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Everything is gone. I don't have the config, I don't have the banners, etc. I have some of it backed up, but it's just like 76chan all over again.

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When everything is put back to it's place can we get a new /kc/. We can provide the css as the last time.


this was meant to be forgotten…..


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Once on the net, always on the net.


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I assume 76 will get an /int/ board. Still it would be nice if you, Dddudeman, could create our bunker again. We're really enjoying the ride.


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Fuck off


I think 76 with two int boards kc and int would be cool actually one shitposting int one serious discussions


we need /news/, /pol/ and /qanon/


Sportschan as sp h and maybe wooo sounds good 76chan can have da other boards imo


don't see much point for a separate wooo tbh


this, post all wooo in /sp/


Probably right having a competitor to wooo and asp and 8 wooo rule cuckery would be cool but for what ever reason wrestling fans are cool with domineering rulecuck mods


The aew ppv was actually really cool I'm excited for when they start airing on tv


where's da secrit lounge? Lydia not welcome


i don't watch wrasslin currently but if spbros made threads and i could watch and shitpost with them i would


how about a /v/ ?



Basically theres a new American company with a few big backers and some former wwe guys and a few nips its good


the one dude I know he loves wrestling stopped watching WWE this year and just follows NJPW and maybe AEW now.



i will destroy all /int/ influence on this site. I want all of you malicious, queer, and pathetic losers to understand this now: just because dudman was your bff doesnt mean >we will tolerate your fagfuggotry this time. You will die.



I want to stone all the infidels




hi can anyone make a /kc/ board?




leave him alone you bully


76 int was good it died around megamilk buying the site


/int/ is fun though




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I post it here too, maybe better visibility.
Thanks for /kc/!
Here's Krautchan CSS (maybe greentext needs to be updated like the last time):


Bump for attention.


File: 1561043673204.png (1.6 MB, 1092x1023, 364:341, red_wings_w.png)

How about that css?


you have to get that frog on the list of approved /sp/ animals before you can post that here


one of the bad things about dudder tbh. too much 76chan baggage


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But we are /kc/ not /int/.


what position do you play for kansas city?

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