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wewl they ya tok is fookin foot off moit


Maybe you're the type of person who shrugs after hearing about the $22 trillion US debt, US airstrikes killing civilians in Syria, and the Gestapo shooting some unarmed guy in the back. You might think that the USA is ruled by evil men and everyone should just let the country crash and burn because there's nothing anyone can do.

Maybe Americans are happy to be able to be homosexuals, get food stamps, and smoke pot.

Maybe you were taught to love freedom, but ignored the rise of the police state until you realized that all the lines have been crossed and now cannot help being obsessed with saving the USA.

Ignoring tyranny is easy when it occurs in some distant country or happens to some negro in another state, but saying tyranny doesn't happen is difficult when you see it with your own eyes. What do you think as the NSA wiretaps you or when you get groped when by the TSA, see surveillance cameras being installed, your town buys a MRAP, you must give your fingerprints to get a driver license, or you get banned by forums?

Americans need to wake up, start realizing nothing is going to get better, accept that they have nothing to lose by resisting, and get radical.

The US is not a democracy now. The government has lost the consent of the people and all taxes and laws are no longer legitimate.

Americans should consider leaving the US.

Americans should buy guns, gold, and food.

Americans should start educating people and make websites that promote freedom and jury nullification.

Americans should protest, disobey, and stop paying taxes.

Americans should stop cooperating with the government. If you're stopped by the Gestapo just ask if you're free to go, say that you wish to remain silent, and do not consent to any search.

If you see the Gestapo try to arrest someone for a victimless crime like feeding the homeless, ask outloud if they would arrest Jews if this was Germany in 1939?

The elites give the politicians campaign donations and cushy job promises to make decrees, the Gestapo enforces the laws, and the 99% obeys the laws. The only reason the system works today is because everyone still thinks it is legit. If no one obeyed, the whole rigged game would crumble.

The US might be doomed, but sitting here doing nothing seems insane.

Everyone is born for a reason.


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K. Why hate on gay tho, and what does that have to do with authority gone bad? If someone's born gay they had no choice in the matter. Nobody got to choose what makes their erectile tissues erect, and nobody gets to change it if they wish it were something different.

Maybe they were born for a reason too.


homosexuals poison and corrupt any nation
there's only one alternative: either exile them or suppress them (death being best suppression)


No victim. No crime.


How exactly? If you aren't gay, you can't be turned gay. If you're feeling "poisoned" and "corrupted" then maybe you are a closeted gay. And what is the connection to cops shooting people? Gays poisoned and corrupted cops, making them shoot people? Whaaa? That doesn't even make crazy UFO conspiracy theory sense.

Either you are a heterosexual who doesn't give two shits about faggots smooching on park benches while you're getting a hard on for hot chicks with rawkin' tits and awesome cameltoes in tight bikinis or you are something else. Guess what kind of people are most likely to go on about how gays should die? Self-loathing closeted gays repressed by their own fear of what their dad or their macho friends would think, that's who.


The US used to be a moral, peaceful, and free country with a balanced budget. Now the USA is an immoral bankrupt warmongering police state. Saying nothing just seems wrong.

The US government is no longer legitimate.


The USA is no longer a democracy. Why obey the law or pay taxes when Americans have no control over what laws are made or what the tax rate should be?


How can you obey the law when everything is illegal?


Why should Americans obey the law when the government and illegal aliens don’t?


How can you obey the law when our overlords don’t even tell you what the law is?


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