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Dudder pls gib back 76chan


I am trying. The database is having problems with two vichan instances


any update on 76chan or is it still fucked?


its fine


just run one instance, make an /int/ board here and make it available from the 76chan url until you have time to unfuck it


basically this cause the only active board on 76 will be int anyways tbh


delet this
t. /a/, the best board
also /s/ was fairly active mostly because of that /pol/ schizo, but most people would probably be happy with just /int/ for now until everything is fixed


I just noticed the post numbers here, how did you guys manage to make over 1,000,000 posts so quickly?


what do you mean? after almost 5 years even 5 people can get to a million posts


do NOT question our autism


>200K posts per person

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