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My wife just stated that she believes that society is falling apart. Being someone who is not political or red-pilled in the slightest, I found her statement very telling.

If regular folk are starting to notice that things are going terribly wrong in this country it’s game over. Let’s stop pretending that dems and republicans can get along. Visions for the country are too stark to reconcile… just stating the truth here. We all know what happens next..


>We all know what happens next..
interracial breeding grounds?


They're Playing College Football, With My Penis! 15 Horny Freshman And I Can't Keep Myself Under Control!


>college football
>15 freshmen
what kinda football is this

File: 1572417243879.png (2.67 KB, 140x50, 14:5, deleted.png)








HORRIBLE NEWS, GUYS. I have just learned that a popular artist on the internet did some dumb bullshit when they were 15


yeah marky mark was really gud at fagbashing but this is old news


I've been exposed.








something that is important to remember when discussing male genital mutilation or circumcision is that it can and does kill children and usually between fifty and a hundred and twenty during given year and I think last year the number was closer to a hundred and twenty but this year it might be closer to fifty but one life lost is to many for a procedure there is very little reason to perform or in short your children's body and male children in this case are fine the way they are and there is no reason to chop off parts of their body.


I wonder what (((Q))) is saying about this faggot I'd never heard of til some Trump-tard posted a (((Breitbart))) link and simultaneously lost his mind over the fact that this piece of juden-filth was wearing a costume on a super secret episode of 'As the Shekel Turns' . Anything but this, I'd imagine


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