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When did you realized that sports are the most normalfag friendly hobby of all time and just treated /sp/ as a /b/ clone?


>implying I watch sports


Since forever, /sp/ was always known as the most normalfag board


I watched sports once
it was awful


If you're implying 4chan's /sp/ then yea I can see the point.
I never like watching sports either and I too also use /sp/ as a /b/ clone. And to be quiet honest, /sp/ is a better /b/ than /b/.


and that's why we have to kill you ;-;


whenever baseball season end


>/b/ clone
/tv/ is the same too. How come all the boards I use are used as /b/ clones?


/b/ is just edge and porn now

Because it's fun


television doesn't really warrant discussion typically. there's not a whole lot of deep stuff out. even /v/ has had this problem, especially with stuff that's gaming related, gamergate, agdq, various content creators

I think with /sp/ the issue per se is we don't really need to discuss every miss or make in a basketball game, hockey's not too conducive to active discussion either other than ==pengscar==. Football is to an extent, but baseball really lets you discuss the sport and shitpost at the same time. Other wise we just end up talking about whatever the fuck we want to talk about with sports being probably on in the background.


Go back to 4cuck, faggot


when my co-workers started discussing cricket


100% /b/ boards and 100% on topic boards are cancer
mixed boards are GOAT


about all /v/ is good for is video game related porn, thanks to modern games lacking depth otherwise

most sports can be discussed just fine, the problem is if you also watch or listen to the opinionated fucktards on espn and fox it can be a bit of an overload day in and day out


I was talking about 8cuck



8/v/ was also a good place for waifu wednesdays thread but thanks to the jew BO not having a backbone, the waifu wednesday threads were "banned" for good and now I have no reason to go on 8/v/.


8/vg/ is an infinitely better vidya+offtopic board anyways. literally no /v/edditors, and erryone actually plays gaems. the only thing the hotpockets get uppity about is starting a million new threads. but even then, ive never seen em ban people for offtopic posts inside one of the threads


Being normal is unironically good and always was man. We're just all awkward in our own ways and connected by shared interests. Tightly modded boards are fucking shit and the culture just stops evolving cause it's about what the mod directs.

what other borts do you even use guys? Lot of cucked ones out there honestly


since pol became especially shit post election i dont even leave here tbh


File: 1552531607730.png (819.22 KB, 720x697, 8b374287a85793559f185b0f39….png)

>other boards


>making an HSV cake
why tho


don't know of any worth participating in, but lurking foreign language boards can be interesting


librejp posts some of the best webms tbh


>the problem is if you also watch or listen to the opinionated fucktards on espn and fox it can be a bit of an overload day in and day out
What's wrong with the talkhosts from ESPN and FOX Sports?

But are the mods on 8/vg/ be ok with a 8/v/-like waifu wednesday thread on 8/vg/? Just wondering.



its pretty slow there, so a new thread every week wouldnt be necessary. if anyones gonna get bitchy it would likely be the userbase as the mods are bretty hnds-off for the most part. but theres already off-topic stuff on there like the learn nip thread etc. i know theres enough cuckimists there where such a thread could exist. its whether they want it too, or if theyll tell you to fuck off


File: 1552591724208.png (26.27 KB, 255x236, sppd.png)

gonna have to ask you to stop spoilering thangs


i dont have a clue what youre talking about officer


Really tho v is bad just give up on v variants tbh they all suck. Virgins just take it too seriously when its nothing more than a glorified blue b


File: 1552868925353-0.jpg (135.3 KB, 736x550, skele_sad.jpg)

File: 1552868925353-1.webm (2.87 MB, 720x404, you feel it too dont you.webm)

Ok, just wondering that's all. Another alternative would of been 8/tv/ but they like to do the whole >cuckime meme a lot and I don't think a 8/v/-like waifu wednesday thread on 8/tv/ wouldn't work at all since that board has a culture of its' own.
>tfw you will never have anymore comfy waifu wednesday threads on 8/v/ ever again
>tfw all of 8/v/ has changed into /vpol/
>tfw there isn't any more fun threads on 8/v/ anymore
>tfw the 2016 burgerland elections forever killed old 8/v/ for good and there is no going back
I still can't wrap my head around the fact that /vpol/ mourned about both Dead or Alive 6 pandering to western jouros and Snoy censoring all japanese games released on all PlayStation consoles for now on while at the same time /vpol/ hated waifufags & waifuism with a burning passion. What the hell is /vpol/'s problem???


File: 1552886645593.jpg (105.1 KB, 728x546, 1552652343751.jpg)

>When did you realized that sports are the most normalfag friendly hobby of all time and just treated /sp/ as a /b/ clone?
First off, what the hell are you coming here edgy kid? Are you one of those redditors I here about on the news? I'm sorry, though I don't support gay politics we can't condone slurs like that, please leave.




From what I remember the waifu threads were a bunch of offtopic namefags/tripfags using it as their social media talking about their lives and stuff. Also some wretched K-Onfag that shits in shower, I don't have the image of it now though darn


File: 1552908319333.png (54.05 KB, 625x605, uhhh.png)


Alexander: spam hsv over and over in this /int/ thread


The /v/irgin is the fucking worst poster here. Look at the cringe inducing rants and shitty memes he posts.


I think you're mixing up with 4AM with Waifu Wednesday threads because I don't remember a regular named K-Onfag in the Waifu Wednesday threads before they were "banned." FYI, the 4AM threads are still around on 8/v/ but they only appear on Saturdays nowadays.


>I think you're mixing up with 4AM
Oh yeah you're right, whoops


4am was mostly par for the course but there was a Steam friends thread that got shoah'd and all those guys flocked to 4am.


To be fair, both Waifu Wednesday and 4AM almost act very similarly but ironically Waifu Wednesdays were considered to be the least cancerous compare to 4AM threads and WW was the first one to be "banned" on 8/v/.
>but there was a Steam friends thread that got shoah'd
I faintly remember seeing those threads. How did they got shoah'd? Were they getting very cancerous?


yeah it just became an avatar/name fag circle jerk but when the thread got shoah'd the worst offenders just went to 4AM anyway, then proceeded a two year back of forth of niggers wanting the thread banned, Mark implementing an anti-avatar rule, Mark anchoring 4AM every night, Mark taking away the ability to namefag or tripfag, Mark saying he was going to ban 4AM and re-nigging two or three different times. I guess it's once a week now.

Basically he rulecucked for a long period of time about a thread that only lasted about an hour a night anyway that served as containment for cancerous individuals.


Why do like two people care about v so damned much? Its shit its been shit to varying degrees for forever

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