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Anyone buying this Brady to another team shit? I actually think the cheatriots would be better off moving on from old man brady who definitely in my mind played his last decent season at a 110 years old last year
Pic unrelated
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Really wanna see brady as a colt and failing itd be beautiful


he's going to be a free agent and they can't tag him because his contract voided


Hes not worth a huge contract anymore he might be goat but hes over the drama on this is both retarded and fascinating


I think brotley will be overpaid by a bad team looking to sell jerseys from now until forever.


acutally i could see this like tampa

File: 1583874848300.jpg (122.2 KB, 937x1171, 937:1171, 4980840472 (3).jpg)

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Pittsburgh Penguins (39-23-6) vs. New Jersey Devils (28-28-12)
>6:00 PM CT

Nashville Predators (34-26-8) vs. Montreal Canadiens (31-30-9)
>6:00 PM CT

Boston Bruins (43-14-12) vs. Philadelphia Flyers (41-20-7)
>6:00 PM CT

Tampa Bay Lightning (43-20-6) vs. Toronto Maple Leafs (35-25-9)
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is this what ggw does now?


you can tell whores do not care for the actions they endure. Life is just one giant checklist til they become hags



i was really hoping the car would crash and kill them all


File: 1583899619082.jpg (344.22 KB, 521x765, 521:765, 1583725343493.jpg)


wachu lookin at, whit boi? ☻


File: 1583900051745.mp4 (4.28 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Zheka.mp4)


File: 1583913593747.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.09 MB, 1884x1521, 628:507, 1583808614166.jpg)

bro how many of these picrel do you have


that nasty nigger hair

File: 1583900926451.webm (1.15 MB, 640x360, 16:9, FUCK YOU.webm)


so mean ;_;


goin in my sports: serious folder


File: 1583904064317.mp4 (2.38 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, 1583904062252.mp4)

Is this the webm thread?

File: 1583898688449-0.png (524.58 KB, 376x356, 94:89, Biohazard_symbol_(black_an….png)

File: 1583898688449-1.png (524.58 KB, 376x356, 94:89, Biohazard_symbol_(black_an….png)

File: 1583898688449-2.png (524.58 KB, 376x356, 94:89, Biohazard_symbol_(black_an….png)

File: 1583898688449-3.png (524.58 KB, 376x356, 94:89, Biohazard_symbol_(black_an….png)

File: 1583898688449-4.png (524.58 KB, 376x356, 94:89, Biohazard_symbol_(black_an….png)







File: 1583732246055.jpg (821.09 KB, 2100x1443, 700:481, Plague_in_an_Ancient_City_….jpg)


hello! happy corona season!

If you happen to receive this gift, use the following tips to ensure self quarantine:

>go outside constantly, corona is shy

>dont wear masks, corona thinks they're cool
>cough in grocery stores
>cough on cleaning and sterilizing supplies
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but then who will stop drumpf?


File: 1583876285000-0.png (721.69 KB, 825x1127, 825:1127, c637842e825f0ff4b9464844e5….png)

File: 1583876285000-1.png (246.41 KB, 825x1127, 825:1127, 83325a1dfd6121a3fa3a82ac7e….png)


its called the Wuhan disease


good advice t. not a fed


teenbro stop lying on julay/k/ corona thread or i'll take away your pretty leggings




fuck you
you think this shits funny?
its not a fucking joke
drumpf is killing americanss and here you are laughing


Democrats are the real murderers


File: 1583864256237.jpg (18.46 KB, 500x750, 2:3, tk0gocF.jpg)

>the last 3 shorkcel conventions are canceled

File: 1583725306884.png (1.07 MB, 736x731, 736:731, 1583646825481.png)


wachu lookin at, white boiz?
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That isn’t about to happen. Trump is at least out of here by 2022 and that’s assuming that he wins re-election, which becomes ever more doubtful. RBG is easily going to outlive this sham of a Presidency.

Trump will be out by 2022 because even if he wins, Democrats will control both chambers of Congress. Republicans blew their chance at really adding to their majority, with only a net gain of 2. In 2020 they will have to defend 22 seats to the Democrats 9, when the Democrats will only have one vulnerable seat. That means they only have to flip 5–6 seats to take the majority and they can do better than that. It is not out of the realm of possibility that they can flip enough to remove Trump in an impeachment trial without a Republican vote. It is more probable that they will need several.

Republicans are increasingly having trouble defending Trump. As more and more details come out about crimes come out where he is implicated in the Senate majority has a much more difficult time holding a united front in Trump’s defense. As more defectors split off removal after an impeachment trial becomes far more likely. As it is right now the US Attorny for the Southern District of NY ( remember Trump fired Preet Barara and put the current US Atty in so this isn’t a Democrat and that lame ass Trump excuse doesn’t work) is going to indict Trump the moment he is out of office.

Trump either facing a primary challenge and losing there or losing the 2020 general election is a real probability. He is probably going to lose the general election to someone who is far more sane and competent. The economy is going to be an issue and health care is going to be an issue, maybe even the top issue. Name calling and blustering isn’t going to deal with either of those. It’s going to take someone who can think their way out of a wet paper sack and that isn’t Trump, he just pounds his chest and spins in circles.

Trump has done himself a terrible disservice by campaigning the entire time he has been in office. All of that crazy shit is on tape and can and will make its way in to campaign commercials against him. His bullshit promises made, promises kept theme will be turned against him. The whole list of promises and then the facts that he passed stuff that literally betrays those promises. Some of those promises were empty because it wasn’t possible to keep them. All of that, along with all the public information about crimes he and his family are involPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>works out
>can barely get out of her chair
good lord this womyn is retarded


Got TP?

File: 1583824231530.jpg (77.16 KB, 620x349, 620:349, thugs.jpg)


how bout a thread for niggers and history
in each post try to include a specific, violent, and unprovoked attack by niggers on humans
its p. crazy that this has occured so long as niggers have been around
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christ this is depressing
fuck niggers.

File: 1583177562103.png (22.9 KB, 500x793, 500:793, logo.png)


You are cordially invited to check out Openchan.
A new chan that focuses on open access, free speech and board creation
Tor V3: http://opench5rqe3yqenhg6ny3korcwi7guntecjxjhcxhnkbz7vigjdjf2yd.onion/
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This is exactly like the others. I don't trust u


i remember back in 2020 when openchan was still a thing. wew that was a long time ago


Openchan has board creation and Tor access.




Comically I think this is just one of us shit bumping
It's funny how fast new people leave I brought that Indian whore here and a few of you made her leave super fast that was so retarded that would have been so golden if she stayed
Sportschan needs to learn how to keep the randoms to stay smdh

File: 1583780857839.jpg (641.76 KB, 2378x4096, 1189:2048, c557e1c723f1fe611f9f9b516d….jpg)

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Washington Capitals (41-20-7) vs. Buffalo Sabres (29-31-8)
>6:00 PM CT

Arizona Coyotes (33-28-8) vs. Winnipeg Jets (35-28-6)
>7:00 PM CT

Florida Panthers (34-26-8) vs. St. Louis Blues (41-18-10)
>7:00 PM CT

Vegas Golden Knights (38-24-8) vs. Edmonton Oilers (37-24-8)
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where you puttin it


>people think THIS could win the presidency
dems are so fucked


biden got tha hood behind him
he hotep nigga


File: 1583811670238.jpg (3.34 MB, 4160x2340, 16:9, 20200309_214008_HDR.jpg)



who is this roach?

File: 1583765775076.png (14.37 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


general discussion
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teenbro will be my boipucci xhirl cunt slave once the global markets crash
he will be kept on a leash on his knees at all times


pastor anderson hasn't said anything about sissy hypno yet


thats because its a good thing
pastor anderson would want you to watch sissy hypno for 8 hours a day


Yes I'd like the Big Nigger Burger, please.


File: 1583795938382.png (983.97 KB, 1141x2048, 1141:2048, the numbers we have.png)



Sanders supporter here in Seattle who invested all his money in the stock market two weeks ago with family in China. AMA


are you for real?


I also bought Bitcoin in December 2017 and bet money on Hillary winning

File: 1583649522080.webm (4.21 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, March.webm)


happy international women’s day!! 👩 girls, ladies, women of sportschan are really precious & u should know that.
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femen is dildos


To all the girls who suffered in silence under communism I uniroically pay my respects two.


ruski bro?


File: 1583738424794.jpg (82.39 KB, 600x459, 200:153, in_soviet_russia_homos.jpg)

Russia is HOMOnism!


File: 1583756571737.jpg (277.41 KB, 1246x1465, 1246:1465, да.jpg)

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