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File: 1589992715353.png (49.96 KB, 550x850, 11:17, the new infinity cup.png)

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Hey, /sp/artans,
We're setting up stuff for the new and improved Infinity Cup 2020 and we would really like it if you could join us with a team of your own. If you wanna see the virtual tournament, come get your info over at https://anon.cafe/icup/
See you on the pitch!
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hey op did i offend you by taking over all the strategy stuff and intentionally making it shit?
not trying intrude, but it seemed like you were the only guy doing any work, and if im going to involve myself too my only condition is to be memey


yah you did actually. can you find a new strat since your board actually seems interested. I wanna see your team go far


oops when i said op i actually meant >>1207223
if this board is going to participate it will participate on its own terms not what 'you' want


if you guys wanna lose in the first round that's fine. I just don't feel like setting up your team if you're not gonna take this seriously


>not gonna take it seriously
I'm sorry I didn't treat your inter-anonymous imageboard FIFA simulator tourney with the seriousness it deserved.


File: 1596156800075.jpg (36.71 KB, 401x401, 1:1, Eye Eye Capn.jpg)

Alright, this is some nice and heavy autistic shitflinging. Since PES won't actually let you do the 2-0-8 or the 1-2-7 like you guys want, what say I keep the spirit of the strategy and use the high-offense settings that were given, but leave the team formation as initially agreed upon in the roster (4-4-2)?


i dont care do whatever
also FYI, the other guy from icup said he'd set it up like that


>the other guy from /icup/


what do you think retard


Just under an hour away, Draw Stream, be there!





Do a 5-3-2.


File: 1596320866551.png (1.04 MB, 1135x639, 1135:639, draw stream png.png)

The Draw Stream is complete, and with only minor technical difficulties!

You guys will play in Group F with /yuri/, /ausneets/, and /eris/! I'll be by again later with official game times for your board.


wrong logo retard


fixed: (2-3-5). 5 attackers


Amazing GET


i'd play that game in your image instead of whatever the fuck this thread is about tbh


that appears to be pokemon


File: 1596383522534.jpg (347.6 KB, 960x540, 16:9, Group F 06.jpg)

Took a little longer than I thought to get it finished, but here's the schedule for your Group.



are we winin son?


Shut up Dad, the game hasn't even started yet! Go get a beer or something.


redpill me on how to play and win i refuse to read any prior posts


pray to Ammit and hope for the best
-t. /monster/budy


go all out on offense. dont be pussy, true alpha males put all their players on the other sides field


pray to Eris and hope for the best
-t. /eris/budy


I'm not watching this shit ever


so do ya'll jack it to the sumerian deities or is it just sum sorta elaborate meme?


File: 1596748701831.png (814 KB, 953x714, 953:714, fe499c321a08a5ad650c2fea63….png)

I can't speak for /monster/ but yes some of us'll jack it to the greek deity and it also just sum sorta elaborate meme for the past 50 years.


i miss jackin it to memes


what are you talking about
you've still got dotz


diveys are going on right now


Less than an hour before kickoff, and we are in the 5th game today.



well lets see what they did if they followed the submitted meme format or ignored >us


>Your account is too new to chat in this channel. Please wait a while and try again.
extremely gay and rulepilled


it's cause /cow/ spammed a bunch


are we winnin son?


i think the board will be up in about 30 min


File: 1597002074246.webm (7.52 MB, 1612x732, 403:183, sparts.webm)



lel i love this webm


is that our goal song?


wiki says it's the 10 hours of vuvuzuela sound, so I'm OK with that as long as the whole 10 hours of it will be played after we scaaaaar


/sp/ vs. /ausneets/ now


here we go


I hat ausy


fak yu ausy




File: 1597021781610.jpg (194.96 KB, 640x960, 2:3, destroy.jpg)

>inviting us to something and not letting us win
wow rude fuck you


File: 1597023809689.jpg (925.86 KB, 1100x900, 11:9, Day One Results.jpg)

Thanks to all who tuned in this weekend. The current Cup standings are as follows. For a slightly more detailed look please see http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Infinity_Cup_6

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