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hey sonichu/shorkcel/MALfag shoe0nhead is single now btw


isnt she like 30 or something tho?
fuck dat


how the fuck would you know fag


File: 1593359133254.jpg (116.44 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, CR (7).jpg)

called it now post her feet pics you stashed away


she's still in bed, im bout to go to work


in her bed? because you guys are roommates?


File: 1593375712924.png (826.28 KB, 966x837, 322:279, Untitled.png)

idk numbers good, is she a 6 or a 5?


venti's a 10


Basically just use my room for storage at this point. I have BIG plans to turn it into my BingBingWahoo man cave tho
jk its going to be my projects/gaming/firearm room


she sleep with socks on wtf smfh


she's like a 5, supposedly she has weird scalp condition or tears her hair out or some shit and always is wearing a wig and her nudes are kinda unhealthy lookin. Does ave a nice hourglass shape at least


Her feet were actually stickin out the bottom of the blanket I could have snapped em on the way out but I remembered their mine not yours


you think travelbro wanted to take awkward photos with those slags? he didn't, he didn't for us, he did it for memes.


anyone know if theres a website tracking people deplatformed/cancelled/shoaed by the "progressive" left? i reckon thre has been another uptick with all this nigger shit lately and need to show something to a relative from abroad who believes "Things can't really be that bad"


File: 1593380165409.mp4 (1.34 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, dsp seek kyle.mp4)


stfu buckeye


File: 1593381062948.mp4 (15.29 MB, 404x720, 101:180, [sobs uncontrollably under….mp4)

>kinda unhealthy
to say the least
bitch is a fucking pig
heres a vid of her psychotic ex bf sobbing under a table like a faggot
notice the indescribable amount of filth as she moves through her apartment




i always wondered where people had said she lives in squalor came from


she deleted her account when her eceleb boyfriend dumped her


File: 1593383278150-0.mp3 (1.82 MB, I LOOKED SO GOOD_1.mp3)

File: 1593383278150-1.mp3 (1.64 MB, I LOOKED SO GOOD_2.mp3)

File: 1593383278150-2.mp3 (1.92 MB, I LOOKED SO GOOD_3.mp3)

File: 1593383278150-3.mp3 (1.52 MB, I LOOKED SO GOOD_4.mp3)

File: 1593383278150-4.mp3 (1.08 MB, I LOOKED SO GOOD_5.mp3)

wonder no more

the kid sobbing under the table used to always be in ventis cow thread. he really didnt like it when i posted these things

the climax is the 2nd one iirc, where the title phrase "I LOOKED SO GOOD" comes from


lol yea its the second one
what a fucking baby
imagine having a midlife crisis at fucking 18

as dumb as that mutt bitch is, shes honestly extraordinarily understanding considering the circumstances


so if mp3 is audio and mp4 is video what are the first two?


Holy shit this isnt Google


how to open jpeg jack?


File: 1593396174915.png (684.51 KB, 690x416, 345:208, ClipboardImage.png)

he didn't eat enough raw meat and eggs. not gonna make it!


1. mp3 is not the 3rd
2. mp4 is not the 4th
3. mp4 is not video
4. the "1st" would be mpeg 1 a generic audio codec of which mp3 is a specific variant
5. the "2nd" would be mpeg 2 a generic image/video codec


thanks google


so did shoe dump greg or other way
also dont really care but someone spoonfeed me


pay up blody baster


File: 1593400000066-0.png (4.03 MB, 1241x1902, 1241:1902, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1593400000066-1.jpg (116.92 KB, 640x940, 32:47, june.jpg)

he cheated on her with an 18 year old shoe0nhead impersonator. she was getting a little bit too old for him!


thanks reddit


File: 1593410753212.jpeg (34.43 KB, 500x500, 1:1, index.jpeg)


lmfao owned
sh0e will go back to getting BLACKED now though
she gunna munch all the hair off her head now too


if she were smart she'd sell right wing, left wing, and centrist hair and hold a simp to win a date while streaming her meltdown and playing fortnite


>venti's a 10
Out of /100

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