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About 20 or so VPS providers closed down today. My host is not in the list, but I do not want to give them too much credit.
I have backed up the site. If it goes down, you know why.

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death to america


GHOST Reacts to 2020 Trump Landslide Victory


trump is a kike following piece of shit and thats exactly why hes gonna be president for four more years
at least he makes people comically angry


is this a self aware meta post


no but funny interpretation
hes obviously referring to the hysterical outbursts of liberal-type clowns
he may be angry too but pointing out that trump is another kike-asslicker like pretty much all presidents before him is a truthful and composed statement


so he doesn't think he's being comically angry?


dunno wtf you're talking about
.>we haven't been toppling any regimes lately to israels benefit. in fact, the majority of policy in the mid east has been to israels detriment


I read this in ben shapiro's voice


fuck you talking about fagot
shapiro loves israel


ben shapiro trying to explain how trumps iran bombing doesn't go far enough for israel


File: 1579038340401.jpg (103.12 KB, 468x474, 78:79, 1393781347481.jpg)

>vote for a literal reality tv show host with 3 divorces and 6 bankruptcies on him
>actually expected him to do anything he promised


unironically done pretty well


best black unemployment agrees. so will Virginias gun laws


he saved western civilization tho


virginia gun laws will get a scotus review, which will turn out favorable because trump put on kavanagh and will replace that kike ginsberg the moment she croaks


>blindly support republican politicians because they put mediocre conservatives on the supreme court


Monk S01 E13 Mr. Monk and the Airplane


>republican politician
hes barely either fagot


its just teenbro parroting whatever the 8pol honeypot told him to say


guys, we need to trust the plan. let trump do what he has to do and america will be saved


Sure, fuck the impartiality of the judicial branch and the oversight role of the legislative branch, let's just repeal the constitution itself.


you need to calm down mr libtard


>he saved western civilization tho

The fucking shit I read in this website man,


>guys, we need to trust the plan.

>trust the plan

>let tyrone fuck you in the your ass

Can you say ==WINNING????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????==


>let's just repeal the constitution itself


I'm getting tired of winning mr blumpf ;_;


This is actually a webworm


>ghost and pagan teenbro debating
they will save eastern civilization

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