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Sports in like a month and no basedball literally retarded world mane here's a line
Working remotely is okay no matter what that one dude insists im not becoming an anime fag ill watch one thing here or there holy shit you insistent fuck you've spent years of your life trying to get me to watch more Japanese cartoons


have you tried evangelion?


Watched it forever ago brah its awesome but my opinion hasn't changed that only the best animes are worth watching eva is one of em
I do feel like watching regular middle of the road anime is same tier as watching csi but with a kimono on to make you feel special about it


watch logh its like star wars but not super gay


anyone who doesn't miss baseball has no heart, anyone who wants it back has no brain


havent i already given you my recs??


Yea legend is p cool. But still really fucking gay. Tell me Kircheis and Reinhart are not butt buddies. Don't worry, I'll wait.


SDF Macross?


bruh jews always tryna say any time 2 dudes bro out its a gay thing. dont listen to em they aint gay


they're not they're best friends
kercheis wants to fuck reinharts sister. reinhart for the most part doesn't even care about wymen he just wants to achieve his empire


File: 1591197942021.png (19.19 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)

Spoiler alert
Most of their scenes were gay as fuck though. "I want to take over the world" "Oh Reinhard, you're such a visionary". It's such a long show that it doesn't really influence the series, but I breathed a sigh of relief when he was gone so I wouldn't have to watch him and Reinhart do their low key homo thing.
tl;dr while you're technically right, it was still gay as fuck and anybody that doesn't watch a lot of anime will find that to be the case.


not true, they were just very close friends, and the reason it was so fruity compared to say, yangs friendships is because their friendship had to exist in a rigid class structure


so anime not only makes you gay but pretend it's not
wow, throwing out my looney tunes dvd rn


that's a strictly american way of thinking though to not show any sort of affection to your friends
if you go to asia europe or the middle east you see dudes holding hands and being all personal
and shit. i guess euros are kinda gay so i see your point a little but 99% of the world wont look at kircheis and reinhart as homos


r u frustrated?


I'm euro. That's just Italians. The American bearhug took some getting used to tbh, Northern Europe has been social distancing for as long as I can remember. You might give your bro a pat on the back but the hugging and shit is very limited here.


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Nah yuros are literally homos


Demonic Women Cumming!! Lesbian Infinite Orgasms - 4 Hours


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CR wasn't smiling in the berenstein timeline


>dudes holding hands and being all personal
bruh idk bout all that


File: 1591306402536.jpg (149.67 KB, 720x900, 4:5, cr.jpg)

what r u implying?


watch your head there budy


*stands up* *thump*


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my knot was burning from friction in ur mom
ugly bitch couldn't get me there so i finished on your pillow, hope you don't mind




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donate to my gofundme, some papa johns would heal my horribly scarred and cute face




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reckon i need some extra garlic sauce


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i thought he was wearing a cool lucha libre mask

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