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i hate sports and anyone who watches them
they are a waste of time and energy
you should be focusing your attention on improving your local communities
that said this is still the best subreddit


why don't you spend the time that you do on chandbords
"improving your community"?
self-righteous old queer


File: 1600811583621.mp4 (2.22 MB, 640x360, 16:9, You've been getting on fin….mp4)

wow i really care about your gay opinions faggot


CR… looks like THAT?


>mom i want CR
>we have CR at home
>CR at home:


this is funny but I can't find an upvote button anywhere


edit: oh wow thanks for the reddit gold!


too edgy 4 reddit tbh
plz moderate these nazis


lmfao some latina cunt on CNN just said the words 'my little melinated heart'
holy fuck man
melanin has gone mainstream




you rite



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inner peace is in the food


dotz pls


dotz is vary skinny tho


a lil chubby

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