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File: 1589424620205.jpg (50.38 KB, 957x465, 319:155, joe_biden_gettyimages-8737….jpg)

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Talk about the latest match up numbers, strategy, and predictions and how biden is going to WIPE HTE FLOOR with the orange putin muppet this fall




heyyy there goatman, time to saddleup jack





>voting for a nigger
i sure hope people dont actualy do this


it happens more than you think!


File: 1589455665154.jpg (126.91 KB, 860x520, 43:26, xxxxxx-showcase_image-7-p-….jpg)

mcafee might actually have a chance this year


File: 1589458044602.png (1.02 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

is gary johnson going to run for the weed party again


dudeweed lmao


i hope the voting closes down somewhat so the armed liberals think it's the end of the constitution again and do some heckin shooteroos so that trump can ban more funs then the right gets pissed and you get the picture from here i'm sure


which candidate is the least Jewish without being a nigger?


justin amash


14, listen here Jack, super bowl XIV, I remember that, when the Rams were still based in LA.


garys a cuck anyway he supported firearm regulation
if he won we'd probly have to have toaster licenses by now


I've never forgiven him or the lolberg party for 2016. The libertarian party was poised to become a major force in 2016, with some estimates suggesting they would get 11% of the popular vote. They could have gotten serious and become a respectable party for respectable people who don't like orange man or shitspants woeman but no they had to choose a literal idiot as their candidate and he had to let the whole damn world know that he was a fucking idiot


ya really sucks too since im a registered libertarian
he ruined a once in a lifetime opportunity for liberty to return full force
now >we have to wait for the full collapse of the democratic party until another party can come in the picture


File: 1589479851166.jpg (54.25 KB, 500x292, 125:73, 8432373919_6f9209667b.jpg)

the fed reserve will never go away and the fed will never let states have any real rights
so even if shit gets bad enough for a lolberg to make it, it'll just be another pressure release valve


File: 1589479972870.png (459.24 KB, 862x960, 431:480, 1582690913260.png)

america was a mistake


Imagine thinking the nation founded on Native genocide and the backs of slaves was ever the moral authority of the world. #RIPAmerica


americas greatest mistake was introducing the invasive species of chimp known as the American Negro to the unpopulated paradise known as North America


imagine how based this would be
to just pump iron with your bros
being total cool with your bro spotting you with his big girthy junk just hanging out over you face but not being turned on by it at all because your both two total alpha bros



Spartan teenagers were too underfed and too busy learning how to kill and survive to be that big.


Also, Plutarch said the adult Spartans were fucking the boys from age 12 on out, which is pretty much what the Athenians did as well. Both of them were pretty fucked up on a lot of levels.


holy shit this guy is a fag lmao


i thought the jews did that, so america's greatest mistake was granting home to the most ostracized group of people in history


I think Columbus picked up a couple niggers before landing


he invented tetris by stacking them


proud to be an American.


based pilled


>'[Biden] Doesn't Remember Reade'
worst headline ever. makes him seem even more dementia ridden
guess the media is having a little civil war over this


civil wars are fun


vote blue no matter who



that you joe?


i killed fiddy men before i got drafted into college




fudge the fudging yankees?


>MIME type detection XSS exploit (IE) detected; post discarded.
no im literally not


raly easy way to know when to use "who" or "whom" is replace the word with "he" or "him". If "he" works, then you use "who". If "him" works you use "whom"


stay right there mister hacker
FBI are on their way


File: 1589612365772.jpg (79.33 KB, 728x555, 728:555, EYHlVSQXsAAjqOh.jpg)

as long as we don't elect another jogger i don't give a fuck


joe biden will make interacial mandatory under law


that niggers lawyers are really trying to to claim he went to the house to drink some water
its so obvious he's in there and scanning the empty rooms for tools to steal, not searching for a non-existent water source


How did they determine that? Did they ask him?


finally, I'll have an excuse to introduce my black gf to my parents without them hating me. all their anger will be targeted at Biden


they determined that because "there are two water sources on the property, one in front and one in back, of which it seemed he was going to"
nevermind the fact that the video shows him stopping at every room, slowly scanning the insides, and that if there was one in front he would have no reason to even go in the house in the first place


wow bigoted much?


its really infurating that people are screaming murder over this
the two guys are negligent for sure, but to act like this nigger was gud boy and didn't fly into a chimp like animal rage and attack them after getting caught trying to steal is fucking retarded
they're going to be found not guilty. theres a reason charges weren't filed in the first place.


>they're going to be found not guilty
the chimpouts would be high energy


I agree


in atlanta especially then they'll all get corona and die anyway


this thread sucks



I'm pretty sure coronavirus keeping Joe off the air has actually helped him more than its hurt him
This guy us a walking disaster



i'd pipe joe tbh


File: 1589708514017.mp4 (442.75 KB, 406x692, 203:346, KindlyDirectChimpanzee-mob….mp4)


>laying on the bathroom floor
>all that tshit on the floor
>literal trash on the floor
ew holy shit this bitch nasty


>my trump bux came in
>doesn't have trumps siganture on it
what the fuck
it did come from some shithole called "Kansas City, Missouri" tho


>kansas city
>not even in kansas


it is.


girls are gross, but at the same time love to pretend shit that isn't gross is gross. like licking an envelope or having a nose bleed


never gets old


<west new york
<not even in new york


sauna needs to be clensed


File: 1589746549725.png (12.81 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)




File: 1589747108167.png (10.55 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


Coons' ass Chofs (mutts)


File: 1589747626550.png (19.18 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


File: 1589749743905-0.jpg (96.39 KB, 1199x554, 1199:554, EYP5BF6UEAAeFe1.jpg)

File: 1589749743905-1.jpg (48.36 KB, 554x1199, 554:1199, EYP5BF5UwAAdb1M.jpg)

File: 1589749743905-2.jpg (38.97 KB, 554x1199, 554:1199, EYP5BMUU8AA-H3g.jpg)

File: 1589749743905-3.jpg (144.21 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, EYP5BMVUMAA7dqO.jpg)


nice screenshot setup you got goin on there fella


48 hours without weed seriously questioning how i quit the first time


Solidarity request: My SSI income never sustained me, but it's harder during a pandemic when I can't leave my house. Delivery costs more. Even toilet paper from the Dollar store costs more. If anyone can help PayPal sharochka@gmail.com.


File: 1589751970341.png (2.03 MB, 1079x1080, 1079:1080, d3f04b21ae6c6e3b.png)

Sharing again because I'm still hangry and isolated with no cleaning supplies and… Well it's SSI, I have always been broke. It's harder right now.


wtf kind of subhuman is this


nvm didnt see the jew rat symbol on its neck


he's an organic farmer in georgia dude and he NEEDS FOOD NOW


only a niggo wouldnt recognize that in an instasecond…


i clicked on the image but below the neck was cut off because i wasn't scrolled down all the way





Dotz u are under arrest for the murder of Paul Piore under the accordance of /sp/ Precrime Division


no body no murder





kikes are so insufferable


File: 1589756074427.png (55.5 KB, 170x208, 85:104, ClipboardImage.png)

Ladies and Gentlemen, we got him.


post key scenes k thx


File: 1589756387674.jpg (73.23 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, bailey-dog-meme-1.jpg)


File: 1589756622883.jpg (1.03 MB, 2560x1920, 4:3, A1QYKD15JvL.jpg)

Exhibit A-dud: Priore's Magnus Opus

Mr. Priore beautifuly imprints upon a fallen page the hilarious hijinks that occured between himself and evil perpetrators of sodomy!



what happens when an FBI agent goes to sleep?


*a FBI


It's pronounced Eff-Bee-Eye, after all.



wrongo zongo


theres only one F


File: 1589757875282.png (112.71 KB, 235x282, 5:6, ClipboardImage.png)


what happened here?


waifufags itt


what's a "waifu"


a waifu is a way through the tough times of isolation and depression


they say 1/5 spartmans is a waifu fag and I'm not a waifu fag




File: 1589759423898.jpg (107.44 KB, 1125x826, 1125:826, ko6ca0f8ibm11.jpg)



so is joe biden mitt romney?


pretty apt comparison actually
except in addition to being bland and generic, he's also senile


>The court records from 1996 stated: "On several occasions petitioner related a problem that she was having at work regarding sexual harassment in U.S. Senator Joe Biden’s office … Petitioner told me that she eventually struck a deal with the chief of staff of the Senator’s office and left her position"
lel joe is so fucked.
i mean the media will never cover it. but he's still fucked



Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has said he will choose a woman as his vice-presidential running mate. In a previous post, I argued that she needs to be African American.


File: 1589834323544-0.jpg (12.09 KB, 270x380, 27:38, Sigmund_Freud_LIFE.jpg)

File: 1589834323545-1.png (12.83 KB, 227x209, 227:209, ClipboardImage.png)

ve need to talk about zis


bootheel bruh


File: 1589836114244.jpg (12.94 KB, 253x380, 253:380, Sigmund.jpg)

and how long have zees 'bootheels' sexually excited you?


>freud, the Kike





File: 1589838760902.jpg (37.41 KB, 700x376, 175:94, Sigmund-Freud-Wikimedia-Co….jpg)

ze goal of ze zerapist es to ensure ze happenis of ze patient
vould you care to cum in ze back and smoke a Siggy?


yes i would like your thickest, longest, and blackest cigar


i am getting an apartment with a female


im sorry for your loss


is this dudder or….?


File: 1589848271643.png (119.45 KB, 239x262, 239:262, ClipboardImage.png)


not a good choice lil homie but a yung nigga gotta learn the hard way

seen many a nigga finna think this, then that nigga finna regret that
shhhhiiieet sumtimes it be like that


fr my niqqa?


nah its not even like that tbh
i guess



File: 1589852386857.jpg (29.96 KB, 522x380, 261:190, Sigmund Freud.jpg)

vat are her breasts like? voluptuous?
do they remind you of your mother?



File: 1589895132570.mp4 (1.32 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, 75481502_972253649900544_1….mp4)


always feel bad for dogs like that


because he's not getting any white girl pussy?


File: 1589911699514.jpg (33.98 KB, 524x396, 131:99, joe.jpg)


that and they're useless, just staring at everything with no real thought
lifeless, dead eyes. a pats fans eyes.


joe biden needs to win because he's a better rapist than trump


File: 1589913454020.png (187.31 KB, 322x242, 161:121, ClipboardImage.png)

Listen here fat, I've never even heard of a rape until the neighborhood's uncle, he was like an uncle to all the minority kids, would always uh buy them an otter pop from the jingle wagon on hot saturdays
Uncle Otter we called him. He sat down one day with a cold beer in one hand and an otter in the other, Uncle Otter, and told me about some saigon prostitute who was trying to feed her village.
So no I don't rape. I get loving because I'm a loving man. If a sexual urge strikes me I stand on the front of my porch and fire off two blasts by myself and that's all men need in this state er country.


She looks like she should be napalmed. What an ugly gook


good point joe!


I'm bored, someone please stream on twitch and I will sub to you



ok now donate to my crcoin thing


voting for presidents is dumb
just bring in the military junta


post link to stram


File: 1589915181748.png (67.81 KB, 160x209, 160:209, ClipboardImage.png)

Can you elaborate on what you mean by military junta?


donate first then we'll talk


DTMWTD do you want a paypig or not?



fuck you, ipslfn, I am not entertaining your deer gril fetish


an American military junta is an interesting concept. Would it be subservient to ZOG, or bring the world to the stars?


cuckeye and his fellow kikes would fuck it up


depends who heads it
a lot of kike influence is based around lobbying and the so called need for power projection in the mid-east, at first as a counter to soviet-arab influence, and later for protection of oil interests
with Afghanistan winding down, and oil becoming obselescant, thats one source of influence gone
i imagine a junta would be all but immune to lobbying since lobbying is dependant essentially on jewish bribes to a large number of 'representatives'


Shaddap, just blame buckeye so we can gas him.


Palestine Withdraws From All Agreements With Israel And The U.S.

“The Palestine Liberation Organization and the State of Palestine are absolved, as of today, of all the agreements and understandings with the American and Israeli governments and of all the obligations based on these understandings and agreements, including the security ones.”

Abbas made the declaration during an emergency meeting in response to Israeli plans for West Bank annexation.


wew, they gonna be dead soon. AM YISRAEL CHAI






no this is evidence that personal terrorism against israel will increase
the jewish scum will be obliterated


and all the terrorists will be killed as Israel wins over and over again.


lel they'll stage a papercut and based trump will MIGA iraq war 7.0 to fix corona-economy


there are over a billion people ready to die in a war against jews


i thought OP pic was alex trebek until i really looked closely


and they will all be shot and bombed if need be. G-d is on our side


another neocon war would be bad we need to prepare for all out war against the chinks in the next 10-20 years


the only benefit for a Neocon war is to use it to test our best equipment and tactics a la Spain before WWII.


File: 1589931229758.jpg (1.2 MB, 1970x1420, 197:142, iraqi biometrics.jpg)

gotta get dem biometrics


trust big gov


>go to movie torrent site
>Ovid, oh cool a documentary about a poet?
>Plot : In this fresh retelling of the famed Ancient Roman poet's life set in contemporary Detroit, the young Ovid finds his life in danger when he clashes with the emperor by writing a guide to love and seduction.


File: 1589935301063.jpg (47.74 KB, 285x475, 3:5, 1902009.jpg)

this is a gud boke


I hated when they did that nigger'd up version of Romeo and Juliet with Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. Why can't we have classics without bullshit? Same goes with Francis Ford Copolla's daughter turning Marie Antoinette into a teen girl movie and the stupid new Catherine the Great show that is a comedy and everyone has a fucking English accent.


at least it was still romeo and juliet, shakespeare is malleable to being reimagined if you leave the dialogue as is, but puttin an emperor in detroit? c'mon nao


File: 1589937073126.jpg (1.72 MB, 2000x3000, 2:3, MV5BYmIwMzQ4OGMtNjNhMy00NT….jpg)

Fucking lel i thought you mistyped or something


wait, Patrick Mahomes plays Ovid famed poet of antiquity?




File: 1589938110292.png (38.98 KB, 1214x203, 1214:203, Manowar Fan.PNG)

What did he mean by this?


you mind explaining your jaypeg to the class, son?


Is this from the GHOST Film Festival ?


coming to a /sp/tube near you


what do you mean? was was listening to metal bands on youtube and saw this.


you like dudes in loincloths eh?


File: 1589942603550-0.jpg (7.64 KB, 201x251, 201:251, Joakim Broden.jpg)

File: 1589942603550-1.jpg (35.85 KB, 340x513, 340:513, Elize Ryd.jpg)


sheem a thoook lil piece of fuck meat




>stay the fuck back
>we will defend ourselves
>we will defend ourselves


stop misspelling words now


There on that day
Alvin York entered the fray
Saving the day
82nd all the way

HILL 223


heem angory




what'd i mispell


File: 1589946286972.jpg (98.39 KB, 1200x799, 1200:799, EYZKRqZWoAEsBSD.jpg)


namaste gentlemens


File: 1589947139989.png (67.81 KB, 160x209, 160:209, ClipboardImage.png)

sheem and thoook are not english words



sheem used a thookening agent in her saws


pls delet this is an alt right fake news hate picture


File: 1589947799040.png (116.42 KB, 202x282, 101:141, ClipboardImage.png)


>Biden Snaps At Charlamagne Tha God: "If You Have A Problem Figuring Out Whether You’re For Me Or Trump, Then You Ain’t Black"


Ok, so maybe after multiple combat tours over a 25 year military career has made me a wimp when it comes to my wife, but in my marriage she's an equal peer to me. I'm the only one with a paycheck, but it is "our" money and "our" stimulus check. She can spend that money any way she wants, but we agreed long ago if it's a big purchase we discuss it first and the same goes for me if I want to do a big purchase.


they better not cancel debates, i want one every day for an hour


biden would get absolutely wiped in anything he doesn't have a teleprompter for


where's the lie tho


and he freaks out when he does, which'll cause trump to freak. gonna be kino
wouldn't be surprised if they called each other faggots tbh


does your wife gib you gud goy points?


I just need to get something off my chest, /sp/. I LOVE NIGGERS


if i get enough she'll "milk" me.


File: 1590185595344.png (26.49 KB, 293x86, 293:86, wew.png)

imagine spending $184 on some germon chick when you could have given it to bernie smdh


a paypig named eyebuck?


It's not me I swear, I only gib my money to men


you gave bad bunny money tho 🤔


Spent the afternoon fucking around with some fucked up rehab slut i picked up. Crazy corona adventures i tell ya h'wat


1. Post Pictures
2. Post Stories


post bobs and bagene


flacco to the jets
ya know if sports are ever played again


fucking lel


by the time the nfl is ready to put 50 guys in a locker room flacco will be in the at-risk age group.




once to troll phil, but bad bunny isn't a woman


Flacco belongs in the HoF change my mind.


he sux full stop


lol he has a ring bud


>full stop
who is this europoor?


File: 1590202827663.jpg (47.57 KB, 575x431, 575:431, GettyImages-1203661307-e15….jpg)

y'all goofy as hell 😘😘😁😂👌👌


Flacco has better stats and more wins than your pet nigger


File: 1590206075650.jpg (40.2 KB, 350x490, 5:7, Nunnally.jpg)

Post people with better vision than Mahommes


so does trent dilfer


File: 1590206243576.png (594.32 KB, 800x600, 4:3, screenshot0005.png)


and he is a GOAT

I need sauce for research perposes


>doesn't know the sauce
hello zoomer


>not having played weeb shit makes me a zoomer
ok boomer


pizzawhore was the worst

all anime is trash


I just watched Evangelion on recommendation from animebro and rally enjoyed it


you don't have to play it but that was a large part of chan culture over 7 years ago, newbud


who is pizza whore


>implying I wasted my time on /v/ when I could spend time being depressed on /r9k/


File: 1590206878957.png (208.67 KB, 1128x631, 1128:631, ClipboardImage.png)


it was probably relevant on some level on /r9k/ i suppose but whatever


>still going on


evangelion was shit, idk what fag with shit taste recommended it to you


honestly if you have the time the original gundam is pretty based


iirc it was all about Frozen sex dolls at the time

thatz naught twoo


its on my list watching geass now


if you get into it and watch the original gundam, gundam Z, gundam ZZ and char's counter attack, it's really one of the best and most cohesive anime narratives around


I was debating that or berserk. I tried Jojo but it seems like a meme show


it really truly is true
the pacing is fucking awful, its terribly repetetive, the """""themes""""" are about as subtle as a fucking freight train, the characters are cliched
i could give you some good shows but id need to know what you've seen already


dont do berserk until you've seen enough trash to truly appreciate something good. evangelion is a good start for that


I rally liked Evangelion cuz it was depressing


i've only seen NGE and Pussy!


you come from MAL, friend?


from what I read the characters broke cliches but a lot of anime after tried to copy it. thats why animebro told me to watch it he said it was a good intro. I have watched Dragonball, Dragonball Z, Dragonball GT, Planetes, and Evangelion.


tbh I am trying to avoid the trash thats why I picked Evangelion. I was also recommended Hunter x Hunter, Attack on Titan (although I heard that is normie trash), Code Geass, and Berserk


File: 1590207473730.png (673.55 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

watch satoshi kon movie


i thought we killed them… but looks like they won instead……


watch fist of the north star, it's like jojo but not gay


is it long


I'll add it to my list


haha no it's just a complete coincidence that i brought it up


ok buckster listen up
watch AoT, it is basically normie material at this point but its not bad, tho it does have some weirdness with it. the first season is probly the most annoying, and the 'feel' of it changes every season but its not bad
hunter x hunter is probably the best in its genre. whether you pick the old one or the newer one they're both good, and for the most part follows the manga
so it sounds like your branching out from just hard sci fi? gimme like 20 min i'll get you a nice selection from a few genres



yeah, Planetes was my favorite hard sci fi


fist of the north star is simaltaneously trash and wonderful.
its incredibly boring and repetitive, but any episode with Raoh in it is gold…


thats not too bad. I would watch that but I wont watch any bullshit like Naruto or One Piece that has 5000 episodes


well, hunter x hunter probably has a lot of episodes and doesn't have an ending so you're in a similar boat with that


File: 1590207805481-0.jpg (2.78 MB, 2600x3860, 130:193, list of worthwhile anime.jpg)

File: 1590207805481-1.png (3.61 MB, 2350x4700, 1:2, Recommended 20th century a….png)

File: 1590207805481-2.png (1.75 MB, 1774x3600, 887:1800, Recommended anime.png)

File: 1590207805481-3.png (1.13 MB, 1850x3700, 1:2, Recommended manga.png)


fuck me then


from memory, hunter is like 120 eps, and although it doesn't have a real ending, where they chose to end it is a pretty good defacto one


ty for all the help


Elfen Lied, Samurai Champloo, Hellsing Ultimate are decent intro show to normalfags
Legend of Galactic Heroes is for when you get practiced


you have shit taste


I watched most of season one of Hellsing and liked it ok


elfen lied is literal fucking shit
dude your taste is horrible. get LotGH out of your fucking mouth, you dont deserve to recommend it while mutter that other garbage




t. eva fanboy
bet you like asuka too


im the dude trashing evangelion


asuka is best for Shinji and Misato is best gril overall
>t. buckeye


who are you quoting


oh. i like elfen lied because it has tits and magic powers right off the bat. converted a normalfag friend with it and now he's watching good stuff so w/e


File: 1590208114647.jpg (3.71 KB, 300x168, 25:14, worthy of my grace.jpg)

Does /sp/ support Netflix fucking over the fags?


buckeye buy me another subscription i can't use my pictochats



I'll get you one for someone other than phil


File: 1590208164624.png (857.59 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

watch k-on! it is the best


heard they fucked eva, but don't know what they did


there are streamers other than phil?


all they did was minor color corrections


ok kike listen up
im gonna come up with a list.. i'll try to give you one solid (but not INCREDIBLE) show for as diverse genres as i can
ignore everyone else in the meantime


they didn't it is a better dub than the original cuz the original jap creators are behind it but the fags and autists hate it

more than you think



they changed the english dub and their version sucks or so i heard


File: 1590208344912.png (614.09 KB, 1116x625, 1116:625, ClipboardImage.png)


okay finished my list. in no particular order:
serial experiment lain
land of the lustrious


I read into it and they are wrong. The original dub took a shit ton of liberties with the script and a lot of the end script was just autist fan translations. The big 2 complaints are that they changed the Shinji fag romance to just being friends and made the performance more subdued but these decisions were made by the actual japs


I watched Eva and I am not watching naruto


> fags and autists hate it
shouldn't have watched the dub in the first place, wait did buckster watch the new netflix dub?

the thing is you want some hard sci-fi but i don't think that's a genre japs even remotely like. even in the west the closest big name thing with hard sci-fi elements i've seen in awhile is the expanse. the japs got next to nothing with that as far as I can tell


btw, don't want too many spoilers but does Lelouch ever use his Geass power to fugg his sister in her wheelchair


didn't know they redubbed, but that always causes tism fits


I watched the dub

Planetes was very hard sci fi.


no but he uses the geass to tell suzaku to fuck his sister while he watches


that's one nippy lookin coon


I enjoyed it. I didn't want to watch Evangelion trying to take everything the show has while trying to keep up with the subtitles and I was glad I made that decision.


does he at lest coom on her face?


no'f you haven't noticed, lelouch is gay


yeah and planetes is one very specific thing. the thought never even crossed my mind of japanese hard sci-fi until you brought it up a while back and the only thing I can think of that comes remotely close to it LoGH but the sci-fi takes a backseat. you could put LoGH in a WW2 era naval setting and it would work


anime sucks
weebs go die


makes sense. dubs are fine if the voice actors are decent
the whole argument about subs being more pure is retarded because there's always cultural differences in tonalities and mannerisms




I'm only on episode 6 and I didn't know. That sucks I thought he would be banging C2, Shirley, or Kallen


calm down or that's a bannin


he's not gay he's just utilitarian


that would be good ty. If only they made a WWI anime


fucking guys for benefits isn't gay


*meaning you misinterpret shit inherently


you're new to this so you have to realize that all anime protags are gay and never get any pussy, that is how animetard watchers can project themselves onto them



ban me i'll call Lisa and tell on you


do it so i can you a faggot


it's not, i once fucked a guy to close a sale


This is a sports only board. Is anime a sport?


was it a drug sale?




did you get pregnant? did you keep the baby?


GOATbro ban this guy


File: 1590208949843.jpg (52.09 KB, 475x380, 5:4, animepaperwallpapers_hajim….jpg)

only if you have high test



used a rubber



cheer100 mods ban him too. we need to remove all the trolls from chat




you ever notice how we joke about anime niggers but when we really start talknig about anime that we're the real anime niggers


Strong in Class:

>Action, fantasy

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

>Romance, autism, best girl

Spice and Wolf

>Slice of life, military

Sound of the Sky

>Sci-fi, pyschological, dystopian


>Comedy, supernatural

Mob Psycho

kind hard since they all have multiple categories, but those are all very strong showings. some K-On fag might screech about Sound of the Sky for strong SoL but he can fuck off because his taste is SHIT.

you should watch steins gate sooner than later, i think its something you enjoy more the newer you are. after you've got a few under you belt, take a shot at LotGH and Berserk… both incredible in their own ways


ty bby


huh wtf newfag? his has always been an /anime/ board


>read the manga
>gay shit
>libre jp the anime
i don't know anything about pscyho pass tbh
>read the manga


File: 1590209248282.png (16.86 KB, 888x174, 148:29, ClipboardImage.png)


steins gay VN is better than the anime, that includes the sequel


File: 1590209342459.jpg (4.43 KB, 275x183, 275:183, Beastars.jpg)

>no one has mentioned the best anime of all time yet


lel post the follow up one where i broke everything when i changed the permissions for everything in


die furfag


dtmwtd i didn't save that one i don't think


>read the manga
literal fag arguement. if >we wanted to talk manga >we would talk manga
>librejp the anime
yes thats right
>gay shit
the opposite of gay shit


when will yandere simulator be released


when [the sports team that never wins] wins the [sports championship]


kc just did tho


but when will osana be released


File: 1590209782140.png (1.34 MB, 808x811, 808:811, ClipboardImage.png)


is this mathmatically true?


tbh other than the ongoing shit i read i can't really power through manga like i used to at my old desk job where i'd just smoke weed and read manga for 7-7.5 hours a day


weed is bad for you. smoke meth


yeah i don't really smoke weed anymore, i just get some a couple times a year. got some when corona started poppin off but kept gettin it, ran out this week and it's been really tempting to get more just cause of how slow and boring everything is


ngl I'm starting to lose it with the quarantine


i could do this indefinitely
this is basically how i live anyway


living NEET is bad, son


HOLY FUCK Shirley is a female simp


but im educated AND employed 🤔


then why don't you leave your house


Has dduder made any announcement when he is gonna lift quarantine on /sp/?


why would i?
outside is full of sub-humans, jews, and feces


cuz there is also women and fun


i have wymen and fun inside


but that is sad I would go mad indoors and even worse is the gov telling me what to do


gov saying it is the only bad part


saving a VERY important anime thread


mods ban archiver


jesus, saving it from the slide, not saving the html


Name a better VA than Monica Rial. Pro tip: you can't


sportschan getting wiped the fuck out


by who? is /int/ even alive anymore?


by sportschan
the most radical jihadist group on the internet


sportschan is a christian board


christ is a meme


I met him and he is a based chad


you met a manlet spic landscaper named jesus and you are mistaken


no he was real he showed me his stigmata. we got drunk at a bar, fucked whorbs, and watched the doyers lose while laughing. it was fun


you did meth
typical meth experience


File: 1590214165810.jpg (62.35 KB, 960x615, 64:41, nuracoon.jpg)




File: 1590216274919-0.jpg (279.52 KB, 1021x1280, 1021:1280, 81vZKm-9WWL._SL1280_.jpg)

File: 1590216274919-1.jpg (76.05 KB, 658x1024, 329:512, bcf41db596750c734bdac3d7e6….jpg)

File: 1590216274919-2.png (438.25 KB, 798x1129, 798:1129, Y6.png)

File: 1590216274919-3.jpg (201.1 KB, 640x481, 640:481, 1585299174232.jpg)

next things i'm gonna watch are haibane renmei and the original gatchamn (1972)


thats NOT what i recommended




aw wait is the witcher thread gone


look for it a little longer


Witcher isn't anime


File: 1590255393025.mp4 (273.5 KB, 480x270, 16:9, BidenSkullMask.mp4)

joe biden whipped his monkey niggers back on to the cotton fields

absolutely based
im riden with biden now



this is big news if true


File: 1590255792643.mp4 (51.72 KB, 480x376, 60:47, rosa parks.mp4)


File: 1590256319537.webm (3.9 MB, 300x532, 75:133, 15902497602340.webm)


File: 1590256459204.mp4 (2.4 MB, 360x450, 4:5, wine mom gf.mp4)

thinking about this video again


>dating someone with a kid
literally dont do this


wine mom implies she has no kids and wine are her children you dungus

finna make a super autismo babby with her, so that the we preserve the autism of the /sp/artman race and a future for autistic sports discussion


when will bagel boss learn?


I want to coom in her until my dick hurts


lmao bidens black comments are blowing up so bad
niggers are so sensitive



whats funny is they will chimp out about it but they all know they are owned by the democratic establishment because they want their free gibs at the end of the day


niggers support him on it though they don't consider black Trump voters black either


ye but wypipo still aren't allowd to say that shit lmao


been playing GTA V
and now whenever this song comes on the radio i think of classic days of indy /sp/

gotta be real
classic rap was way more niggerish and therefore BASED and REDPILLED than these nu-rappers talking about depression and gucci like homos

when did niggas stop acting like niggers ? being a nigger is rejecting modernity and returning to monkee which is the most based of based ideology


dude they're just as uncivilized and nigger like as usual
you're only seeing the modern stuff because jews promote mulattos to white folks


what im saying is that being a nigger is based

whypipo should act more like project niggers, burn shit down when things dont go your way, have like 10-15 kids and make the guberment pay for it, take the varg pill and be a welfare queen and stab someone 20+ times in self defense

also there still may be good old niggers out there but now there is a large contingent of "people of color" rainbow flag toting gay niggers from outta space type niggas everywhere


literally impossible
white people have evolved to be hard working with larger goals in mind
it would take deevolution to return to the nigger mindset


File: 1590263006965.mp4 (3.43 MB, 680x400, 17:10, My Country TisofThee.mp4)

>it would take deevolution

which is exactly what i advocate for
reject tradition, return to primacy, become the grug man, be the monkey ape tree nigger, live in forest, blow up cell towers and destroy railway lines, start death cults that worship yellowstone, think kazcinski but times ten thousand

world is not worth saving, world is worth destroying


speak for yourself, nigger. my home is a bastion of civilization.


then you are for child drag queens shows, gay marriage, tranny buttsex, proud empowered womyn, beautiful brown peepol raping you in the street

good luck civilization homo boy
me and my homies lifting rock in the forest killing outsides who wander into our domain


civilization is a failed religion


anarcho primitivism is for a special kind of homosexual


what kind?


lmao stfu
aint no homos in caveman times fag they got their head beat in with a rock

shutchu stupid ass up


File: 1590264698236.jpg (13.46 KB, 285x450, 19:30, 61Ikv432coL._AC_SY450_.jpg)


you're really annoying, you're yims aren't funny, and you act like a fag


says you homo
have fun defending western civ homoboy


>a literal anarcho prim




where did i say "anarcho" lmao
nice assumptions dumb dumb
governance != technology


>return to primacy, become the grug man, be the monkey ape tree nigger


pretty sure you might be a sub-human. mulatto? maybe as spic or something like that? or even full blow nigger


lmao ur like someone in 2014 discovering /pol/ for the first time and thinking u r the h'wite man here to save civilization







Kill all the white man


die collectivist


go berzerk
start a new civil war


banned. no calls for violence


so is there tape of biden being racist or is it like the billy bush tape


File: 1590277237375.mp4 (9.41 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Sardroon of Africa.mp4)


white nigger detected

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