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Looks like nfl.com is not doing the weekly pick em leagues this year, so I created a group on ESPN.


Group Name: WadinasPayPigs
Group Password: wew

If you played the ncaa floorsqueak brackets last year you should already have an ESPN account, if not create one. If you can't join the group directly from the link above after creating an account or logging in, then search 'WadinasPayPigs' at this link http://fantasy.espn.com/nfl-pigskin-pickem/2019/en/groupfind

If you have issues let me know.
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File: 1567707254951.jpg (33.81 KB, 472x471, 472:471, 12075010_603933583095489_2….jpg)

i still think about this picture


what were those children wearing?


go away
you died


>no chat or forum for the group on espn

shame i want to make fun of GHOST


billion dollar company's website and it doesn't even have https, just lol


there is a forum


File: 1567708048139.png (109.07 KB, 663x584, 663:584, ClipboardImage.png)

yahoo's site has a group message board, but like i said it might be hard to get everyone signed up in time


but you can email everyone ;^)


File: 1567708126635.png (67.19 KB, 649x704, 59:64, wadina-shigy.png)

>not unchecking the "allow emails" options


yahoo is a commie organization


i was trying to do a disney adapts another beloved childhood cartoon with a live action movie joke but i didn't have enough space so it ruined the joke



even that was hard to find




i know, it sucks. fuck nfl.com for not doing pickem this year. they just have a survivor league instead




my email is enabled
pls send
im lonely


yeah not worth it
everyone is pretty much already signed up for espn
plus it probably closes today i would assume


roger that


it looks like you can join anytime and i can set it to start counting scores any week of the season so it's there as a backup if espn completely shits the bed. I've heard bad things about espn's fantasy football leagues being unreliable and going down but it shouldn't be as big as a problem since you only need to set your picks once a week.


That was my FB profile picture for quite a while.


Baited and hooked.
Report into the workout thread, Dexter. You can't escape me now. I've already adjusted the programming. Now you have to do it.


File: 1567726729384.gif (133.83 KB, 286x460, 143:230, 1501460186913.gif)

/Am/ in da housssss


i did the exercises and now my heart is beating weird like a hard beat every minute or two you fucking idiot you are trying to kill us all


File: 1567730275187.jpg (37.07 KB, 600x300, 2:1, 1506347509464.jpg)



Tf is this, KC retard?
Congrats you've discovered physical exertion


i remember i once got a spell of tachycardia while lifting when i was 16 or so
never happened again but at that time i remembered that my grandfather died due to to heart stroke complications and my father had once been diagnosed with arrhythmia…


shaddap mr pacemaker
this is a board for strong hearts only


hey that's not me I can work out just fine


espn is for kikes and kike enablers


And that's gud


*And thats a good thing. Heres why:


don't forget to pick week 2


i cant believe there was a tie in opening week
this league is so cringe


we need more 0-0 ties


I forgot my login already wew


college is so much better tbh the second i realized that i started to get less invested in the nfl
they both have refball problems tho


>N.E. Football Yankees
>wew ESPN j*wscript blows


it indefinitely loads a nielsen spy script into your browser


just checking what you are listening and watching to right now, nothing wrong with that. let me check your record, wow that's a lot of porn listed there.


more info on this?


you know what I like about college football? I keep gettin older, but they stay the same age.


joy taylor looks like she sucks a lotta gocks


it tries to load this every microsecond
but my browser blocks tracking scripts so i dont think it would repeatedly try to load if it was successful


put my picks in. ready to get a 0% average.


File: 1568308028948.png (17.78 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


thx budy


shutup nigga


i won week 2 of a pool nobody cares about yay


i care

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