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8chan getting a lot of new users


The internet has shit users all over the place


tell me about it, especially here


File: 1593454090582.png (54.23 KB, 884x594, 442:297, rulessit.png)



File: 1593457136000.gif (3.3 MB, 480x448, 15:14, sana lemons.gif)


we did it /sp/eddit


File: 1593458725871.mp4 (3.73 MB, 640x360, 16:9, GHOSTBOYS.mp4)

They are cracking down on everything everywhere.
At this point there is going to be no dissenting opinions on any major websites.

They never want 2016 to happen again. Drumpf is just an avatar for their hate. The Powers That Be arent afraid of Blumpf as he is now in their pocket but they will use him at the boogeyman. Because what they really don't want is a groundswell of right wing ideas countering their narratives.

GHOST stays winning.
Whyboi Sissification Centers before the 2020's are up.


This could be awful actually cause some of them are going to legit setup on chans

Urge to kill rising


20 000 communities banned jesus Christ the levels of rulecyckery


sana when i force my dick down her throat and cummies.


>most of them were inactive


tbh i thought thedonald and chapotraphouse had been banned…



Wouldn't they just go to voat?


last time i looked voat had been down for like a year, i guess its back up though


Deleting dead or slow boards is still being a rulecuck

Deleting anything thats not illegal is being a rulecuck come on now


From what I remember they didn't go down that long they changed urls tho at some point I think

Read an article about this like a year or so ago


the alt right became metastatic when they got yeeted from 4chan
then the donald became president
now it's unacceptable to be white on the internet
soon the zyklon babies will all be red pilled


i was looking for it just to see what was going on there februrary or so and i remember seeing people saying it had been down for at least several months at that point


obviously they aren't going to 8chan
some are going to ruqqus if it can stay up


>This could be awful actually cause some of them are going to legit setup on chans
reckon thats kinda the point


youre missing the point
this is an effort to further polarize the masses
some will get """"redpilled"""", others will suck down the salty load of the status quo.
end result is basically how it is now, but even worse
D&C 101


Red pilled on what ?
Lmao nigga with what ?
They are banning authors and removing books, documentaries.


lol where you from once posted on the internet it can and will never go away


nigga did u have a stroke typing that shit up tf u tryna say my nigga ?


once on the internet it never goes away


Yeah except for the fact that unless things are readily available and easily accessible 90% of the population wont seek it out.

Just look at the numbers, censorship works.


idk availability doesn't matter in terms of will to seek but rather ability to find


anyway save what you think is valuable and spread it whats your problem


films have been banned or censored or ""corrected"" because some unstable minds found them "sensitive"
this is literally commie tier shit


Dude who made salo also know as a 120 days literally got killed because people were so offended

Its the sorta movie you shouldn't watch unless your really desensitized to shock imagery

But its fairly interesting if your into that sorta thing


i watched in on khantube w/ slovborg ama


this is just gonna be like when /pol/ got the boot and every remaining board became /board+pol/
good luck reddit you're as retarded as your users


people get redpilled by their eyes
books and documentaries are for people who already know to validate they're not crazy


this is true
reality is often the best red pill
but the problem is with heavy censorship there becomes no outlets left to collectivize with other like minded individuals


cant they ban at a user as well as an IP level?
and shadowbannings a thang
its gonna be a bit more complicated, and i dont have much faith in leddits ability to handle it
bet most of the disgruntled ones will head for open waters tbh


>no outlets
that's why it scooshes out everywhere else


last i checked you can still make a reddit account on TOR with no email
it's hard to get past the captcha because it fucks up a lot
probably they'll close the TOR hole at some point


wait wtf?
leddit has an onion site?
youre bullshitting me


you can go to regular websites over TOR
most of them shitlist all the exit nodes but not reddit for some reason


lmao that makes a lot more sense
i thought you were implying there was an onion
t. never leddited

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