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I apologize for not being more active on the site these past few weeks. I was really busy with school and exams, but recently I've been feeling really sick. I've been coughing really bad since last Tuesday. I thought I just had a cold, but it didn't seem to be getting any better. I went to the doctor and they recommended that I self-quarantine and until I feel any better. I'm going to the hospital to get tested for Coronavirus tomorrow morning.




wait i didnt kno u were a crikmas babby


File: 1582939341106.jpg (55.44 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, 14799246988422.jpg)

it begins




File: 1582940597321.jpg (77.2 KB, 960x540, 16:9, sick kids.jpg)

ruh oh


holy hell man
i wonder if this shits in schools then?
what are the odds that you of all people would get it randomly


File: 1582941763035.jpg (17.18 KB, 200x266, 100:133, abbey1.jpg)


lol hopefully you will rip in pieces dudder you fag for not banning those literal homosexuals infesting this site


still have dibs on her


Dudder you silly goose! You don't have corona you have ligma!


Pussy ass nigga posting through tor


only epic oldfags will remember this


File: 1582943736402.jpg (478.35 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Ditz Everything You Want t….jpg)

Spread it to as many people as you possibly can.
Just leave the muscle dads alone, save them for me and my apocalypse bunker.


go to your local 'barrio' grocer and cough on all the food


File: 1582944032149.jpg (95.46 KB, 1381x658, 1381:658, 1581558890462.jpg)

problem sweety ?
/sp/ is a transboard

dudeman says trans rights


Holy fuck hope you die also you should have infected as many people as possible before going to the doctor


File: 1582951313942.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 4.28 MB, 426x238, 213:119, yum.mp4)

The guy was dying of coronavirus right on the street but was cured by the nectar of the gods!




mind going to a gay bar and coughing up a storm for me? their weak immune systems are gonna up the mortality rate to at least 30%


oh shit duder you need to unironcially do this
go to pulse and starting coughing all over people


File: 1582963339787.jpg (60.06 KB, 770x433, 770:433, windians.jpg)

wow your birthday is on crikmas


>all over people
gays as trannies are not people but biowaste


File: 1582965323424.jpg (138.55 KB, 750x749, 750:749, heem.jpg)

gud nite /sp/


shaddap CR


its been a gud day for u.


File: 1582992065277.jpg (189.71 KB, 1077x793, 1077:793, snap.jpg)


change spartman to spredditor


sexual predditor?


we are all apex spredditors


Mr. Wesley has the virus and will be burned alive as a precaution


For real? I'm not even putting up the post irony act that I do as a /sp/artan poster should.


File: 1583014026249.png (186.87 KB, 500x375, 4:3, shutupwesley.png)


this is why yellows r bad
ban all yellow threads

Also, if you really do have the wutang coronameme, you are now head of the sportschan biological warfare division


File: 1583024707006.mp4 (1.01 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, sana sugoi.mp4)


File: 1583029956522.jpg (3.8 MB, 4208x2368, 263:148, WP_20200229_18_29_53_Pro.jpg)

Covered for half a month for 2 people. Veggies, canned goods, and onhand food not pictured


i assume the gun is japanese?


>enough for two people
>implying your roommate i mean gf wont go running to her parents house if shit goes down
post more of her fot


then i'd have enough for an entire month


shit gains off that thai food


>thai food
pretty sure most of this shit is chinese actually. people were fighting in the costco parking lot so i went to the nearby chinese mall instead
*cough cough*
ugh sorry my throat kinda tickles for soem reason


glad that ohio's rough and sparse terrain will keep us naturally insulated from biological threats



i want to fuck the vulcan medical lieutenant



idk but shes in so2e6 i want to fuck her




i want to cum on your gf feet


File: 1583031803316.jpg (69.84 KB, 1152x648, 16:9, shorkcel.jpg)

y arent u here???


he's the one with the authentic fan sign


yes 'tng'


I love the A1 handguards


File: 1583041017551.jpg (200.51 KB, 500x750, 2:3, 280d66aedc01520f47883bf0d8….jpg)

this is why

jungle fever > yellow fever


File: 1583041820185.jpg (287.46 KB, 1215x1600, 243:320, 49599498462_8c4c6230bd_o.jpg)

bold faced lie


thats fucking disgusting you nigger lover


i refuse to let the govt confinscate my coronavirus


File: 1583045138832.jpg (271.41 KB, 1335x2000, 267:400, 22EE7D4.jpg)

I love loving niggers


How many ejaculations are they responsible for despite being 13% of the population?


File: 1583046343786.jpg (90.66 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 8059436011.jpg)



File: 1583058156002.jpg (11.63 KB, 296x296, 1:1, 1582900977555.jpg)

pls dis dont be your last meme ddduderman


Get well dudder, /kc/ wishes the best.
t. /kc/ chef

>everyone stocks food
>noone stocks tp
Have fun with your ruined arsehole.


I'm stocking up my rare memes folder


goin out to buy a case of tp today
plus a few more bottles of 70% rubbing alcohol.



File: 1583096738591.jpg (80.08 KB, 550x562, 275:281, TP_of_nature.jpg)

In case it runs out.


File: 1583126356846.gif (93.28 KB, 850x539, 850:539, 1583014839339.gif)




he's dead


idk UF is in gainsville, its a bit of a ways up from those two counties listed


ddder was brought to tampa against his will


It could already be in circulation tho… across the country incubate 14+ days yeahz


I hope and pray that you get better. If you actually have it that is going to hit home in a really weird way. Don't let it shit you over without a fight, we are counting on you.


dudder you giant fag go get infected with anthrax or some other real disease instead of this bullshit memecold


File: 1583160439230.jpg (107.22 KB, 828x817, 828:817, ESGyzEZXkAIOZI8.jpg)

Tested Saturday. Hope you've got a hot nurse budy.
god bless


>please wash your hands and convert to the cult of fanatical egalitarianism according to which all humans are born exactly equivalent tabula rasas, genes don't exist, evolutionary selection didn't happen, any difference is entirely environmental, if detrimental the exclusive fault of the evil oppressive white man, if beneficial the hard earned fruit of the individual's fight against its white oppressor, your eyes deceive you, your experience is happenstance, arguments to the contrary are proof of your heresy, and reasoning doesn't matter anyway
translated that for you


Sauna poster here. Feeling like I am coming down with flu or something as well. Nice knowing everyone.


haha silly woman, im a RAPIST, not a racist lol xD


wash your penis raycis


>The new cases included a woman in Manhattan who contracted the virus while traveling in Iran, and a Florida man with no known contact with affected countries or people. After that man and another person tested positive, Florida declared a public health emergency on Sunday — even as Vice President Mike Pence, tapped to lead the federal response to the crisis, sought to calm the public’s nerves.
oh shit, dddurs is Corona positive, get well soon


>no known contacts with the virus
literally everyone on /sp/ has "the gift"


Until ddduder says otherwise I firmly believe this is him. This is hilarious. Where is the bunker incase he dies?


duddler failed if he didnt affect as many people as possible


its missing pubes


well an /sp/ was set up on here but honestly ain't a good one if this is to be believed.
I also bet this guy is connected to the other two chans that were spammed just like this
Frankly I don't like any of our options. Endchan appears more fuctional with a fair bit of posters but still has random outages. I don't fully trust some of the 8chan bunkers either but I guess that's where else I know to look. Anybody else have any ideas?


duder told me if he dies i get to steal the board


ya options right now kinda suck
maybe for now >we can agree to meet up at our buddy monster if shit goes down


That maybe the only good one. Maybe… You never know best friens can be horrible roomates but I wonder if they would at least have a /bunker/ thread?


It would only be a temporary emergency thread until >we figured out whats mext


Finalchan sp should be the bunker good uptime and theres no one there


ive decided the bunker will be blacked.com


gud decision computer man


bunker is at 8kun.top


Bunkering to one thread on a board with a no 3dpd rule sounds awful
I dont think you can even make new boards there atm and 8sp is long deleted


the bunker is buckeyes dorm room


Two people tested presumptive positive in Florida, the state’s governor said.

The first is a man in his 60s who has pneumonia and is hospitalized in stable condition. It’s unknown how the man contracted the virus but he has been in isolation and will remain there until he is cleared by health officials, State Surgeon General Dr. Scott Rivkees said in a statement.

The second patient, a woman in hers 20s, recently returned from northern Italy. The patient is stable and isolated at home.

Of the 23 people tested in the state, officials are still awaiting the results of six people, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said.


wow who knew ddderman was really a woman this whole time


you didnt know wesley transitioned?


>the first transwoman to die from coronavirus
sportschan ahead of the world as usual


bunker is depreschan/int


File: 1583262972803.gif (84.53 KB, 147x97, 147:97, deprescoon.gif)

depreschan is ded ;_;


just like, not be depressed you fucking coon


stop bullying depressed people


File: 1583272458278.png (1.07 MB, 780x1200, 13:20, blue hawaiian slime pregna….png)

No guarantees, but there's a good chance a bunker thread would be allowed for you guys on /monster/ if you asked about it in the meta thread.


>I dont think you can even make new boards there atm and 8sp is long deleted
This, even then you wouldn't be able to post well there.


new bunker:


endchan is still down or did it just crash because 2 people tried to load it at once?


if endchan.net doesn't work try endchan.org which currently works


>all these viagra posts on end/sp/
gud job goatbro


someone needs to tell flamesbro we are here


>A stadium employee who worked at the XFL's Seattle Dragons home game Feb. 22 at CenturyLink Field has tested positive for the coronavirus, King County health officials said


sadly that maybe our only choice but I hope ddduder can heal before that happens.


Endchan would be fine if it can stay up and the catchpa nonsense can be turned off


he is currently in self-quarantine and is predicted to be healthy within 2 weeks.


no fans allowed at NCAA Division III March Madness
coronavirus wins another one
death to humanity


>2 people tried to load it at once?
That problem was solved bout half year ago. Since then such boards used the site which had way more users than /sp/, most notably /qanonresearch/ and /ausneets/ - with 70-150 users at their best. When Kohl went down again bout ~100 posters arrived. Now ofc we don't have that much traffic, NEETs have the top board with 25-40 posters usually.
Downtimes have other reasons.
Anyway this: >>1186229

BO can turn off captcha.

But the whole point is moot Dddudder will be fine.


kill all the cops politicians judges and CEOs
that is a sportschan directive


How long do you guys think dudddman will be quarantined? Also, theories on how he got the virus.



duder is dead


there are so many deaths being covered up
this is it boys the end of days


File: 1583567297346.png (64.06 KB, 1232x195, 1232:195, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1583582772062.jpg (153.68 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)



File: 1583599472508.png (14.35 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


File: 1583600854676.jpg (87.78 KB, 640x749, 640:749, 1583372270584.jpg)



I just found out iihf also does womyns hockey because they just cancelled their tournament for them lel




based c-virus amerinigger death count at 19 now


boomers are dying right now. Drumpf you have blood on your hands.


Let me redpill you on this:
The coronavirus is a hoax perpetuated by the democrats, aided by all of the health and news organizations in the world to bring down Trump's approval rating. Don't you know Sri Lankan state media is part of the deep state? The CDC tests were defective because Obama sabotaged them. It's really nothing more than a flu because more people will die of the flu than of the virus this year. Don't listen to virologists and epidimeologists, Mike Pence reestablished a needle sharing program in Indiana, so he's the real expert on disease control.


thanks Q Anon


dont you mean jews?


>thinking jews are real



gud site


shaddap kike


iactsn nigga


>the whole of Italy has shit itself at the first sign of trouble
Anything remotely bureaucratic is beyond Italians, I don't understand why there's no pan-European response. The EU is always sticking their nose into everything, but when you need them, they're nowhere to be found.


The EU is anti Catholic which is why Italy cancelled Masses and last rites


File: 1583908726724.gif (9.42 MB, 480x350, 48:35, source (1).gif)


wtf I love the EU now


no, nigger, the eu is never needed


The whops would probably take a month-long holiday every year if they had a decent excuse.
Brussels would probably insist on shipping the infected to every hospital in the EU. Probably someone had the good sense to tell the retards to shut up so they don't get themselves guillotined.


very true


almost as bad as sheldon for name
>that long of last name
i bet some level of jew


i think its a rather handsome name and his last name is not jewish.


im still alive i didnt have coronavirus but my classes are all cancelled because of it and they're telling us to all go home
today i went to publix and there was a guy there who looked like he was about to fucking die and a guy in line turned to me and said "shits about to get really interesting" like something out of a fucking movie
im kinda scared bros
Wesley is a good name and it's middle and last on there. there's 0 jew in me


no bitch in my blood
zero bitch in my blood




this is not true I already declared you dead multiple times


>today i went to publix and there was a guy there who looked like he was about to fucking die and a guy in line turned to me and said "shits about to get really interesting" like something out of a fucking movie
this tbh
im way more scared of literally all americans chimping the fuck out at once than i am some pussy ass virus


I lik the general idea of the EU, it's just that they fucked it up up really bad from the start. This sort of rolling Congress of Vienna concept without any real diplomatic or military power, zero accountability and veto powers for all the member states was a terrible idea. They should have known it would quickly become a cesspool.


>They should have known it would quickly become a cesspool.
im sure they did and that was literally the point tbh


shits about to get really interesting…





should give us some good vids tho
we just need to find a way to keep score on riots. then it wont be so boring


i hope the riots all occur in leftish shithole urban centers and they give a chance for niggers to leave their niggerdens and start raiding expensive lefty suburban homes


leftist suburbs are the most disgusting thing to me. The fuckers live in 1950s america while forcing mad max niggery on the rest of us


i live in a gleaming little island of condos surrounded by niggers and spics. also next to a walmart/mall. if riot shit happened it would be within a block of me


just wait till they start selling toilet paper for $250 a roll and junkies start trading meth for hand santitizer


Dddudeman is alive!
Unironically glad you're ok. I'm kinda scared too. Did you stock up?


Is It True That 1 Out Of Every 4 Women Has Experienced Anal Sex? We Decided To Find Out If It's True


i know i have!


oh shit just saw your alive


who knew sports would die before sportschan would


Glad your ok buddy.


Gud to know ur ok budy


Sportschan must survinal. Sports future could depend on it. We are the last who remeber crik/


But i hat crik


i hat you


Sportschan is the alpha and the omega


duder declare martial law.
a virus is spreading. the virus of miscegination and faggotry.
only you can stop it.


dont tell duder what to do


File: 1584886793388.mp4 (1.47 MB, 384x480, 4:5, fjxfgpeoivv.mp4)

hey wes did u escape to moscowia where roosters take last grains and toilet paper?


File: 1584888577507.gif (1.81 MB, 8458x3783, 8458:3783, buckeye.gif)

i hope buckeye is okay


сука бляд xD


File: 1584980531250.jpg (119.06 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, RDfvYDt.jpg)

совершенно в дырочку


File: 1585024707926.mp4 (1.61 MB, 384x480, 4:5, 9XXnas.mp4)

why did he take off his gasmask?


>no gloves


File: 1585045782924.mp4 (2.97 MB, 176x320, 11:20, вот так вот.mp4)

маску можно и с труселей сделать


Jesus dudder undo the sticky when threads have played themselves out
Dont even mind if theres a new one but holy shit these arent eternal
Love you wesley but this is not how to do things


he's dead bro lmao


honestly this


i talked to him on discourse he said he busy


busy dying isn't busy


okay andy dufresne


why is this thread still sticky?


the kot thread should be sticky >>1195070


You watch your place, nigger. I could get you strung up on a tree so easy, it ain't even funny.


I like ibrelay ayjay eepay's css with the op pic as the tab thingy


watch your language, nigger. proper adverb is "easily"


Igor you have to get back to https://depreschan.ovh/b/



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