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General Thread General Thread


general threads are pretty racist


in that case 4chan is p redpilled


basedball stats applied to generals

>Among all generals, Napoleon had the highest WAR (16.679) by a large margin
>Napoleon benefited from the large number of battles in which he led forces
>No other general came close to Napoleon in total battles
>Alexander died after fighting just 9 battles, winning all of them

>Robert E. Lee, commander of the Confederate States Army, finished with a negative WAR (-1.89), suggesting an average general would have had more success than Lee leading the Confederacy’s armies



File: 1597520946709.jpg (66.27 KB, 845x500, 169:100, General-Dalbir-Singh-Suhag.jpg)

gretest genrel singh
i hat paki


thas a lotta medals


lee did alright, all things considered. its kinda a wonder the rebels stood their ground for as long as they did, given how absolutely fucking crippled they were economically

and at the very least he was a hell of a lot more humane than sherman
humanity dont win wars tho


at least shermans hordes are burning yank cities now


anyone know where i can get a great low rate i can get online and save some time?


proving once again that statfags are mentally ill trannies


stonewall was the real ass kicker in the south, it all went to shit immediately after he dedded


no but i know where you can get cash NOW
call J.G. Wentworth 877-CASH-NOW


GOOD post


yea he was the one who told em to "yell like furies", right?
invented the rebel yell?

what a stupidly simple, but really fucking effective way to spook your opposition
can you imagine getting charged by a whole unit of rebels, all shrieking like fucking banshees?
lol no wonder they were shook
i remember hearing a story that some time after the war, at some reunion for both sides, that the confederates all started doing it, and all the union soldiers ended up having fucking PTSD nam flashbacks lmao


pickett's charge tho


fucking lol roll tide


lel yeah but now add all the boots and bullets and cannons and shit on top of that
then also give the whole crowd fucking bayonets and have them run directly at you

to quote some union soldier who once spoke on it:


File: 1597527892109.png (1.08 MB, 2300x1900, 23:19, image.png)


i just ate like 6 pods i'm rollin really hard rn


erwin rommel was the GOAT prove me wrong


File: 1597530261339.jpg (954.16 KB, 770x1062, 385:531, Albert_Lynch_-_Jeanne_d'Ar….jpg)

kinda feel bad for the french tbh
>only way to be good militarily is to be led by either a midget or a woman


they were led by G-d, joan of arc was just a vessel


File: 1597531464444.jpg (15.86 KB, 228x400, 57:100, Photolautrec.jpg)

nothing wrong with being a french midge


File: 1597531808942.jpg (443.43 KB, 1200x1500, 4:5, javier-alcalde-el-cid-colo….jpg)

El Cid: The GHOST Slayer


he ded
wrong champion: u




File: 1597533121993.mp4 (18.54 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, horn lady death whistle.mp4)

speaking of proto-psych warfare:
yall niggers ever heard of the aztec death whistle? had some sort of cultural significance in ritual iirc, so every aztec had one

apparently, during fights with the spanish and prolly against other tribes for centuries prior rather than line up all yuro-style like a bunch of dummies, theyd all hide in the woods with these weird human skull whistles, put hot coals in the eyeholes of their whistles, and all blow on em simultaneously.
the air would cause the coals to burn bright, giving the appearance and sound of thousands of floating demonic skulls shrieking at you from the depths of the jungle.
and the fucking sound they make, goddamn
if i was the spanish idve been legitimately certain that i was fighting literal demons

what a tactic tho
redman was waaaaaayyyyy the fuck ahead in terms of psych and guerilla warfare
wouldve been cool to see how well they wouldve fared against yuros if their respective tech trees were a little more balanced, nvm being a little more disease resistant.
personally, i think they wouldve likely trounced them. yuros were too caught up in muh "honor in battle" en lieu of any actual real tactics, and redman wouldve been making them run in circles


>that grill
rode hard, put away wet


> if their respective tech trees were a little more balanced
c&c fag GO and stay GO


always been more of a CK2fag tbh


idk i think shes kinda segsy


would bop


age of gimpires pleb pls unplug your modem




is this what the otherside does all day?


File: 1597535325416.jpg (158.71 KB, 918x1000, 459:500, a2ede84165b005d4141c66edc6….jpg)




>SEC hockey



naw shes obv just some festy bird
ime most lot kids are relatively apolitical outside of lolberg-tier "legalize fuckin errytang" and wanting to have lots of filthy segs.
maybe some of em are actually marxists, but most are way too out of it for me to really call them political. fuck, most of em arent even registered to vote


File: 1597536187741.jpg (22.48 KB, 575x357, 575:357, 2015-10-01_01-28-46-PMiceh….jpg)

The fuck u say to me?


File: 1597537786934.jpg (21.64 KB, 360x360, 1:1, Scrappy-Doo.jpg)

a shiggy diggy doo scoob


very cool kyle! glad to see you back


>yuros were too caught up in muh "honor in battle" en lieu of any actual real tactics
yuros only pretended to care about that shit and only when dealing with other yuros


Glad to be back, sir!


>apparently, during fights with the spanish and prolly against other tribes for centuries prior rather than line up all yuro-style like a bunch of dummies, theyd all hide
>redman was waaaaaayyyyy the fuck ahead in terms of psych and guerilla warfare
are you fucking retarded?
you do realize an entire empire basically got conquered by a group of several hundred impoverished spanierds right?


lots of resistance to 👑 crown authority 🇪🇸 for hundreds of years you dunce 😡


when you die to your enemy, you win


you're talkin to the same guy that thinks voting for biden is what will stop leftists
dont bother arguing he's a retard


illegal "mexicans" are honorary africans


ya but they had armored dogs tho




why my night fragrance smells like wolf pussy


I’m a huge testosterone beast lookin 💪 I eat pussy 👅 more than a coyote🐺 let loose in suburbs my dick is the size of an alpha wolf 🖕🖕my iq is 77 🧠 I never masturbate as that is a grave sin and it fills you with gay pussy estrogen ✝️


probably smells like


i lik thred


red bred


a+ general i love your rates

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