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I just realized I have a LOT more space on this server than I originally thought
I have increased the file size limit to 75MB.

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Hey! Endchan/kc here.
For a while now we are debating where to move if things turn to worse for Endchan and meets it's end. It was proposed that we ask here maybe we could set up shop in that case. So hereby I present our inquiry if the management would be willing to create a board for us. It's an international board with main emphasis on serious discussion of various topics. We would prefer to remain under the name of Krautchan and /kc/, username Bernd, and with our own Krautchan-like CSS.
Is this can be arranged?


Its allready turned for worse endchans not really functional. I wouldnt be against a refugee board but only if its gonna be used or else itd be kinda pointless.


Yeah I can do that. If you guys are actually going to use it I'll set it up tonight.
If you have someone who you would like to be admin, he can email me at dudeman@rape.lol and I'll set up an admin account for him


I don't think so. It needs a little cleanup, maybe an engine update (I remember talks about it). It loads slow now, I dunno why, but if it's DDOS than it isn't the chan's internal problem, but external source, when it stops the board will work fast again.
Thing with ddosing and people who do that it is like terrorism: "you don't do what we want than we attack you", the only way to deal with such people is to show them, their act is useless, so endchan must stay, and we should stay (I don't think it's directed against us, /kc/, don't know a reason).

Thanks. I'm not representing the collective opinion, tho probably I have large say what's next. Personally I'd like to stay on End for now and see if the chan can be salvaged. According to what I wrote above I feel it kind of a moral obligation to do that. So as for me if you could put the thing on hold that would be the best. We know we can move here if things turn to worst and this is good. I can't promise however we will use it if you create it now.
>If you have someone who you would like to be admin
This I have to discuss with the others.


I'll leave the board up, if you guys want to start using it, feel free to. Thats how /sp/ was on 76chan, one day i just checked the site and had hundreds of posts on there.


Oh I just noticed a /kc/ is up and it has 80 posts. Damn natives, such savages.



End Bernd here, thanks for the board.


how can >we convince librejp to move here?


Botspam them the sportschan.org url it will not only destroy endchan but also force them to come here


And here. And here and here. KC CSS:

This includes the newest Fatball as well.

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