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why does nobody on this subreddit "LOL" at eachothers jokes??

how are u supposed to know u are bein funny if nobody validates u with a "LOL"??

i think ppl should start "LOL'ing" at everybodys posts to make this feel like a more inclusive community!!~






I'm quite a sub myself.


cr's not lookin so gud


he looks fine.


>my i want CR
>we have CR at home
>CR at home:


i completely forgot about based gameclubber
whats he up to these days? any hot takes on Hell's latest acquisition?


now this is an epic gameclubber moment


File: 1600615687883.png (336.2 KB, 1066x1241, 1066:1241, Screenshot_20200920-102715….png)

no this is



File: 1600617206427.png (166.56 KB, 1080x759, 360:253, Screenshot_20200920-105229….png)

wow gameclubber is a real patriot!


people who talk about how they almost joined the military are my favorite


i almost joined the army but then i realized i was too much of a bad ass and they wouldn't be able to handle me heh


ive legitimately heard some shit like
>heh, ya i was gonna join the *insert service* but i dont like being told what to do
it was said in a way meant to impress me, as well as build solidarity because im a vet
its the most bizarre phenomenon. i had the strongest urge to tell him he sounds like a massive faggot


fuck im not remembering it right. it was way cringier
>i was gonna be a marine, but i didn't because if someone got in my face i would have lost it heh


>joining a military fighting random sandpeople for no discernable reason apart from dubious geopolitical theory pushed by the military industrial complex and no achievable goals
Y tho?


that's pathetic. How is "losing it" a sign of manliness?


I almost joined the spartan army, but it was full of niggers


tahts naught trwoo


then why does the spilitary have a strict pro-cuckholdry policy


GHOST snuck that in right before the vote on the 2nd spamendment (right to post kotgrils)


ive stopped telling people irl that im a vet at all, they always respond with either that super patronizing ty 4 ir service shit or get mad and call me a babby genocider


gibs and ez money
i got enough edumacation to land an ok job and didnt have to go into massive debnts over it because muh gi bill and i got enough money from a single deployment to coast without working at all for like three years if i didnt spend it on dumb shit


wow youre a veteran? THANK you for fighting for Jews and talmudic interests!




I was gonna be in the marines, enlisting officer told me I had all the stuff to make it as an officer. When I told him I'd think he about it he said oh it's okay I know you'll be back.
I was so turned off by just how cocky and arrogant he was I said fuck this and never went back.


i was gona be in the navy seals, enlisting officer said i had all the makings of a navy seal CEO. Told him id sleep on it, he said "heh, youll be back kiddo". was so turned off by his smugness i said "nah" and flipped burgers the rest of my life


brave and inspiring


yw bb ;)


Fair enough. A bunch of my friends went into the marine corps here in toothpaste with similar motivations. Most of them came out with a nasty coke habit though, a lot of our marines are stationed in Aruba and are basically partying half of the time. Were there drugs and stuff when you were in whatever branch of armed forces you were in?


i never bring it up unless i sniff out another vet tbh


i was in duh r me and yes specifically meth heroin and no shortage of alcoholism if alcohol counts
also from what ive heard our navy has a serious coke problem


that's not true we drug test our yellow ribbon bois


meth and coke is outta your system and undetectable in 2 days or less


in the four years i was in i got maybe seven drug tests there are regular jobs that do way more testing than the military
also >>1253574 is right its shitty weed that stays in your system long enough to make you worry and weed is gay anyway


aren't military gigs like 6-7 years?


typically 4


shit sign me up, I can do 4 years standin on my head


ok your in


you can sign up for that long but from what i know the typical length is 3-4


usually 4 with 6 for things that require extended training. i think you can re-up for 6, which sounds like a damn nightmare


yeah but after 20 you get paid for life


who cares whether you get fucked in the ass or have the most bullshit, parasitic tax payer waste of money position is mostly chance, with a small amount of gud ol boys who you know/corruption mixed in

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