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im going to get this troons full dox, then report him to the IRS. but since i'll actually have full info and evidence, i'll give them my contact information and i'll hopefully get some money
things he's done
>having an all cash prostitution / pornography business
>brag about it on twitter
>post images that contain dox material


found his parents
social engineering a computer repair place to try and get his name / address


we got him boys.


spill da deetz
how'd you do the computer repair thing?


File: 1543690161821.jpg (68.21 KB, 639x855, horrifying.jpg)

through an email and the fact that i had half of an invoice info
thats not what i got the break in tho, i got the break because one of his six """girlfriends""" they're all men is a lot less secure with their info, so i was able to find all his shit through their.
his name is Paul Miller, and he got divorced by his wife three years ago, which coincidentally is when he went all in and decided to go full trans
this is him at 18. notice the autism face

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