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lel not really
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because im an asshole, and i wanna see you squirm.



The same holds true for the Biden video. Both of them are retarded boomers. Trump is a complete potato and Biden should be taking afternoon naps.


that would be based though


lmfao no dude, it really doesn't
the dude is a fucking mess
120 million dead and shit
thats not a stuttering problem thats something else entirely


hey man i lik crass too, but thats just not how that shit works when its outside of a small commune full of only peeps that you trust implicitly.
its high trust w literally everyone involved or bust.
and that shit obv aint gonna fly in murrica.
you would think all these idealists would be well read enough in their own prop to realize what happened to the black anarchists on the ukraine, but i guess readings hard an shieeet

anyone that thinks that this whole current """"""anarchist"""""" thang is anything other than old crusty weather underground read: CIA boomers puppeting 17yo retards needs to pull their head out their ass tbphwuahrn


there's some "anarchist thinkers" gaining a lot of exposure, they're surprisingly mostly jewish


imo its amp psychosis
all these career polis have been on stims for decades now
and not just small amounts either
were talking like speedfreak tire
that shit absolutely mongs you out if your heart manages to keep working long enough


no its not its the crusty old remnants of the far leftists terrorism of the 1970s
SFSU is even having one of those people convicted airline hijacker coming to give a talk about 'resistance' to the college of ethnic studies


>the crusty old remnants of the far leftists terrorism of the 1970s
thats what im talking about manggggggg
go read up on the SDS -> kent state -> weather underground pipeline


>Weatherman would shove the war down their dumb, fascist throats and show them, while we were at it, how much better we were than them, both tactically and strategically, as a people. In an all-out civil war over Vietnam and other fascist U.S. imperialism, we were going to bring the war home. 'Turn the imperialists' war into a civil war', in Lenin's words. And we were going to kick ass.
>We felt that doing nothing in a period of repressive violence is itself a form of violence. That's really the part that I think is the hardest for people to understand. If you sit in your house, live your white life and go to your white job, and allow the country that you live in to murder people and to commit genocide, and you sit there and you don't do anything about it, that's violence.
sound familiar?
both written in the late 60s



fuckin wild obongo got his start from bill ayers and no one really talks about it


i dont think you can argue their fed controlled. hardly any prosecutions for the thousands of bombings that happened in the 70s. not like the northwest front which became so utterly infested and entrapped that pretty much all the leadership was either in jail or a fed


yea you got it

i guess having a bunch of 70yo literal boomers as the face of le resistance is a bad look or something
so why not open source a bunch of de-centralized 17yo retard terror cells operating on facebook instead?


actually Snopes found that to be only Partially True
stupid conservitard


File: 1600393465096.png (221.87 KB, 650x575, 26:23, ClipboardImage.png)


how the fuck
what twisted logic did they use to justify this?
i watched him fucking say it


frankfurt school rolled out the red carpet for the kiddies and dragged their fucking noses on it
any links between frankfurt and weather underground etc? never bothered to look


File: 1600393627700.png (83.51 KB, 1028x489, 1028:489, ClipboardImage.png)

shaddup drumpftard


i wonder if this trick would work with holocaust statistics


yea basically everyone who was at kent state, other than the bassist of devo lmao, went on to do work for em
theres multiple interviews ive seen with him admitting this too

personally im glad he decided to make devo instead tho


File: 1600393873887.png (2.01 MB, 1208x1363, 1208:1363, ClipboardImage.png)

a furry little yellow burglar (reported to be a raccoon) was seen leaving the house


how would they know her phone number


>Mickey Guyton Aims to Empower Women With ‘What Are You Gonna Tell Her’ Performance at the 2020 ACM Awards
gonna tell her to shut her fuckin trap and get back in the kitchen


File: 1600394282840.png (239.16 KB, 354x341, 354:341, ClipboardImage.png)

CRFID scanners


they called every number in the city until they found her


SDS students for a democratic society if youre unfamiliar was very much an intl thing in 60/70s
and they were very VERY VERY active in west germany. particularly in berlin.
psuedo-socdem disenfranchised college """"educated"""" numbskulls w nothin to lose, militarized then handpicked by agitators in SDS

maybe its not called SDS now (tho i think theyre still officially around in some form or another) but i really fucking fail to see the difference
its the same fucking script, and the same actors, note for note
hell, it wouldnt shock me in the slightest if we get an unironic sequel rather, a shot for shot remake to kent state at this point
esp when drumpf wins again
if i was a spook, its what id do
worked gr8 last time, and then youll have a whole shitton of fresh young new assets willing to die for "da cause" that you can have do whatthefuckever you want for the next couple decades

for a really funny story go look up how the band amon duul II became II
the first one was mostly just a commune. a lot were either active, or ex SDS memesters
half of em decided to go burn down a bunch of military barracks one night cuz they were bored. the other half decided fuck that, and that they would go make a progrock band instead better idea imo
then they all went to prison unsurprisingly but then got out pretty quickly (like a year or so iirc) and went on to form the RAF
and i dont mean the royal air force lmao


Yiwu Index (cheap stuff made in China) predicts Trump will win
Reason: Trump supporters who actually buy things like stickers and yard signs outnumber Biden's 100 to 1


shut up faggots


no krautrock is cool


rippedy doo dah


thats just because leftists destroy them 100:1
no but really the moment you step outside of urban areas, theres stuff supporting him everywhere. really does have an enthuisiastic base. my area super lib, have STOP HATE, LOVE NIGGERS signs and shit everywhere, but i haven't been seein much Harris-Biden stuff


thanks, gonna look at it
listened to a longform with Darren Beattie that guy who was on Tucker about the color revolutions ur right it really is the same plays
everyone bitches about china censoring their citizenry but it's like why tf do u think here's any diff?
need to do more research on this shit


>but it's like why tf do u think here's any diff?
i mean, it is a bit different in that censorship doesn't go hand in hand with jail time yet, and that chinese censorship is coordinated by the government while american censorship is coordinated by large tech companies and far leftist ideology


think its at the bump limit gonna make a new thread


primary model predicted 25 out of 27 (only missed '60 and 2000 which w/e really) has trump at 91% http://primarymodel.com
even all their ballot fuckery can't save em and they won't accept it, it's gonna be a shitshow


there's a few cases now where people were jailed for speech and i honestly don't see any meaningful difference between tech and the actual ruling powers tbh


>the actual ruling powers tbh
id say theres a 50/50 difference
best case scenario is trump wins, the democratic party completely falls apart, and something hopefully better fills the gap
preferably something completlely middle road, with everything to the left going off to form their own fringe party


there was actually a newer thread there >>1243011


i didn't even mean to post that as a new thread, it was supposed to be a post in this thread but i fucked up
new thread here >>1251128


gud luck
and dont hurt yourself as its hardly documented hmmmm wonder why??? and the whole "the entire 1960s countercultural movement was a fucking psyop" thing is a fucking rabbit hole like no other ive ever seen.
hell, the only reason i got tipped off on any of this shit in the first place was totally incidental. was interested in krautrock, zappa, and devo when i was in highschool
SDS kept popping up in a lot of different interviews. then i saw jerry casale, in an interview specifically about kent state, literally say that all his friends that didnt get shot joined WU, and he was the odd man out.

then i talked to some literal boomers i used to jam with, and two of the old fugs, about what they thought on how kent state put weathermen on the map
they all more or less agreed
lol the dudes from the fugs were the ones who straight up told me RAW still my fav spook tho was a spook and to avoid anything calling itself discordianism/subgenius nowadays

lol whatever you do, dont go to college
imo kent state 2: electric boogaloo is where this is all going


that's interesting shit. now you mention it i heard rumors about subgenius in the 90's, makes a lot of sense looking back at their old flyers and videos
kent state seems about right, they're really uninventive. seems like they thought they had everyone more brainwashed than they are. think memeflu removed a lot of complacency with everyone having their money and businesses fucked.
thanks for the leads, gonna poke around some




robert anton wilson is one of the main links imo
they prolly took it down, but there was a really wild interview with kerry thornley about how he was thoroughly convinced he was something of a "back up patsy" for lee in kennedy
ended up inadvertently literally planning the thing with some weird """skinheads""" years before kerry was imageboard tier, and fucking HATED marxists/gommies
even recommended TO THEM that lee would be the perfect patsy
the part thats always missing from that interview is the best part too, where slim, the skinhead, and his "cousin" told him all about how the entire 60s would play out, including manson fam and all that kind of shit
slim just so happened to be one of the guys who got watergate done (so says kerry)

and who was kerrys CO in socal barracks when he was getting acidtested/MKULTRAd on base in the late 50s?
and who was a guiding force in discordianism?
and who rolled up shortly after subgenius got big?
and who was instrumental in dismantling libertarianism as an actual ideology?

dude was everywhere, and it sucks as i really like his writing, but he had his fingers in all kinds of weird pies and was batting for the wrong team


i aint gonna shit up the new thread with all my schizo shit man
if you wanna look into it, its here, but its really not too terribly important now
this shits 50/60 years dead and gone


love this shit thanks


yea its wild innit?
every single name he drops in those vids you could dig into for months and youd be no closer to anything
oldguard cia really had their shit together, and quite a lot of imagination and talent involved.

really wish i couldve hung out with kerry tho
seems like one of the only honest dudes in the whole web of spy vs spy tomfoolery
hes really the ancient progenitor/godfather of shitposting as we know it today
of course hes remembered as a nut

good luck trying to find that whole vid tho
last time i saw it in its entirety was when some numbskull posted it directly to an 8gag kennedy vaults thread


no i demand you shit it up




No matter what school of political thought you adhere to, how can you deny there's two boomers that have immense trouble with the English language running for president? Having to agree with and be an apologist for all the retarded shit Trump does and says must be hard, do you get any coupons for it?

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