on this server


open logs pls


there are no logs


did you delet them completely?
the error is differnet now


paid off by snitchbro


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i dont know what the error means, i think its a problem with vichan that i dont feel like fixing


But you can keep nginx for the other stuff. You run lynxchan on port 8081, for example, the other stuff on port 8080, nginx on 80 and redirect according to domain or sub-domain.

LynxChan doesn't NEED webservers, but you can still use them on top of it.


File: 1543280630587.gif (1.92 MB, 500x338, butts.gif)

yo we're changing our db and making the site not suck anymore
hold onto your butts


haha what uhhh
what do you think would happen if i stuck my face in there??


publicly ridicule and shun the schizos and you might actually have a site worth going to


finally embracing your inner sjw eh?


i hope it works tbh endchan has potential to be a good alternative to a lot of sites out there. as its not even really usable.
its just kind of the user that gathers on mostly dead chans is paranoid. its silly but if the site ever gets populated enough theyll leave. hell a lot of the more paranoid users from early 8chins left eventually.
social justice is good not really but internet bullying definetly is


>not bullying fagots on the internet until they become an hero
whos the SJW here exactly?


shut up, """bullying""" over the fucking internet is not a thing

>whos the SJW here exactly?
nothing wrong with bantering people on the internet until they an hero
what you proposed on the other hand is typical sjw anti free speech "de-platforming" faggotry


wew youre a fucking fagot
I said publically ridicule and shun them, not ban them
youre just a pussy


>bullying over the internet is not a thing
outsider pls go


you're just an faggot sjw
you can't tell me what to do


go away, outsider


>n-no YOUR the SJW!!
>openly sympathizing with schizobro and adolph
i can only imagine you have to be a literal boomer like both of them to have that kind of sentiment
not to mention that massive kike like shoah complex, where someone saying mean things is on par with 'deplatforming' and 'sjw' tactics
jesus even the way you talk makes me want to smash your skull with a brick


who brought end/operate/ to sportschan?


stephen lynx shilling his shit


a brave soldier of the caliphate has been conducting bombing runs on end/operate/ single-handed for a year
this is the retaliation


its not just me

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