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About 20 or so VPS providers closed down today. My host is not in the list, but I do not want to give them too much credit.
I have backed up the site. If it goes down, you know why.

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It was in those self-same sauna streets the boy everyone knew as Dots would learn about sports, and love. But on that fateful day, December 7th 1941, America would be pulled into a conflict that would prove unavoidable for the young Spartman.
After the war, a star spangled career would follow. Starting in the New York Penn League before moving up his hometown team the New York Yankees.
Despite personal and professional differences between Dotz and Mickey Mantle, due mainly to the philandering of the latter, on the field those differences were put aside, winning four Worlds Eries titles before retiring in 1957.
What followed was a life of selfless activism, often garnering controversy but in recent years is seen as a champion of the downtrodden and less fortunate.




i didnt know saunas existed back in the drumpf days

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