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talk bout da coming riotb owls


her subhuman really shines front and center here


>50/50 difference
how you figure? they arguably have more power than any politician but add in lobbying and it's no contest imo. not like they don't all push the same shit anyway
idk if keeping this system is best case, it's a failure and will never see any meaningful change. just changing clothes on a corpse.


this systems biggest problem is allowing the freedom of those committed to its destruction
it might be that >we are well beyond the point of no return as bezmenov said. in which case violence will be the only solution
ofc this was predicted. tree of liberty must be refreshed yada yada
american education should have basic founding info as part of curriculum in highschool tbh.


File: 1600397270052.jpg (108.18 KB, 729x1000, 729:1000, kamala-harris-2014-lacma-a….jpg)

dom vibes
if dems were smart they'd run a mommy milkers pr


ya no shit
blumpf did that 1776 patriotic shit in school initiative today but it's campaign trump so we'll see i guess


nigga this is 2nd term, literally no reason he wouldn't just steamroll the democrats. assuming the senate is held and hoping against all hope the house flips thers nothing to stop him. past 4 years have already layed the foundation to get things done. fed judge appointments is probly his biggest acheivement. the next 4 ought to be more productive


>North Carolina Is Already Rejecting Black Voters’ Mail-In Ballots More Often Than White Voters’
*reads article*
>the vast majority of these ballots were rejected because voters made a mistake or failed to fill out the witness information
surprise fucking surprise


>‘1776 COMMISSION’: Trump Signs Order Establishing Commission to Promote ‘Patriotism in Schools’
not sold on any fucking politician doing literally anything and trump's been meh at best


File: 1600398908453.png (1.17 MB, 881x1024, 881:1024, ClipboardImage.png)

its almost like gays reputation for fucking kids is warranted


think you're selling him short, done some pretty good stuff
easily the best foreign policy of the past 40 years. deregulation has been long overdue. its been like half a century the illegal immigration can has been getting kicked down the road and he kinda ripped that bandaid off. the list can go on but 2 Scoops has been immeasurably better than Obongo imo


i'm open to it, but he's anti-white as fuck unless he wants votes and his list of bullshit is longer than good
which is better than most, but i can't root for a rigged game other than entertainment and situ's p serious when the nihilistic laffs wear off


>but he's anti-white as fuck
wtf are you talking about


he helps everyone not just whites


isreal israel israel
defends nog victims over huwhites 15:1
disavowing tiki-wiggers & every even white positive group that he's asked about
black unemployment, latinos r great
white supremacists named biggest threat

has he done or said a single pro-wypipo thing?


>israel israel israel
>alt-right gud
oh you're that retard.



i said this the other day
is it really a benefit to have niggers unemployed??
at least when they're employed they can't leech benefits and loiter in parks all day
who gives a shit what he says about spics as long as hes sending them back
pretty fucking sure he said rittenhouse was in the right but wtver fagot
you're insufferable to argue with


literal richard spencer


indeed the screenplay is similar to that of many destabilization, revolution, and ""regime"" change operas of past decades throughout the world, several of which the US has had involvement in (if it didnt in fact foment them)
maybe this is the normal way "blue" insurrections go


other anon's insufferable, but you are missing the point
seen where advocating for every other group gets people, enjoy the mudslide i guess?


>seen where advocating for every other group gets people
the advocacy you're talking about is just 'ya they're great, really trully blah blah'
his position is rightfully that >we live in a meritocracy
who gives a shit about talk
his solution is let the market play out
and the market does a good job seperating the wheat from the chaff, unless leftist policy of mandated racial and sex quotas are imposed


i wouldn't mind a sex quota IYKWIM


that darren beattie guy's doing good shit, a proper autist. did an interview w/jack murphy that was interesting and writes for revolver
it's the same shit norm eisen n co have been doing for a long time


>unless leftist policy is imposed
if it's not mandatory training it's social media policing or the next getting brain fucked, shit's here
minority advocacy happens in his and general policy all the time it's not a meritocracy and even mentioning that gets you fucked
not on some brotherhood with 500lb oxy addled scooter sharters, it's just w/out white middle class we continue down the same path which is worse than you know or admit


ok cool name what those policies are
i want to know what retard shit you're going off about and see if theres actually any merit


also fucking proofread your posts its damn near endpol tier


who the fuck wants chaff though

no cussin


sure are pissy affirmative action & white discrimination is a thing
not going to look up and link trump's policies right now, will tomorrow if you're actually interested and not just going to get personality insulted on behalf of a celebrity politician


i dont give a shit, i just think you're retarded and dont know wtf you're talking about. make your case, lets see if it stands.


he's too busy, he'll do it tomorrow so long as your personality doesn't get insulted


>he's too busy, he'll do it tomorrow so long as your personality doesn't get insulted
no fuck retard, thats what he said >>1251224
i dont need you to paraphrase his posts for me




i don't need qtard jr's approval nor care about you agreeing. it's wasting my time since ur mind's made up so be please patient bb
this is forum boomer at this point i kinda lik it


he doesn't need you paraphrasing your posts


could you tl;dr that? i'm vary busy




fuck i have a headache now

brb gonna go play deus ex to completion and fucking kys myself


we have to vote republican so trump can ban muslims because muslims hate gays and feminism.


okay trump brought back the most trash football conference this is bullshit only real teams should be able to play and there isn't a single real team in the big 10 im voting biden he would let shit conferences kill themselves without resuscitating the corpse



but tbh the only real solution imo is to culture jam literally everything and anything so as to impede every asshole w 6 gorillion shekels to rub togethers various mildly conflicting psyops that theyre running on everyone.
people talk about a (as in singular) grand conspiracy, but i really think its more of a mass, and rather rickety, detente caused solely by a mutual contempt for human life

its a matter of holding a mirror up to it, and reflecting that same tactic back at them all simultaneously.
for all the talk that anyone even slightly #WOKE exact definition here being unimportant being "paranoid", were not the ones with the pinhole cameras in every room of our private island mansions blackmailing all of our close friends into sleeping with fucking children.
really dont think itd be too hard, compared to the cost of funding entire faux-pas culture wars/counter-cultural movements, to get them all to eat each other instead


File: 1600408695323.jpg (115.89 KB, 746x871, 746:871, media/EiKrxPRU0AAyPTQ.jpg)


good point as long as we vote trump all that stuff will be fixed


where would >we be without our trust in the plan?


File: 1600418432256.mp4 (4.72 MB, 720x802, 360:401, Need_some_voiceover_commen….mp4)


does anyone on sp live on places effected by fires or riots and shit


we don't want CR mean and lean


Had a riot at the mall across the street during the Floyd Times
I live in a city with a history of niggers. Why?


Just wondering how you're doing, if you're planning on moving somewhere else and stuff like that


why did he arrest the third guy?
get that cop a striped shirt and a pair of skates


RIP to all the tens of thousands that have lost their lives in these violent protests


i want to punch her in the tits


Drumpf bans TikTok


File: 1600439211209.mp4 (814 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Put them in gas chambers.mp4)


have family near fires, there's days where they have to drive with brights on mid-day due to ash dropping visibility to 20ft
they ate the cheetoh hitler line so hard they think it's his minions starting the fires despite knowing about all the tranny-waffen getting arrested lel


Anyone ever yell death to america so loud it made your throat hurt?


nah my throat ain't bytchmade lmao



wait who got arrested?


prob two dozen now
molotovs, light and runs, chainsawing power lines down, people are wylin


>Ex-Biden senior cyber incident responder and threat analyst Jackie Singh outed as member of GNAA
>Got got for using the same handle


what a faggors


wtf is a gnaa


is that gay niggers association (of) america?


WTF I hate Biden now


whats wrong with gay niggers working for biden


I told ya democrats were the real racists!


File: 1600460629946.jpg (194.5 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, EiJhc_TXkAcDtDj.jpg)

>actually caring about the election

it literally doesnt matter who wins because one group controls them both


but biden is gonna ban bump stocks and give all our money to israel!


Israel is good


File: 1600461174662.mp4 (11.03 MB, 478x360, 239:180, Pretend You Give A Shit Ab….mp4)


I agree our greatest ally in spreading western values


Israel and Saudis are going to be allies soon


yes! mr president, its too much winning!


grabbler pls


yes! we will win at black unemployment, and we will restore LAW and ORDER* once more!


File: 1600472403603.jpg (4.03 MB, 4032x2268, 16:9, PXL_20200918_233854466.jpg)





>Justice Ginsburg dictated a statement before her death: "My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed."
libtards are already panicking





File: 1600474227883.mp4 (2.76 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 1600473775638.mp4)



Not to ruin the mood but here shorkcel

>First Step Act released thousands of people from jail, 90 percent black

>HBCU increased federal funding to historically black colleges and universities by 17 percent, over $100 million, more than any president in history
>Signed legislation that forgave more than $300 million in Hurricane Katrina related debt that threatened New Orleans area HBCUs
>Opportunity Zones
>Naturalization ceremony at the fucking RNC lel
>Cut the Minority Business Development Agency then restored it, the only Federal agency to be restored
>His Supreme Court pick Neil Gorsuch updated the 1964 Civil Rights Act to include a ban on discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity
>$122 million for Women’s Global Development and Prosperity to help women and girls in developing countries overcome economic and social obstacles, with a goal of $6 billion by 2025
>Some wtf pardons but I didn't look at the ratio
>Compensation to the Spokane tribe for the loss of their lands in the mid-1900s to the tune of $6 million per year for 10 years and $8 million each year afterwards
>Reauthorization of funding for Native language programs
>Protect Life Rule that prohibits Title X family planning funds from going to any clinic that performs on-site abortions
>First pro gay marriage going into office
>Launched a global campaign to decriminalize homosexuality
>Secured a donation of free HIV medication for over 200,000 people, invested $716 million into fighting gayflu, asked >Congress to commit to spending enough to end the HIV
>First republican to celebrate pride month
>Any existing bullshit that he could end right now with a pen
>Endless tongue fucking of minorities
>Not a single pro-white group he's been asked about he hasn't vehemently disavowed.
>This fucking novel, most of it before he got elected https://www.reddit.com/r/WomenForTrump/comments/4d03qn/lets_compile_a_list_of_prowomen_prominority/
<Stopped AAFH

Meritocracy lamooo. Forgetting a lot of shit and didn't dive into his budget specifics, cabinet/judge picks, Ivanka, Israel, or Kushner but I repeat myself. Literally can't get designated gibs if you're white and straight or not rich or poor, it's a system thing bro.


File: 1600475007918.png (120.25 KB, 916x346, 458:173, ClipboardImage.png)


please post happy animal pics for me ;_;


File: 1600475396894.webm (311.53 KB, 966x720, 161:120, DEDBUX.webm)




File: 1600476190533.png (55.97 KB, 1178x261, 1178:261, ClipboardImage.png)


4 years and thats all you have?
opportunity zones shouldn't even be in there.
abortion is bad, even if it does help keep niggers at bay.
it could be argued his administration is slightly pro-fag, but you can't argue its pro tranny. basically btfo troons on the federal level, as can be seen by visiting any of their sites complaining their being genocided
i dont particularly care about the redman or his issues, and 60 million is barely a drop in the bucket of the deficit its hardly worth brining up. the US gov gave 35 million (for one year) to an opera house, ffs
only 3000 people got released under the first step act, and only if they were well behaved. theres about 1000000 niggers in prison. thats .3%
with those in perspective, its a much smaller list. plus nothing you put in here is really non-meritocratic.


thanks for letting me know Amee


darth vader ginsberg just died and you want to talk about dup
how about cracking a cold one and enjoying the night?


on my 5th, was gonna do both but thanks spartman
the dogshit gas station Pub Beer is gud swill


im livin it up
tonights gonna be a party


dups the only reason its worth celebrating
otherwise it would have been some LGBTQ POC replacement






now we need to appoint another jew thats gonna side with gay marriage to the supreme court.
trump has always said love is love



File: 1600478655876.png (679.53 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)



why bother doing this
just enjoy the night
an enemy of the republic and humankind is dead


I hope he does what trannies do




either way i dont think anyone who pumps their body full of hormones lives long
tend to have crazy health problems in their 50s/60s



gonna play all these vids at the same time


because this is just another litmus test for trump. if he fucks up here and appoints a shit judge, or doesn't get anyone appointed, I'm not voting for that nigga


still better than letting the dems get a commie judge


File: 1600478911490.gif (598.91 KB, 500x417, 500:417, tumblr_o5a8lxWnzK1sjn51ko1….gif)


ruth bader ginsburg was appointed almost unanimously and was praised as "moderate" by republicans. so yah, fuck off. I want another alito


>im gonna make the situation worse if i dont get exactly what i want
you should really just kys


w-what is CR doing there??


waiting his turn to celebrate



who fucking cares?
t. fag arguing w shorkcel


go vote Biden faggot


>wah you have expectations for politicians instead of blindly voting republican
fuck off faggot. I was gonna vote third party, but trump has a chance here to gain my vote. if he appoints a pro-gay female judge im fucking off back to the constitution party candidates


wer all the qdups come from?


don't be a faggot who wastes their vote for principles like Shapiro


i advertised on the_donald and 8pol for laffs
just election season and shit's cray


been putting up stickers i warned you about this


where'd u put them


truk stops


oh ya
i put spihad ones at the ymca and wadina on leggings twitter


wait until you find out the republican party isn't fighting for "based" white men like yourself and its better to just vote for politicians you agree the most with (hopefully in the future a far-right third party)


File: 1600479485335-0.gif (302.78 KB, 80x109, 80:109, d70d8.gif)

File: 1600479485335-1.gif (302.78 KB, 80x109, 80:109, d70d8.gif)

File: 1600479485335-2.gif (302.78 KB, 80x109, 80:109, d70d8.gif)

File: 1600479485335-3.gif (302.78 KB, 80x109, 80:109, d70d8.gif)

File: 1600479485335-4.gif (302.78 KB, 80x109, 80:109, d70d8.gif)


look shorkcel, 90% chance trump elects a decent supreme court judge and overrules roe v wade, so I dont even care. I'll vote for him, he just has to get past this final roadblock


File: 1600479653097.mp4 (2.21 MB, 640x360, 16:9, WmzwAkhQSGlVBFPE.mp4)

nice moves cr!


File: 1600479679774.png (14.1 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


lookin lik a fridge bitch tbh



interesting timing.. dont fucking fuck it up cheeto man!


File: 1600482840900.png (748.63 KB, 1223x817, 1223:817, ClipboardImage.png)




middle box can be checked too
but thats a gimme tbh

assaination attempt incoming


I think the hunter investigation one should be a gimme too. its so easy to do right before the election without real consequences


hasn't a cat 5 storm already hit the us this year?



File: 1600485890701.png (1.55 MB, 2048x1368, 256:171, 1600482840900.png)


> leggings twitter




shorkcel took me under his wing and now we're under the #twinksfortrump banner. feels good supporting 45


File: 1600490656543.mp4 (28.38 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Overcome Stress By Visuali….mp4)


File: 1600498340197.jpg (103.68 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, EiQjRPyVgAEXNUS.jpg)

Earth is shaking as RBG descends into hell


i lik shakalert


File: 1600499230443.png (135.53 KB, 806x437, 806:437, ClipboardImage.png)

lmao had to save this one


dangerously close to bottom left


you stupid nigger republicans are faggots, im just saying trump isn't a literal nigger/spic lover like you're constantly bawing about
he's more like mussolini in his rhetoric about race than anything. ie nation over race


fuck off I already said I'm probably voting trump as long as he doesn't cuck the nomination or do anything too retarded before the election (like war with iran)


File: 1600500608952.jpg (34.47 KB, 750x520, 75:52, media/EiPZSV_XcAADdIY.jpg)


dtmwtd you pussy nigger


when trump nominates a trad cath ultraconservative to the supreme court you can think me for refusing to pledge my vote until he does something based. you have to use your leverage


i wont 'think' you for shit faggot


fuck you im back on the biden train now


Trump Rocket vs Biden Rocket Watch Trump's USA rocket completely embarrass Biden's "Made in China" rocket. Most amusing.


Trump Train DEMOLISHES Joe Biden's Ice Cream Truck Watch the Trump Train absolutely demolish bumbling Joe Biden's pathetic ice cream truck. Super satisfying.


good bitch at least you're open about it now
would rather kill a traitor than an enemy


File: 1600503199287.png (1.38 MB, 1024x673, 1024:673, ClipboardImage.png)

stay mad bitch


File: 1600503315193.png (71.22 KB, 907x697, 907:697, ClipboardImage.png)

vote biden so china can turn america into a puppet state. china will save us from neoliberalism


death to america


File: 1600504519563.png (142.27 KB, 1358x1500, 679:750, redditlul.png)


i lik rhubar pie


File: 1600507514519.png (217.47 KB, 1065x634, 1065:634, chinky.png)

china is based tbh
aliexpress > amazon


vote trump to turn america into a hermit kingdom
trump will save us from the truth


this is probably GHOST, but north koreas actually policy of not letting in any media or culture unless its approved is actually based.
north koreans still think former socialist countries are around and have no concept of things like homosexuality or trannyism.
1000% better than shorkcel's gay americanism


to what tranny is this in reference?


imagine being so gay you think the government needs to control every aspect of your life so you turn straight lmao fag


Idk but it's probably from a Dota tournament or something, I believe those user pictures are from dota 2


ya but they also have tapeworms and are literally all manlets


umm thats western propaganda and they're living great. put some north korean tv on and look how happy they are


File: 1600511523340.png (324.22 KB, 474x355, 474:355, ClipboardImage.png)

they'll never learn at this rate


File: 1600511706177.png (63.78 KB, 758x659, 758:659, ClipboardImage.png)

some things are more important than height. like being so smart you manage to build your own nukes despite a million sanctions on you


>Canada 100
yeah this is fake


hate to break it to you but thats not that hard to do, considering all the hard work has been done already and is available basically to the public. i mean ffs i could build a gun type fission weapon if given enough time


okay what about using those nukes as a poker chip so america doesn't gaddafi your country?


insufficient. theres a reason nuclear triad exists. do you even bother learning about history?




yah but tbh you have to admit immortal wisdom and leadership of Kim Il-Sung is pretty impressive


Who is this jew and why is it such a big deal she's dead?


isn't any dead jew a reason to celebrate?


also she WAS a supreme court justice


File: 1600527235446.jpg (212.57 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, ted-kaczynski-578450-1-420.jpg)


File: 1600528902778.mp4 (4.77 MB, 640x360, 16:9, rbgohko.mp4)


File: 1600535988129.png (92.38 KB, 864x555, 288:185, ClipboardImage.png)

>‘You Killed RBG’: Leftists Attack Couple Who Had Supreme Court Justice Officiate Their August Wedding
>A woman who had Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg officiate her wedding just weeks ago has been forced to make her Twitter account private after leftist trolls accused her of “killing” the late judicial powerhouse.
>Barb Solish, of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, was reportedly a family friend of Ginsburg
>Ginsburg was pictured without a mask on, People Magazine reports, in photos that the bride posted to Twitter in early September


File: 1600536911100.png (358.91 KB, 630x524, 315:262, ClipboardImage.png)


>RBG action figure
what the fuck is wrong with leftists?


yes im sure that itty bitty 4.2 knocked shit off your shelves. very believable.


these retards spend money on stuff like that, especially on funko pops and then blame others for them being poor


im writing this man in, he looks nice and reliable


even fuckin cucko poops are a more justifiable of a purchase than a doll of any modern politician



umm she was a queen sweetie
ruth bader the vampire slayer


File: 1600537719657.jpg (28.72 KB, 380x380, 1:1, s-l1000.jpg)

i told you to stfu already getting really sick of this shit
vote trump or get out of the country


File: 1600537745727.jpg (83.45 KB, 576x767, 576:767, retardation.jpg)

but funko pops are also those


i wanna see more leftist meltdowns ove rthis shit


you think they picked that number specifically as some sort of imagined jab at trump?


search rbg on twatter it's endless
this is the literal apocalypse for people


ugh i dont have an account
guess i'll go to 4pol


you don't need an twitter account to search or view tweets u dumb dung ape


I'd just go to kiwifarms for stuff like these tbh



stop making that noise. last warning.


File: 1600538504420.jpeg (63.46 KB, 700x229, 700:229, wintersrgbjpg.jpeg)



ewwww groan zone back up the lame train gag me with a dork fork




"nationwide" protests planned for 8pm this evening at local courthouses
faceberg group #Take2TheStreet4RBG


File: 1600539956630-0.png (1.31 MB, 1149x864, 383:288, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1600539956630-1.png (2.29 MB, 1293x868, 1293:868, ClipboardImage.png)

uhm protest is a dogwhistle now these are peaceful vigils
over 90 days of this shit already


File: 1600540186041.png (20.91 KB, 68x128, 17:32, 1600539956630-1.png)


this is so gay
where is le COMPED surf and turf bumpstokk man


there was a mass shooting in rochester last night


wo people were killed and at least 16 others injured in a shooting at a party in Rochester, New York, on Saturday morning, according to police reports.

The shooting took place at what authorities described as an “illegal, unsanctioned house [party]” shortly after midnight, with the attendee count exceeding coronavirus restrictions. Rochester police responded to the scene. Authorities reported that there were multiple rounds of gunfire. So far, no suspects have been identified or taken into custody, and an investigation is underway.

“16 victims is unheard of,” interim police chief Mark Simmons said at a press conference Saturday morning. “For our community, who is right now going through so much, to have to be dealt [this] tragedy needlessly … it’s shameful, and we’re going to do everything we can as a department to bring those people involved to justice.”


File: 1600540856395.jpg (173.19 KB, 768x768, 1:1, bZJ9ayG8J-kzls_G13axhMhhQA….jpg)


wow so you're saying bad guys break the law? But I thought the law would save us…


ah fuck good point
after i wasted all that time in pol too


File: 1600541555259-0.mp4 (8.48 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, sillydelphia antifa 09-19-….mp4)

File: 1600541555259-1.mp4 (8.32 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, sillydelphia antifa 09-19-….mp4)


File: 1600541573575-0.png (187.86 KB, 653x327, 653:327, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1600541573575-1.png (137.79 KB, 718x250, 359:125, ClipboardImage.png)


so it was spooks no wonder im only hearing about it now on a /sp/ed forum


File: 1600541662581-0.png (268.12 KB, 636x764, 159:191, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1600541662581-1.png (529.99 KB, 505x806, 505:806, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1600541662581-2.png (232 KB, 543x829, 543:829, ClipboardImage.png)

shooteroo in louisville too


>read pic 1
lemme guess he's black
>next picture
what a surprise


seeing them clumping together like that i get sudden flashes of isis peaceful protesters driving trucks and buses trough crowds at a christmas fair running them over
totally random i know


did you enjoy the surprise, honey?


File: 1600542573937.mp4 (4.07 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, whatdoweprotect.mp4)


peaceful is escalating again
i'm still tired from yesterday's today too


someone tried to btfo dup with mail in ricin, does that count as an assassination attempt?


its unfortunate that hasnt happened yet


they kinda stopped, wonder if they're just watching or how much of it was jerkops


File: 1600546176315-0.jpg (290.67 KB, 817x1328, 817:1328, 1600540167722.jpg)

File: 1600546176315-1.jpg (90.21 KB, 739x807, 739:807, 1600540677217.jpg)

File: 1600546176315-2.jpg (382.71 KB, 828x923, 828:923, 1600541197726.jpg)

File: 1600546176315-3.png (83.88 KB, 781x611, 781:611, 1600542500476.png)

File: 1600546176315-4.png (38.06 KB, 600x458, 300:229, 1600540237316.png)


>She was just a clump of cells
ultimate lel


China is a puppet state of israel. Where do you think they got the idea to go full commie? from other chinese people?


File: 1600549938985.png (406.11 KB, 565x682, 565:682, ClipboardImage.png)

china doesn't give a fuck about foreign policy. they just wanna sell as much shit as people to everyone all over the world. still pretty based though. they backed assad in his war


File: 1600550015981.png (1.19 MB, 1267x767, 1267:767, ClipboardImage.png)

also, of meny proxy war budy
isrel is don with chink


it was exactly what youd expect it was
had nothing to do with muh protests or anything
some dumb nogs that are always throwing house parties
never that big tho
you know the type: get maaaaaad fucked up and stand in the middle of the road with their hands in their pants and try to fuck with cars driving by
guess they fucked with the wrong guys last night lmao

sad some 7yo got caught in the crossfire, but i mean, idk wtf a 7yo was doing out there in the middle of the night in the first place


waiting for the official, figured it was infighting at the party. know if the shooter white or affiliated?


>mail in ricin
literally trying to do the breaking bad thang
so fucking stupid

hope he likes the weather in cuba


my buddy lives right over there on pennsylvania and 4th
shooting was on 6th street from what i saw whole place is blocked off rn. im over there all the time
esp since the news says "house party", it absolutely had to be that one house
theyre literally always fucked up and standing in the middle of the street, blocking cars and trying to start shit with whoever is driving by
rough area tho, and i guess they fucked with the wrong dudes
or it couldve been like you said, and just people fighting at the party.

no way it was just one shooter tho
from what i heard second hand, from buddy it was a full on firefight. "sounded like a bunch of fireworks going off" was what he said.
and no i really doubt it was anyone white
most whites over there do have guns hell, so does everyone else over there tbh, but if its that one house, they were prolly all black

its funny that theyre calling it a "mass shooting" tho
normally its "gang-related violence" when theyre black lol


NK literally blew up its own nuke research facility. or rather, it was suddenly wiped off the map right before NK agreed to stop research into nukes.
Also asian IQ especially china is insanely inflated for the same reason it's inflated for most nations except those that invented the tests; whites.

Whites use these tests to help diagnose learning disabilities and see whats wrong with people. Its a diagnostic test. If youre normal or average chances are is you never took one. If you have learning disabilities or failing grades or had suspicions at an early age of being retarded, chances are is you have taken one.
Alternately if youre exceedingly gifted you may have taken one if you went to a special school since they want to know how to support the areas youre wtronger in.

In most countries instead of diagnostic they see it as a national pride/status symbol. they want to see how they stack up against "the rest of the world" (whites). so they only let their best and brightest take the tests and specifically ban average/dumb people.
With that in mind consider that the US gave tons of niggers IQ tests because "is this nigger literally retarded?" then had to LOWER THE AVERAGE (100) because too many of them were borderline retarded with room temp IQs. 100 was alot harder to get not that long ago. I had learning disabilities as a kid and my IQ is 131 average. My strong area was math by a huge margin while my language/auditory comprehension was somewhere around 110 depending on the specific subset of scoring.

China is owned by jews and in their communist party under mao jews were vastly over represented. This influence behind the scenes is still like this.


>China is owned by jews and in their communist party under mao jews were vastly over represented. This influence behind the scenes is still like this.
so is russia, but if china is allying with iran and syria, and ZOG america is trying to cripple china, im gonna be sympathetic to those chinks.
still a shit government tho


man i dont feel like reading


figured nothing of value was lost. hat the waiting game on info with this stuff, always lose interest and forget to follow up. curious how many there were v. arrested
it'll prob be "mass shooting" for a bit, gotta rotate the narrative


reading is bleeding, wanna watch stah wahs with me?


>This influence behind the scenes is still like this.
if anything id say that the only real jews over there that hold any power are the ones involved in intl corporations that do manufacturing over there
CCP is really tight with their "economic allies", and if theres any sort of influence over them today, id say its via that


>its funny that theyre calling it a "mass shooting" tho
>normally its "gang-related violence" when theyre black lol
them tryna step on snek or sth


that area is not necessarily known for being forthcoming to da bolis
pigs have their work cut out for them, and given the current climate, i doubt theyll really put much effort into it

theres shootings/violent crime in rochacha all the fucking time, albeit not this large, and most of the time no one gets arrested
reckon the cops see it as a "problem dealing with itself"
theres vast swathes of the city that they really dont even go into nowadays, ever since a couple of them got shot a few years back

theres not a chance of that imo
i bet thats exactly what theyre trying to do, but no fucking way
id bet money its that one house that always has the parties

theyll prolly just stop reporting on it, as theyll end up with egg on their face if they try to make this look racially motivated


10 PRINT "gang violence"
<sure is a lot of coincidence there, maybe we should talk about t-
20 PRINT "mass shooting"
<gotta defend gun rights now friends, circle the wagons
30 GOTO 10


File: 1600553757888.png (249.49 KB, 1117x1090, 1117:1090, SupChina.png)

>who are Kaifeng Jews
>what is the kadoorie family


somehow i get the feeling an old friend of sp from the endchan days is back with us


shes dead


File: 1600554850840.gif (1.18 MB, 303x307, 303:307, 71e11a1e7efd61fb47b5e33418….gif)




get that anime bish outta here


File: 1600557348448.jpg (35.28 KB, 258x294, 43:49, cf7089af3a5eadfc80491bf93e….jpg)


File: 1600557698733.png (3.92 MB, 658x4046, 47:289, 1600555631515.png)


File: 1600558500963.jpg (63.44 KB, 587x600, 587:600, civilwar.jpg)

appointment process allegedly starting tuesday


lol she gonna die


why would he not appoint someone?
its either get it done now, or wait a few months and then he gets to do the same thing
or is she that deluded?


lol if G-d wanted a nominee to be put in after the election He would have let her live until Nov 4th


these faggots are all entitled
they think their emotions grant moral entitlement to everyone's thoughts, words, and actions and paid college education for it so it must be right


they are going off the assumption that it is almost guaranteed Biden wins so in their minds this would be stealing a nomination


some but i think a lot are aware they're gonna get btfo so they're angry early
hell the main slogan from advocates is "ya he sucks but he's not orange hitler"


File: 1600559145324.jpg (415.29 KB, 1600x899, 1600:899, geddy lee.jpg)

great bassist
had a hell of a voice too
what a shame
first the professor, now geddy
RIP in pieces

at least he lived long enough to see rush get inducted in the R&R HoF


I don't think so they are pretty sure. the outrage will be worse than 2016


File: 1600559285079.png (761.35 KB, 1147x642, 1147:642, 32b81dd1433d3cff9ff0ffaf9b….png)

>dotz b lik


where are you seeing that? plebbit, twatter and irl seem to be desperate
i hope you're right that'd be awesome


operation human shield


tbf the entire premise that any political position, let alone one so fucking powerful and influential, should be non-elected and have terms that last until fucking death is beyond fucking retarded

idk wtf muh founding fathers were smokin when they came up with that, but it clearly wasnt the good shit




this is why he gonna pick a woman


just looking at news and media and social media and people I know irl


anyone who unironically consumes MSM seems desperate tbh
my mom was freaking out the other day that ol bad touch was gonna win and i had to sit down and explain to her how fucking ridiculous that was


>Trump nominates Eva Braun for Supreme Court Justice


>mom's alive
hello zoomer


i hope he nominates a hot little number w nice tits
looking at the supreme court makes my eyes wanna fall out tbh


stop objectifying the court


how fucking old are you holy SHIT


lel might wanna check your maths there ma nig




time to review these beautiful breasts


vary classy lady


File: 1600560094350-0.jpg (86.66 KB, 634x634, 1:1, amy.jpg)

File: 1600560094350-1.png (943.52 KB, 686x857, 686:857, ClipboardImage.png)

the popular name is some bitch who's anti-death penalty and has two haitian kids
has the same crazy eyes as that last presidential candidate bitch


I want the muslim guy


same here. people meme on fakenews but it's pure electronic poison
like if goebbels had a trillion dollars and was bad


File: 1600560246810.png (61.86 KB, 1242x334, 621:167, ClipboardImage.png)



forget her eyes
look at the absolute defeat in his


that would be ebin
theyd all have to shut up cuz muh racism but a muslim would undoubtedly be the most conservative any justice could ever realistically get in this day and age


>taking off friday afternoon too
lazy fucks


i want this and i want him interviewed daily


>She and much of her immediate family are members of obscure Christian group called People of Praise whose practices are likely to be scrutinized
>Group, which is mostly Catholic, says women should submit to their husbands, and claims to have miraculously cured scoliosis through laying on of hands
>It also encourages speaking in tongues although group itself claims to have no political agenda


jokes aside i rly wish theyd stop cutting baby genitals to begin with


the submissive part sounds good


there's hundred of other RBG's that need to be kept alive jew hater


G-d wants it


if they're submissive then he adopted the kids and will be making the decisions
gib muzzie


she has a better job than him no way is she submissive


lel id love for the constitution to be interpreted like this


you ever date super religious women? they're legit


File: 1600561197059-0.jpg (188.58 KB, 921x800, 921:800, 53520d879f4802c04520dfa1dc….jpg)

File: 1600561197059-1.png (14.7 MB, 2160x3840, 9:16, 3691c0367754da62a0a79c450f….png)

File: 1600561197059-2.jpg (423.02 KB, 1600x1067, 1600:1067, TS_8.jpg)

say hello to your supreme court nominees



not all the politics ones are


Question for the panel:
How do you plan to fight the fascism and racist russian puppet that is Trump. Follow up; how orange is he?


I wont. if we have to lose America as a republic fascism is the only acceptable alternative


course not all, but they can be. a lot of the all women r bad is demoralization.
not that i'd date them again but jehovah's witness, mormon, and born-again to some extent actually value men and realize women r emotional and retarded


regarding the fascism bit, i find it particularly funny how everyone was sooooper scawed of muh far right fascists 4 years ago, while absolutely nothing happened.

but then this cycle, when you have literal pro-establishment stooges running around burning shit and shooting/stabbing people, no ones said a peep


I think women who tend to get involved in politics are a red flag


File: 1600561708760.mp4 (12.27 MB, 640x480, 4:3, First Female Dictator Hail….mp4)

it's mostly peaceful


oh i see, ya can't think of any good ones and any that appear to be are probably cluster b af when cameras are off


they think it happened cause of tiki-wiggers and whatever whitoid of the week they painted as that
policy wise there's nothing though, they're saying the exact same shit as '16 "he'll dismantle roe v. wade!!!"

why tf do they not realize blm is the establishment? that i don't get at all


File: 1600561991242.mp4 (83.65 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 720P_4000K_182062521.mp4)

you doubt the sincerity of the fairer sex?


is this the thing were they have the vibrator and try to read?


esp since its sponsored by literally every major intl corporation in the fucking world
and even if they somehow dont believe the literal monetary support, theres little blurbs in the corner of like every maor website paying it lip service

idk man its fucking wild
the dumdum ray is real



File: 1600562329764.png (20.78 KB, 139x53, 139:53, ClipboardImage.png)

no the book is just really funny


french is literally cheating tbh
its prolly the laziest language that exists


only thing i can figure is corporate friendship marketing+trump in charge and they think the president rules the world?
yea we're layers built on layers for decades now with brainwashing and much as i hate to admit it everyone's mushy even if they stay off msm


attempting to apply logic to it is meaningless
its all feels now

people stopped reading a while ago and i blame that the most
absolutely decimated their ability to think


good point, my autism kicks in
lack of reading on top of a convenience throwaway society where we have zero interaction with the process of acquiring and appreciating basic needs other than a screen
that's the most insidious conditioning imo


File: 1600563585598.jpg (22.71 KB, 460x342, 230:171, mcq.jpg)

theres a word for this phase
its called D I E


File: 1600563973858.mp4 (8.72 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 8HEMQft__gzHQqmJ.mp4)

“It will be a woman — a very talented and brilliant woman”

-President Trump on his SCOTUS nominee potential


idk maybe cover ur face then if ur so shook lol


File: 1600564110099.mp4 (830.41 KB, 720x720, 1:1, fill my seat.mp4)

looking a hung muscle daddy picreal


so fucking thirsty for that boogie dudes cawk holy shit
literally couldnt help herself


shit like this happens in west carolina all the damn time
but no one ever campaigns here ;_;


>muslim supreme court judge
>the most conservative option
<honestly not too farfetched a proposition


thats not a real state


dont you think ive heard that one before?
get a life ffs


Seriously why is this particular kike making leftists weep so much?


where are you from?





File: 1600565803618.jpg (247.01 KB, 1080x1038, 180:173, EiUiaEnX0AQfMFb.jpg)


File: 1600565817495.jpg (174.51 KB, 1080x1059, 360:353, EiUiab9XgAAxr95.jpg)


File: 1600565830440.jpg (214.49 KB, 1080x1062, 60:59, EiUiawZXsA0AVgu.jpg)


File: 1600565844259.jpg (164.18 KB, 1080x1063, 1080:1063, EiUibEQXcAAy_OG.jpg)


File: 1600565969789.png (1.25 MB, 1184x1228, 296:307, ClipboardImage.png)

the gay ops begin
owning the dems by putting irrational females in charge of the country


The Tangerine Bloat and his slimy followers hate people voting.


yes, fuck democacy take too long. eeasy more if only one party decision to hard


she's got a great 2A record and hates abortion IIRC


>Approve 53%Dissaprove 46%


I'd still prefer an all male supreme court


but as is you already have some spic goblina, arguably the worst fucking justice on the bench


what if nazis was a girl?


copium detector is off the charts


the female one looks like assburgers


still would
hitlette giving me that grey mouse feel infa 1488%


i like where this thread is going


death comes for us all in time


>I'll be on the front line
this bish gonna happily be making cat videos before the week is out


they found some dinosaur tissue in a piece of amber
pretty cool it has feathers and everything


post pics


how many votes he thinks that will buy him? as i see it the political landscape is extremely polarized so i doubt there are many undecided/borderline leftists who could be bought by picking a woman
cheetoman about to screw up a golden chance


it really is crazy to me just how out of touch these leftist women are. plenty of men too but especially the women
like, have you ever even been uncomfortable in your life? war doesn't stop when you're hungry, or tired, or hurt. war is a fucking meat grinder, where meat goes in one side and mush comes out the other.
wishing for something like that because democracy isn't happening how you like it beyond retarded
is it because these peoples perception of war is built off marvel and harry potter??


the point was to put in judges who would be disconnected from the changing whims of retarded young voters but that only works when the society you established remains relatively homogeneous and they probably couldnt foresee a hooknosed tribe deliberately flooding the nation with as many different people as possible in a deliberate move to corrupt such positions beyond belief


no it's actually chess because the left controls every decision and he's fighting that by bowing to it


other than having a gash and showing obvious poor judgment in adopting some niglets, she's got good politics.
it might be a good idea in that it probably causes just a little more infighting in the left, but i thinkthats inevitible anyway


File: 1600567160641.png (1.81 MB, 1100x619, 1100:619, ClipboardImage.png)


why is that ant looking at me like that??


are you saying steven spielberg lied to me?


wut if there was a dino race that was african grey parrot tier intelligent
but really HANGRY all the time


it wants ur slightly above average for ants cawk bb


isn't that what helped disprove dinos bein cold blooded that the amount they'd need to eat and lay in the sun respectively didn't jive at all at their body size.


i say why not? its probable.


which one?


if i was drumpf i wouldnt fill the seat until just before his term ends, and just let his political opponents sweat, have liberal voting demo absolutely lose it, and have MSM shit itself worrying what will happen

would likely cause more escalation on the other side, which would invariably draw more fence sitters towards him

but hey
the guys no politician


File: 1600567789102.png (332.11 KB, 1748x920, 19:10, ClipboardImage.png)

what did Q-anon mean by this


thats retarded, just fill the seat as quick as possible lmao


Non burger


the election is a little over 6 weeks away this is just before in politics time
it takes forever for the undead in congress to do anything


are you a politician?


supreme court justice
whoever is appointed will serve for life term


File: 1600567944786.gif (1.85 MB, 300x300, 1:1, 0d92c0ee4d639b4a93bc3bb8ab….gif)



oh you guys are no fun
no sense of suspense


if u want me to be :3


wtf why is life term a thing i thought this was democracy


issue with this is it takes time to do these things
if they start NOW they might be able to squeeze it in before voting starts
his base is already enthused enough that i dont think an appointment will influence their turnout
but i do think a potential opening for democrats will influence their turnout. if its filled i think it might be demoralizing.
at hte very least, the potential of losing this opportunity if biden wins mandates that he should try and get someone in ASAP. ofc nadler is saying that if biden wins they'll just expand the supreme court to pack it with leftists


pidgin is a dead language now
all pidgin speakers will have to decide to just speak one language or another
no dialects


they make the highest level judicial decisions as far as precedent goes. they're appointed by the president but have to be approved by the legislature. it's usually an arduous and politicized process.
some of the major cases have been:
marbury v madison
pierson v post (absolute kino)
brown v board
roe v wade

basically as a case gets appealed it goes higher up the various systems of courts and when it gets to the supreme court they will rule on an issue with big ramifications to the constitution. since they serve for life, the president has a lot of power for deciding how the constitution will be interpreted in the coming decades.


>marvel and harry potter
a lot of it i think, women live 24/7 in fantasy and confuse whims with objective existence then double down due to insecurity
a lot of them if they're honest miss pre feminism but they can't admit that.
victimhood being the most valuable currency these days doesn't help and it all creates a crazy pavlovian feedback loop to hell
edible just kicked in so not sure that makes sense


i like john stoessel
i wish he would get nominated to the supreme court


im pretty suspensed tho like i said this is last second in cuckgress terms


it's so the position isn't (((politicized))) :^)


no i like how you worded it


idk man its fucking retarded
easily one of the most important positions around too

>i thought this was democracy


democracy is gay I just wanna win


>other than having a gash and showing obvious poor judgment in adopting some niglets
oh yeah these are just some minor issues, thank god


ids a republigggg


File: 1600568282792.png (21.97 KB, 106x71, 106:71, ClipboardImage.png)

he mean muggin me


it was never supposed to be this stupid, literacy tests and property ownership used to be a requirement to vote for a reason


even if someone is legitimately retarded, as long as they vote correctly on 2A goes a loooong way to make up for it


>if its filled i think it might be demoralizing
ur right


itd be funny af


i think you'll find it will be funny either way lel


also no


i aint complainin


b-b-but the early republicans said that was racist since the holy niggers didn't own land or know how to read


File: 1600568447942.png (327.33 KB, 380x390, 38:39, ClipboardImage.png)


working great so far


>property ownership
then it would mostly be large banks and private equity firms voting
whats the difference?


that was before the jewish landlords tho


guess we need to update the firmware


>before the jewish landlords
hahaha yes goyim


File: 1600568661251.gif (888.39 KB, 280x210, 4:3, RightWeeAfricanmolesnake-m….gif)



supreme court hasn't been pro 2A in a long, long time. they haven't even touched firearm cases for over a decade


because people who own land are invested in the system, and also show that they're responsible and hard working enough to attain land.


I see, thanks


libertarians are retarded


whole point is threat of use
robots with guns don't mean much when you can't look at the keyboard or talk about the coding



but now its more just can you suck enough banker dicc and be a good goy and compound banks moneys for them



File: 1600568945347.mp4 (629.02 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Ready to join the army nig….mp4)


wtf does this even mean


if you invest your money properly you can outearn your interest


where do i sign?


still not big on anything that encourages usury on such a scale


RBG has arguably caused more bullshit than any
left doesn't have any heroes anymore because of all the infighting and virtue signal competing they do, and she got e-celeb status imho to fill that gap


so she would be what pro-2a, pro-feminism and pro-multiculturalism? yeah sounds great


and whats wrong with all that exactly?


pretty sure she's only the first


2A is important only due to threat of use
people aren't using it and are instead being conditioned slowly to complacency
the above is seldom addressed thus making the 2A issue a placebo/panacea


File: 1600569567253.png (27.11 KB, 722x171, 38:9, ClipboardImage.png)

missed picrel
but at least he's not addressing the real issues head on and playing their games #winning


File: 1600569593815.png (5.45 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)

right here


File: 1600569672170.png (1.14 MB, 1069x1200, 1069:1200, snuf.png)

won't it get lost in his fur?


ugh that cunt
how exactly does open borders contradict catholic teaching?



remember xots could have killed the pope years ago when he was in the sauna


The inventor of Gore-tex, Al Gore, has died at 83


open borders help immensely in trafficking children for the clergy


nobodys done shit with the 2A
if the founding fathers were alive today they would have done some isis tier shit to the people in charge decades ago


yea you dont fuck with dudes w wood teeth


why do we continue to let snitchbro meme all over the national center for missing and exploited children?


File: 1600570252846.png (21.85 KB, 341x105, 341:105, ClipboardImage.png)


u probably joke but i wouldnt that guy must be mad as fuck


they dont pay me enough


thats no joke and neither were those guys




gonna pull a jodie foster/reagan and catfish as anna
wafer eater finna get buried with 2 different angles clipped and properly titled


tarring and feathering was some real nigga shit tbh
its a funny sounding term but it was current year spic cartel tier in terms of brutality


Have not shaved since late February
Allah speaks directly into my mind
sportschan is the only way


yea it was p based


File: 1600570709039.mp4 (3.09 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, wk9m45.mp4)




File: 1600570743654.png (328.67 KB, 2064x1214, 1032:607, ClipboardImage.png)

voting in favor of roe v wade for principles…. thats what our great pope would want


shit itches don't it?


im so glad i get all my pointless fucking bickering out online, and dont have to have it rule my irl like this holy shit


all of society is a woman now


every single citizen should spend 1 year mandatory service on sportschan.org


drumpf should appoint the youtube sorting algorithm tbh


File: 1600571025103.png (111.49 KB, 734x675, 734:675, ClipboardImage.png)


literally everything is gay now
i feel like the most outspoken political opinion now is to not have one at all

brb gonna form the neo-dada syndicalist party


der golem is loose


lurk moar


File: 1600571464408.png (4.82 KB, 88x84, 22:21, for-yor-information.PNG)


File: 1600571567485.mp4 (662.73 KB, 720x720, 1:1, I_m_Joe_Biden_and_I_approv….mp4)


haha owned


did anyone say this before she died though? lol, they're fucking cowards just wanting to provide a hot take


im reminded of that muppet critic sketch where they start of praising something then a minute later they're booing it
i have the webm but i gave it a gay joke filename that i have forgotten and its lost in my huge unorganized clusterfuck of a picture folder


its doubtful they knew of the old witch prior to yesterday

i, for instance, am still thoroughly convinced that shes still alive and that geddy lee has been assassinated in her place to cause political disruption


statler & waldorf were great


do u have the webbum? pls post it so i can save it without a gay stupid joke name this time


not on this drive, i'll make it real quick


used to have this problem all the time tbh
then i deleted system32

paid for by the SYSTEMD FOR PRESIDENT™ campaign


File: 1600572039468.jpg (246.12 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, joy fot.jpg)

psot fot


so that would be anti-abortion scratched out as well
shes looking better and better, right shorkcel?


can only find the non-animated version, gonna have to go through compilations
will upload later


is that icarly


File: 1600572394608.mp4 (641.25 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Day 1 purchase.mp4)

ur gud budy i found it





wait this one is nonanimated too i don't think i ever had that one


judge integrity is more important than anything. if you rule your enemies law unconstitutional they win


please stop impersonating shorky, votebidenbro


that's the isolated one on yt
mandela effected


nah im votingtrumpunlesshefucksupbro


i heard ufc is racist now


my bad, but in my defense this
>if you rule your enemies law unconstitutional they win
is quite literally votebidenbro tire


I never even said vote biden, I just said the future of america could potentially be better under biden, because it could lead to far-right victories in the future.
just vote for who you agree the most with on your ballot though regardless


how far ahead is that post-acceleration future budy? or maybe you have a time machine bud?


File: 1600574638283.png (579.35 KB, 739x762, 739:762, ClipboardImage.png)


>we were only pretending to be christian
<martyr their own society by taking in niggos
yeah uhh bout dat


argument i've heard is that tech and msm "state" funded propaganda is brainwashing and demoralizing people at a rate that will inevitably lead to death anyway and that pushing people past their point of acceptance sooner is the only way to garner enough bodies


i'll gamer your body


File: 1600575283189.png (2.44 MB, 1242x1595, 1242:1595, ClipboardImage.png)


medieval germanics were not fucking kikes


Also update the bingo card they tried to assissinate trump today


File: 1600575804946.png (1.75 MB, 2048x1368, 256:171, bingo.png)


>Today I found out he put a Trump sign in his yard.
I got pissed. Really pissed. And I sent him and my mom a text message. Hands shaking, tears in eyes. This is what it said:
Due to the signs in the yard, the kids and I will not be down. The current occupant of the White House is preaching hate and violence, endangering the lives and safety of many of my friends. This is not acceptable to me at all. There is a complete disregard for women, minorities, science, ethics, and morality. Please consider if you support Trump that much. Because I hate him that much. I wanted to be upfront and honest about my feelings.

Holy shit


File: 1600575891393.jpg (26.44 KB, 342x401, 342:401, 1438566525487.jpg)


GWB endorsing biden is coming up


but it's september?


remember all those fight with your family at thanksgiving articles?


I wonder if calling politicians by their initials causes then to die sooner than normal


prob, there's a few i've got my eye on. shit's on 7 going to 11
it's not well thought i'm just reposting


File: 1600576307326.png (42.13 KB, 512x290, 256:145, unnamed.png)

tick tock sweeyy


Dear DJT,
I hope DJT isn't hit by the DJT plague that was once rip in power's plague, DJT
I'd cry if DJT was killed by DJT's plague
Thank you DJT


Hannity's Q
hoooolllly FUCK


they live in their own little gaslit reality
>The current occupant of the White House
not my president xD





kathy ireland with the manjaw


File: 1600577226564.png (26.6 KB, 736x146, 368:73, ClipboardImage.png)


>literally shaking
>not my bresident
>preaching hate and violence totes not like the peaceful protestors shooting people they disagree with
>muh feels
yea i wouldnt wanna see him ever again either
pops did the only thing he could


speaking of the B dynasty
that entire family should be castrated imo


anyone have experience with mimosa hostilis?
noob lf any and all


havent even lost yet, and already at "acceptance"


why did you post this you fucking retard




File: 1600578382940.png (1.54 MB, 809x1100, 809:1100, 1600542896125.png)

i wish i was with a milf right now




mommy gf sounds pretty nice


File: 1600580639046.jpg (26.18 KB, 474x474, 1:1, ca.jpg)


why does this screenshit have half a mugshot


i feel like things only ever get so shit before people no longer give a fuck and either actively improve the situation regardless of optics whining or just have fun with how retarded everything is and i think we're pretty close to that point tbh


nah it can always go shittier


walmart isn't actually enforcing their mask thing because they're afraid of their "greeters" losing fights to random people who don't like being told what to do
we're almost there tbh


nah theres peaks to shittiness just as there are peaks to good times, thinking everything is nothing but a constant downwards slope is as irrational as believing things are all hunky dory


File: 1600587899432.mp4 (1.2 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, come on man.mp4)


File: 1600587923980.png (516.38 KB, 880x729, 880:729, EiVPNGEUwAU5rpx.png)


actually trump is the most FOR gay bathhouses and roundabout sex
another biden lie


>gay bath houses
>round the clock sex
>Cmon Man!
fuck lmao


you srsly dont remember casey anthony?


wat a soundbite


i wonder what kind of degeneracy that faggot Cooper was talking about with biden back in SF


>remember talkin bout gay bathhouses all those years ago coop?
>remember how i was sayin we should make em all-ages?
>i mean cmon man


File: 1600594883863.mp4 (1.1 MB, 460x428, 115:107, 4_5993219234811871802.mp4)


My Bull From Nigeria Learned Black Magic/Juju and Shrunk my Wife's Head. No Clue What To Do Now


Anime was a fucking mistake, people underestimate how detrimental it is


lmao ya right
up until a few years ago it was niche as fuck
even now its still considered weird, and your average mainstream anime is western and mild as fuck


File: 1600602191037.mp4 (1.61 MB, 480x270, 16:9, RBG_condemned_kneeling_dur….mp4)


thats kappernig*


woah… dare i say, based jew?


File: 1600605591674.png (222.77 KB, 338x450, 169:225, ClipboardImage.png)

It was slowly getting more popular over the years but once Netflix started listing anime then it really took off

Fucking kikes




ngl dorohedoro was pretty good
issues with pacing, but the world and animation were really intereting
didn't they do demon slayer too?
honestly netflix might become a pretty big player for tunneling american money to jap studios, up until now what other service was there to get anime? crunchyroll but fuck i usually pirate anyway


dorohedoro was a lot better than i expected a 3dpd cgi annie may to be but they fucked up with kaiman hes an eyesore to look at and his animations were jarring


i didn't find him jarring
i mean every once in a while something kinda caught my eye but in general i thought the animation was great


>Pelosi does NOT rule out using impeachment to tie up the Senate floor
well that definitely seems legitimate and not like an abuse of house powers but ok


If the Republicans force this SCOTUS nomination through and dems win the senate, which is looking increasingly likely, they'll kill the fillibuster, expand the SC and make PR and DC states. In the interest of re-election, it might be best for Trump to trade holding off for a comprehensive Coronavirus package to get some money out. It's a win-win for him, he can claim a victory and dangle a potential roe v wade killer to get out the conservative vote.


>make dc a state
is there really a movement for this?


they also want to combine north/south dakota and wyoming/montana


*quotes every post*


gud digits!

gud post!


>and dems win the senate, which is looking increasingly likely
but if dup is supposedly going to kick biden's ass then how are the recucklicans going to lose the senate?


gnats actually have a shot at cooming back

prease make it so


File: 1600638872149.png (24.47 KB, 599x229, 599:229, hmm.png)


If Trump wins, it's going to be by the skin of his teeth. The Democrats only have Alabama and Michigan to really worry about, while Republicans have 7 or 8 vulnerable Senate seats. It's all about the money, and Republicans are increasingly finding themselves having to spend money in places they usually didn't have to, leaving them with less money to spend on trying to flip Democrat seats. The cash difference just got a lot bigger with RBG's death, specifically for Senate races, and Senate Republicans will have to find a way to step up their fundraising if they don't want to get BTFO.



>cis lesbians
how is that even a thing?


>If Trump wins, it's going to be by the skin of his teeth
i hear so many conflicting statements on this shit, one guy will be saying hes gonna be btfo hardcore, some other fag will say hes never gonna lose in a million years then i see stuff like your post. im glad i stopped caring about this shit its no wonder people go fuckin insane trying to figure out where things stand in the political circus


theyre lesbians that know theyre women, but still want to fug women.
CIS just means youre not mentally ill.


not that guy, but i suspect he'll win by similiar margins as last time
after all, not much has changed since last time except 4 years of demographics. they had already accused drup of all this stuff last election, and all the doomsdaying didn't happen. anyone who voted for him last time probably will again, and any sane third party will have realized that all the bullshit isn't true


no. the term is still retarded and oxymoronic
perhaps some lesbians are just resented perverts and not full blown schizophrenic lunatics but that the term makes any sense (or even that they aren't ill)
cis is a latin preposition meaning "on/toward this side/place" or loosely "within", opposed to ultra, it is also used as an abbreviation of "cis naturæ leges": "within [the bounds of] natural law"
although homosexuality in women is not the same as in men (because normal men are dominant) lesbianism is still quite clearly unnatural, so the term is nonsense
is really quite amazing how they cant stop themselves from corrupting their own fucking stupid terminology (i had never heard "cis" used in sexual context before the relatively recent combinatorial explosion of variations on faggotry)


>but that the term
but that doesn't mean the term


I agree, not much has changed at all. It can still break a little differently in the electoral college this time around, a couple of thousand votes in certain states can swing the election one way or the other, but I don't see any seismic shifts happening either.


File: 1600649301642.mp4 (1.42 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, upPdRSKAQdBq-PVC.mp4)

good morning :)


what the fuck


File: 1600650658397.jpg (29.18 KB, 452x678, 2:3, images.jpeg-3.jpg)

gud morneng budy


It eventually comes full circle


Voter frauds gonna be a motherfucker this year. Where do you see that landing?


File: 1600660371585.mp4 (758.54 KB, 640x360, 16:9, checkmate fauci.mp4)


File: 1600661168679.png (34.59 KB, 679x333, 679:333, ClipboardImage.png)

nice 2A


File: 1600661315073.jpg (171.06 KB, 750x828, 125:138, Don Kleine statement.jpg)


>says he doesn't believe this should be politically motivated
>in the next paragraph makes a politically motivated move to indict
never trust a lawyer


Why are there so many porn bots in youtube comments nowadays? What is the point?


that bar owner who shot that nigger that had him on the ground and was punchin him in the face got indicted and committed suicide today
west coast is so fucked



Nowhere. Your elections are very secure imho, there's a bunch of checks and re-checks in your electoral process, plus it's very spread out. In addition to that, a lot of the voting machines in the US are fucking ancient, so digital crimes are mostly off the table. The voting more than once thing was very common back in the 19th century, so there's very stiff federal punishments for attempting it. Accusations of fraud will mostly be thrown around to cast doubt on the outcome of the election, not because there's actual large scale fraud. Some local cases are sure to be there and be paraded around as proof of a larger pattern, but I don't buy it and neither should you. It's too diverse, too decentralized, too well imagined and there's way too many eyes on it at the moment.


>a lot of the voting machines in the US are fucking ancient, so digital crimes are mostly off the table

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