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>order a rare firearm part
>usps delivers it
>they deliver to the wrong house AGAIN
>they dont even know which house
>that house is just going to keep it like last time


did you get the lelsurance?


could always sue their asses


idk its the seller that handled shipping not me


the worst part is i just know some scummy little fuck got my package by mistake and is going to keep it, even though it has no value to them and they likely can't even sell it as they dont know what it is. fuck this makes my blood boil



saw my postman (differnt guy than usual) and he emphatically claims he delivered it to the front door, since he says it wouldn't fit in the mailbox. even though i was home all day waiting for the package, saw him drive by, and would have seen him if he came up.
that fucker stole my package and i dont even know why


report his ass then kick it


lmao just make your own in minecraft


ok turns out he's just retarded
he delivered it to a house somewhere several blocks away from me
at least i can get my claim money… but can't get back my wasted time, or any guarantee that this part wil be available again


>ever using USPS
Go with UPS, at least they actually do some bootcamp tier training for their delivery guys so the most retarded are weeded out.


i didn't have a choice for carrier


Oh, well tell the fag you order stuff from to switch, only complete braindeads use the USPS anymore, it's staffed almost exclusively by niggers.


Part: Retrieved
White Power


He's a boomer

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