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Sportschan now has a hidden service. I don't know why I did this but I thought it would be cool.

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I was feeling nostalgic, and I heard that 76chan.tk was available again, so I threw this up real quick.


helo i'm noticing you


i actually meant to be tracking the status of 76chan.org and i was gonna buy it if it came up and give it to you


It supposedly expires in October, but I doubt it'll come up for sale.


Greatest anime comeback


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What will happen now? Are we going to put more stuff here and invite some of the endchan refuges?


Not sure. I may move the smaller boards from here over there, so sportschan is /sp/'s home. I'll figure it out as 76chan picks up I guess.


i support at least /s/ going there
i use /am/ /h/ and look at /kc/ food guys stuff to much for me to advocate those being moved to
i know some of the others will demand all else gets moved but wtver


if you can transfer the content except for /s/ obvi id support just moving everything including meta over there. /sp/ can have meta threads on /sp/ its how its been done for years now


dudder are sportschan and 76chan on the same server? ill use 76 hope it gets a community of its own users again


I probably can, I'll have to look into how the db works but I should be able to


and yes, they are, theyre just in different nginx server blocks


How much is this gonna cost you in bandwidth?


probably nothing


even durring major posting events?


The old 76chan server had like 2TB bandwidth/month and i think this one has 5TB so I'm not too concerned about that. I've never had any troubles with that


is that a challenge?


Now that I think about it you might as well move the whole site to 76chan, had better culture then sportschan


try it. I just upgraded my server from 2GB to 8GB ram too, so the sql db will be able to handle it too
I would, but I think that the /sp/ people would be upset if i did that, so I'll leave at least /sp/ here. I will probably move things over in the coming days though, "sister boards" or something you know


76chan was cool but the users who made up the boards other than /sp/ are long gone. moving /sp/ would make zero difference
>et if i did that, so I'll leave at least /sp/ here. I will probably move things over in the coming days though, "sister boards" or something you know
wouldnt even be mad but i dont think itd really change anything tbh


Hungarobernd here from /kc/. Hey Dddudeman!
I was surprised to see you deleted /kc/ from 76 and the sticky from /kc/ since I wanted to consult with the others on End/kc to give you our opinion and not just my own remarks and random thoughts. It would have took for a while but I see you are a man of action and made up your mind quick and did what you thought right.
I just wanna say I acknowledged your decision.


yeah i moved it back here. sportschan has /kc/ and 76 has /int/
of course things can always be changed to whatever you guys want

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