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saints packers


aids vs hospice


this is an very early post
ddduder is this allowed?


no. all three of your are banned


i think this kak might be satanic pedo cult symbolism…


fifth for rulecucking


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Could your favorite internet forum hold a dark secret?
Tune in at 10 for our shocking investigation about sportschan's sometimes racist history


ain'ts vs faggers


750 fans in stadium


File: 1601251589715.png (24.74 KB, 493x404, 493:404, Capture.PNG)

go points


wow safe bets cool


cowboys lose
very based



File: 1601251793587.png (49.59 KB, 335x720, 67:144, Capture.PNG)

winning is fun


confession: idk enes kanter was on the celtics tbh


how you doin on the pickem


nice try archiver


Guys our group is ranked 709.
We need to keep up this level of excellence.


that seems really high for the amount of games people just haven't picked


File: 1601252407240.png (56.15 KB, 973x551, 973:551, yeet.png)

do mine eyes decieveth me ?


i lost link plz gib


spee big brained


foiled again /sp/


ok I took fudge packers +3.5 because of peer pressure



,>we need to kick out the last place entry every week so our ranking goes up


big mistake


just make them actually make picks and it would be better


why don't these idiots put both hands on the ball when someone gets close




go points


Aints need to win


why did mr. nigger pick the aints he copied me that is cheating


just got an really strong olfactory flashback of a really good qp of darknet buds that smelled like frooty pebbles


only 1 person tied with me or ahead picked AIDSRodgers


that's not a horsecollar


its 2020 horse collar just means grabbing their pads


File: 1601254466438.png (29.47 KB, 555x348, 185:116, ClipboardImage.png)


holy fuck what a catch




that dragon pass


this is a macroaggression because im a PoC




stop stealing from me, nigger


im gonna give you a macroagression if u dont shut up


it's micro you cucklefuck learn your sjw buzzwords


i just choose defaults every week tbqh
same as the other guy with the same score


no, this ones macro because its outright attack on a PoC




that indeed commercial only had shitskins and the only white people were faggots I swear >we need


why not make real picks?


>olfactory flashback
no such things


yuh huh


nuh uh


File: 1601256090316.jpg (339.2 KB, 1200x674, 600:337, unsheathes-daikatana.jpg)


whatcha gonna do tranny lover
make me your bitch?


i like romero


dont watch nigger kneel


you still make picks


File: 1601256224425.jpg (132.97 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, the boogie mantra.jpg)


evolution IS a fact
a fact that explains why niggers have barely evolved beyond ape status


this looks like gay propaganda


who's that lovely lady


considering the fact that niggers have 0% neanderthal DNA how can scientists deny we had a different evolution path than them?


it is only believed the universe is expanding based on current theories around dark matter and dark energy and we can't even identify the particles that make them work so how is this conclusive? I have been doing a big physics deep dive and even the top scientists have no clue for sure the shape of the universe and all the properties that make it work when they see examples that constantly break the simulations of how things should be such as a ring of small galaxies that should be surrounding the milky way galaxy when they only see like 20-50 out of the 200 that should be there and they are not in the predicted pattern


they coverin up fact yakub grafted dog onto Asiatic Black Man and made pink cave beast devils


science can't even explain what makes gravity work they can explain what gravity does but not gravity is. people who worship science as conclusive are smooth brained retards I hate it.


>climate change is real
yes but prove it's manmade global warming and not just the same cycles that have been going over for millennia
>universe is expanding
no proof
>math is the universal language
not in africa
>chemtrails aren't a thing
but man made global warming is?
>science is like magic but real
this person likes harry potter too much
>nuclear power is safe
when not run by governments or people trying to make money so nobody is making it safely



they'll just point out that 'differences between groups are smaller than within groups' even though that doesn't really mean anything because its the differences that matter not the percentage of DNA differences, most of which is junk DNA anyway


its just retarded that studying the science of it is literally taboo and will get your career ruined yet they then pretend as if it decided



1. its not enough to prove man has an impact on global warming if A. it is not the major factor in global warming and B. if the solutions are so crippling >we would have to live as people did like 150 years ago

2. there are observations that point to the universe expanding


>nuclear power is safe


thank you for agreeing with me


people who have replaced religion with science are legitimately retarded

feel so bad for that DNA discovery guy. had to sell his nobel prize just to eat


climate change is very real in fact native americans driving their 15000BC ford trucks without catalytic converters is what caused the cordilleran ice sheet of the pacific northwest to melt and create all dem scablands
elon musky bear tried to tell em but theys like 'fake news' we like our fords


I know its fucked. I keep trying to explain to people that you can't get rid of religion for people. even if they don't believe in G-d they replace traditional religion with shit like love of government or fetishizing science


can someone confirm this? it is big news if true


I rally hate all the coal miners that caused the last global warming in 4000 BC


doesn't more CO2 increase plant growth which is needed for a growing global population?


4 yard pass
4 yard pass
4 yard pass


#Phillies bullpen finished with a 7.06 ERA. Second-highest bullpen ERA since earned runs were tracked in 1912-13, according to

1. 8.16 - 1930 Phillies
2. 7.06 - 2020 Phillies
3. 6.81 - 1936 A’s
4. 6.77 - 2020 Rockies
5. 6.75 - 1936 Browns


another picture perfect 4 yard pass. this manlet is unstoppable.


what's that movie about the cia guy that sold all his secrets to russia and what not and explained how a country that doesn't believe in a religion is doomed to fail? it's the truth you need everyone to follow a sound religion even if you don't believe in god because it makes you a good person and then the country is fine

instead we have this






you can't have a country and culture that was built on Christian Values and then remove Christian Values and expect the country to still work


lucky for you im a dotz lover


GM Matt Klentak on JT Realmuto: "We would love to have JT but when you make that trade, you're trading for 2 years of control & you know that. So, Sixto looked really good against us. He's looked good this year. But we've had 2 very productive years with JT as well."


klentak's getting fired so I don't care




Through their first 42 games this season, the Phillies held a lead at some point in those games 36 times. Their record right now is 22-20. That means, that in 65% of their losses, Philadelphia blew some kind of a lead.

The Phillies are 8-10 in one run games.

The Phillies have blown games and lost 8 times when leading by 3+ runs


The Recruit (2003)


I have said I'm going to kill myself because of this multiple times


but ya the whole 'skin deep' thing is the most aggravating arguement ever. people have turned it into gospel despite very literally being untrue
aboriginals are the perfect example, having branched off 72000 years ago and having no contact after
aboriginals dont freeze to death despite sleeping outside with no clothes or shelter because their bodies have metabolic and fat distribution differences.
skin deep my ass


quit gaslighting me, bro. i saw seabiscuits. i know what i'm talking about.


Reminder the Phillies will need to pay $130 mil for JT and will have the highest Phillies payroll ever, right when corona happened. Then factor in even with that they need 2 starters and a full bullpen


you cant kill yoruself multiple times.


File: 1601257842341.jpg (88.67 KB, 600x338, 300:169, ORSON-IMPLIES.jpg)


and look at the fact they can't drink alcohol because they can't even handle liquor as their genetics aren't adapted


also no one wants the be the President of Basketball Operations because ownership and the Colangelo guys refuse to give up power they are turning into the Knicks


they only need 1 more starter to have a shot and 2 more to be legit. and they need an entire bullpen yeah. but the offense is already one of the best in the league and will only get better with bohm and haseley if they resign JT

stupid faggot billionaire needs to realize they're one of the 5 most profitable teams in the league and just go for it like amaro did


File: 1601258048437.jpg (429.41 KB, 1210x1600, 121:160, Orson-Welles.jpg)


I don't care about the sixers anymore they're the gayest faggots in all of history and nba has gone too far into nigger shit that I don't even want to watch


Wisconsin GHOST's Wife Riders Men's Basketball


If you give spots to Nola, Wheeler, and Howard you need 1 more reliable good 3rd starter type pitcher, depth guys, and a full bullpen that will be expensive watch them be the equivalent of the Pirates when they were "competitive" peaking at a wildcard appearance


thats why i think the government should squeeze in and replace religion with nationalism/civicsim
id rather live in a quasi-facist state than this dystopia
which is funny because its just history repeating itself. leftists can't understand that when they expose themselves for what they really are, people will throw away their freedoms to destroy them


me too. Philly sports are fucked. The Sixers are niggers, Phillies are faggots, Iggles are a joke. Only hope are the Flyers and watch them fuck that up.


honestly I would take fascism over socialism and the status quo at this point.


most sane people would.


velasquez is fine for a 5th pitcher since he won't appear in the post season and when he's on he's a win. they just need to resign JT and pump money into the bullpen.

they've been hoarding cash for years and this ownership group always says they wait until they want to go all in so that's next year on the bullpen. if they don't they're fags


what the fuck are you talking about, I'd take fascism over anything since it's the best system


orson was a pussy tbqh


File: 1601258335375.jpg (56.84 KB, 638x477, 638:477, ow-st-g-2.jpg)

>joel embiid
>carson wentz
>watching jimmy butler lead da heat to the finals
yep, this one's going in my philly folder


its not limited gov with a strong military, constitutionalism, and strong border control is best, but fascism is second


I hate the flyers and iggles. I only liked big dick nick


>limited government
>allow jewish capitalism to fuck over white people
fuck off


if your society needs a piece of paper to tell you what to do, it's a bad society


liking jimmy butler is true niggerlover shit


>get rid of the nig who could hoop good to pay two nigs who can't hoop good


its fucking bullshit the Philly teams are an absolute joke and then dumb niggers like EDP make us look even worse that dumb fat fuck is a fake fan now.


it worked in the 19th century wtf are you talking about


like the bible?


this is a niggerball thread please direct any apehoop content or comments elsewhere.
this has been a message from your local council of decency


I agree. but if you look at the philosophy and beliefs behind it and want a society structured around it then its good. but if you need the constitution to tell people what they can't do then it is pointless


I know Im just making a point on the state of Philly Sports


>keep the nigger about to physically break that everyone hates after spending 1 year with him
>or keep the young niggers that who knows about
always get rid of the problem nigger


>it worked in america for a few hundred years, then jews were allowed to gain positions of power through capitalism and corrupt politicians
sounds like your system didn't work then buddy


it did when mass immigration happened and people stopped believing in religion


at your next jewish meetup tell the owners to stop being so jewish


they won't listen to me


because of which group of people? what happened after world war II when millions of jews came to america?




tell the flyers jews to stop jewing the 76ers owners out of not being able to make any revenue off of wells fargo center. maybe then the 76ers owners will give a fuck about the team


its the italians and irish fault too


we should kill all living creatures


they make revenue and they could have bought the arena. they want their own so they can own all the restaurants and shops and hotels around it its 100% about making extra unneeded money they are making an excuse


shaddap you idiots
trump has done more israel and the jews than anyone and if they control the world like you think that shit's gonna pay off yugely in his second term




he better get reelected or >we are fucked


this game is so boring


no it won't they're only out for themselves


File: 1601258987778.jpg (121.17 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, gril.jpg)

eyes over here mister


wow thanks for saving this on my google cache!


fuck off pedobro


comcast sold the team to nbc (they sold it to themselves) for no money like $200M. and they don't give the 76ers any money at all to play there to mention that it's the wells fargo center, that's why they call it the center. they're such fucking kikes they won't give the 76ers a few dollars to say the name of their arena

the 76ers owners are money grubbing whores but comcast is even worse than them it's amazing. comcast is building a multi million dollar casino and a fucking e gaming arena down by the sports complex because they don't give a single shit about winning just money


>rationalizing horford and harris contracts


Took spees advice and went with a 7.62 SBR since I live in apartment
Shotgun has too much recoil and prefer the higher capacity


File: 1601259146275.mp4 (26.6 MB, 1920x1038, 320:173, freeze.mp4)


they all are dumb kikes, but even if they gave sixers money Harris would still claim he needs the city to give him $900 mil for a new arena for the "fan experience"


sportschan's hosting provider is hostodo
fuck this pedo shit


hated them both from the start. tobias harris is pure blm

> Harris would still claim he needs the city to give him $900 mil for a new arena
no he wants to move to nj or delaware


he only wants that if they don't gib him the money in Philly. He knows that NJ to simp for him when those retards spent $50 mil on a practice arena for them in shithole Camden


ok GOATbro


I only wanted JJ and Butler


>7.62 SBR
what kind


File: 1601259388552.jpg (245.86 KB, 1920x1038, 320:173, starling.jpg)


sheem got a smelly pussy


yu ever sail brown bay to chocolate town and get your dikksucked by hoodrats in camden?


philly is probably the 3rd most corrupt city in the country after chicago and nyc. comcast and union bosses from the city absolutely own philly. comcast has the 2 tallest buildings in the city

jj's old and butler is cancer after 1-2 years




I know its corrupt its retarded fuck the dumb asshole union and nigger voters. Also, with JJ and Butler maybe >we get to the finals.


sheem did


File: 1601259586542.jpg (28.25 KB, 600x738, 100:123, 1445801869438.jpg)


sheem got BEG FOTS


they wouldn't have won though because simmons and embiid both need the ball a lot and butler demands the ball a lot and 3 idiots all demanding the ball like them don't mesh. none of them are in it for winning they're in it for themselves


File: 1601259668005.jpg (130.46 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, Eaa1UELX0AI4hjI.jpg)


still a better chance than any other possible option besides going back in time and drafting Tatum


wtf is mass spectrometry?


brees finna bouta go nuts and throw the ball 6 yards


you never rode a microscope?


nerd shit


if you keep butler around them embiid and simmons are never a tandem because butler hates simmons. you keep the 2 young guys over a guy that is breaking down besides going back in time and keeping hinkie


out of choosing harris and horford or butler and jj which pair do you pick though?


embiid sucks ass and is breaking down like an 80s chrysler


no I never did science shit fuck that


no he will be healthy


ive been seeing these "science is real love is love etc." signs popping up everywhere in a nearby city and i still have no idea how anyone can look at this shit and not see it as the woman tier feel good non-statements they are
youre not saying anything with controversial with these
i fucking hate americans death to america


butler and jj only because they were shorter contracts

he used to be obsessed with being the best at basketball and then he seemed obsessed with being famous. now he seems happy to be a family man and wants to be the best at basketball so that's cool

shame he knocked up a whore that's going to steal half his money in a few years but hey african eduction


do they have a wrongthink detector to keep me out?


tear them down pussy


why? theyre posted up in nigger tantrum spots theyll get burned down regardless of my input


pucker dongin


they have blm signs


I love Embiid though he fits Philly so well


well then what the fuck will you ever do to make a difference you faggot


sweety~ ur sounding like an incel
big yikes sis big yikes


ugly ass flo tryin to be at&tit girl now


about as much as you


as a personality not as a worker. he's very donovan mcnabb. saw him at xfinity live one time and he wouldn't let any guys come near him he just wanted to fuck


that sucks


I have about 25 propaganda posters torn down, more than you


she was always an ugly fuck horse face flat chested whorb


nah people tried to do that "blm pls no burn" shit and it didnt stop them at all
it was worth losing the local cracker barrel™ to see hipster joints cave in on themselves


what difference did it do budy?


do you collect them?


just put "its ok to be white" signs next to it



*over it


hopefully he wins at a championship like mcnabb never did but I get the very same feelings about him. very likable and nice guy a bit too chubby and has all the talent but never wins and sits out for a ton of small injuries


one was of two anime dudes kissing that said "love is love", me tearing that down probably made a few people less disgusted


shit i didnt think of that
i have been putting dup 2020 bumper stickers over top of bernie stickers on peoples cars tho


apparently the teachers union is handing these out like candy


u did gud


no next to it gaslights them more


what is dup?


ornj man bad budy


McNabb always had a fake and uncomfortable personality


i'd fuck flo tbh


what does dup stand for


no put it over them will, if you put it next to it people can still read it


dum uppity peepeetape


I would behead her in minecraft along with katie nolan who is paid millions a year btw


if you put it next to it and they freak out they look bad


File: 1601260810300.png (1.2 MB, 1074x1158, 179:193, ClipboardImage.png)

it was pretty based


nice run


that land dragon



File: 1601260857464.mp4 (14.77 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, k5Iemb024_MsaGWH.mp4)

has this fag even been trustworthy? not sure


didn't think the saints had it in em to hang w/ rogors


imagine getting upset over an easily replaced piece of paper


he was fake as fuck and it all showed after he retired


same but at&t wins hands down


import somalia, become somalia



hit the over


he's a twat but his info's good
giving him the assange treatment


File: 1601260940491.png (1.95 MB, 1742x1294, 871:647, ClipboardImage.png)

huh, guess this girl stopped being a lesbian. weird!


can i b a pirat then?


no if cover it up or tear it down they freak out more


that's a disgusting stereotype
they're not pirates they just starve


i guess the dicking she got converted her


they starve and snackbar


but i wanna b a pirat


might be a possession game and the way erin's scoring .. 🤔


but then they feel more justified. posting "its ok to be white" posters that don't violate any rule makes them look more crazy when they get questioned


make sure your 100 calories a day comes from limes then


File: 1601261075773.png (1.66 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

James O'keefe is committed to TRUTH and JUSTICE, and will uncover the DEMOCRATS AND THEIR LIES. Epoch Times just released a breaking story about how President Trump ISNT a racist because he will give blacks 500 BILLION dollars.

Subscribe to Epoch Times for more truth reveals!


i HAT epoch


i want diamond teef


budy putting stickers and graffiti up is already illegal, might as well cover up whatever the lefties are trying to say


how do faggots explain that the overwhelming majority of pedophiles who touch young boys are men?


yeah I know he's a clickbait faggot I wanted to know if this was maybe more than that


I love how that's always avoided when that is what people always noticed about faggots for most of human history.


faggots and fag enablers claim these people performing homosexual acts are heterosexual that's how deluded they are


they get killed by peopled in wisconsin and then say it's white supremacy


do i get aks and a boat tho?



Is gunfag here? I have a question for you.


File: 1601261342293.png (482.67 KB, 715x654, 715:654, ClipboardImage.png)

are ya SURE about that?


File: 1601261353121.png (173.03 KB, 310x401, 310:401, gay facts.png)

signbro, get this printed out as a poster and put it up over the fag one


just want more trump bumper stickers at antifa rallys tbh


stuffed, fuck



those rnt pirats tho


no antifa here or i would
there was one earlier got some windows smashed


but /k/ loves pirates


holy fuck that spot


if they don't overturn that the fix is in


next time there's an antifa go out and his skinny ass lol


is this the power and diversity of women ref?
what do they even let them do anyway


/k/ liks dik
really tho cafe/k/ is gay as shit and 4/k/ is too
wer tha good /k/ at?


File: 1601261552642.png (61.64 KB, 910x771, 910:771, Capture.PNG)

let's have some fun I've been a paid gallup panel member for 4 years now.

>On behalf of the Gallup Panel, we thank you for being a Panel member. We are emailing you because we are conducting a study about online experiences. We want to learn more about the websites and apps you use and what types of experiences you have while you are on them.


>this commercial for blind spot and lane checkers
we dont need this fucking shit just dont let women drive


stand on the sideline looking pretty


that poster should show citations at the bottom instead of that faggy "presented by faggots!" thing


File: 1601261621607.png (50.99 KB, 910x524, 455:262, ClipboardImage.png)

so I'm only twitter and youtube in the last 7 days and no others


can't think of other alternatives those are probably kinda gay tho


drunk sry, there was one somewhere else where they put trump2020 stix on antifa's parked cars and they got their windows smashed
be hilarious to duct tape one to a lamppost and put a maga hat on him


are you saying sportschan has been rigging the polls LEGALLY?


did julay just disappear? it's /k/ had some top tier shizos which was fun



File: 1601261760644.png (48.34 KB, 757x798, 757:798, ClipboardImage.png)



i want droopy ded NOW


>no sportschan

time to firebomb the pollmaker


very sportslike


think it's milquetoast


it's at alogs.guntretort again, /k/ is anon.cafe is pretty dead only board I use over there is /fascist/, which has a couple of schizos


hospice beatin hospice TONITE


File: 1601261821356.png (7.64 KB, 493x402, 493:402, 1343541642767.png)



is that one of dem 4chan thingys?


answer me


they moved to the cafe and they were already gay before that


so drew brees muscles are turning to dust, how long until his bones turn to dust?


thx, is it still robi or did gahoole stick his maw into shit again? lost sight of the drama at the end


File: 1601261898429.png (47.5 KB, 762x848, 381:424, ClipboardImage.png)

still good?


it's still robi i think, anyway it's basically just /cow/ and some italians now, /v/ has split up into 4 different boards, gahoole is still making shitty videos on jewtube


i lik facoon gong


how do I get hired?


ya but it's k was rally fun
had some guy finding me in every thread regardless of whether i was posting
think he got ptsd and was legit depressed he didn't die for israel while deployed


gahoole got raided by feds because someone was sagespamming cp on tvch and he hasnt been showing his mug anywhere all that much lately afaik
i dont know or care what happened to robi because /k/ and /v/ were the only reasons i used his site


File: 1601262010630.mp4 (686.73 KB, 640x630, 64:63, wendy_shapupapi_tranny_soc….mp4)


what are the good other chans left besides us?


>not going to youtube hq and pulling an nasim aghdam
no, it's not good


>good chans


i have no idea what youre talking about the only vets i saw on /k/ were talking about how gay and stupid the military is
was it in the tank thread? because i never read that one




are any good boards left?


ok not good but worth even checking out


/pnd/ is the only reason I go there, but it's a shell of what used to be


File: 1601262212206.png (51.27 KB, 790x786, 395:393, ClipboardImage.png)

I answered a phone call and gave them my throwawal email address. they give me $5 a couple times a year

I don't hit submit until I get responses so tell me what to change it to if you would like


make the first one not at all transparent



File: 1601262295786.mp4 (1.77 MB, 480x456, 20:19, muzincest.mp4)



got bad in the virginia laws thread
usually screamed niggerpill, was basically shorkcel with trump unless it was shorkcel


gahoole is sus
i aint buying that nigga aint into kids

/tv/ niggas is always pedo niggas


nothings wrong with being inbred


what do you do to troll them


File: 1601262389120.png (51.31 KB, 773x718, 773:718, ClipboardImage.png)


say pretty much anything that would piss off neckbeard virgin weeaboos


what site?

why is shorkcel so nigger pilled?


are they ban happy?





oh that fucking idiot he got really mad when i posted pictures i took of the trannies and q niggers flying q flags


same boards, /cow/ got fucked and the cytube also so i'm glad gahoole fucked off
robi really showed his colors on stream.me but the site ran mostly




why do they literally have only one thread?


post link to gahoole


File: 1601262626443.png (34.42 KB, 811x445, 811:445, ClipboardImage.png)


>be brees
>ball snapped to me
>fuck yeah, bouta sling it
>dude wide open 20yards downfield
>fuck that looks far
>better just throw it to the exact same spot 4 yards directly over the rt's right shoulder


The board is only open at a certain part of the day and every day there is a new thread. They have a schedule somewhere on the site that tells you the times, just got the main domain.


he is on youtube you mongoloid


he had a thread on reddit where they called him an incel lol


what the hell why would anyone tolerate posting on a place like that?


that was you? lel he flipped his shit at anything that wasn't trust the plan
active non 4/k/ boards are great for funposting during election years


lol wut


change your demeanor from peaceful protest to blm


no the /k/ site


virgin weebs larping as anime girls sure as hell will, probably have to be on the spectrum


File: 1601262773829.png (50.02 KB, 775x696, 775:696, ClipboardImage.png)


/k/ is on anon.cafe is he involved in that?


I hat how they edit posts in real time


File: 1601262817272.png (18.03 KB, 500x250, 2:1, spongin.png)

hall of famer droo pee


yah i had a picture of a "northam = literally hitler" sign being waved around and some dipshit in a guy fawkes mask too
that rally was truly embarrassing it made me hate virginia more than i already did


File: 1601262829925.png (33.46 KB, 771x479, 771:479, ClipboardImage.png)

youtube doesn't even allow the good stuff what kind of question is this


holy fuck you stupid fucking spoonfed babby
fuck you



why do they autistically mass respond in one post like me and dots do but even worse?


there's your answer


fucking taints lost fuck this


>the retard asking for everything fed to him is buckeye

well that explains it all


wew they do ban quickly


if drew brees and aaron rodgers got in a fight how long would it take for aarons dick to be in drew brees' ass?


I haven't kept up with the chans as much I kept up more with people who moved to discord I felt like I had to follow one or the other


File: 1601263006057-0.png (22.56 KB, 804x459, 268:153, 1.PNG)

File: 1601263006057-1.png (23.34 KB, 781x490, 781:490, 2.PNG)

File: 1601263006057-2.png (21.43 KB, 774x444, 129:74, 3.PNG)

File: 1601263006057-3.png (20.13 KB, 781x399, 781:399, 4.PNG)


what'd you post i didn't even get to see it


and the cuck cages, what a shitshow that was
all the while he's screaming SHALL NOT lamo miss that guy
wonder how many people i got to drink that corona trash


I didn't it should be obvious who I am




i thought you said you got banned tho


/tea/ is rally wacky


wew the weeb site got banned


I said they do ban quickly


*went down


put system shock on neura link, elon



File: 1601263187421.png (1.05 MB, 655x731, 655:731, furry ralph.png)

that was you? wew i admit i considered it just because im a alcoholic. i wanted to try that yoga breathing shit too because it looks relaxing



the website just breaks if you get banned. weird


what do you mean? they banned me? is the asuka pic there?


>he doubles down on his stupidty and then admits to using discord

but post your sister first


File: 1601263240519-0.png (31.37 KB, 714x730, 357:365, 1.PNG)

File: 1601263240519-1.png (7.07 KB, 735x162, 245:54, 2.PNG)

File: 1601263240519-2.png (36.06 KB, 794x766, 397:383, 3.PNG)

File: 1601263240519-3.png (37.48 KB, 762x815, 762:815, 4.PNG)


take sreenshot


discord is necessary for trolling communities and its the only place to find /pol/ people who will shitpost


Im getting the 502 error


your banned


if the website won't load it means you're banned retards. try a vpn in an incognito tab


File: 1601263334145.png (797.09 KB, 577x587, 577:587, remember remember uhhhh.png)

oh i found the pic of guy fawkes idiot
he wasnt even wearing the mask
i remember he was trying to explain away the anonymous connection with the mask to the guy with the microphone
i never noticed before but the guy beside him looks ridiculous


wew I didn't even do anything


someone give me a picture of nuracoon really quickly


that breathing is legit, should try it




wew i can't handle the sheer faggotry of this anime/weeb stuff on that site. i'm glad that you who are animenerds yourselves don't shit up sportschan too much with it.


where did 8/asmr/ go? I miss them
same with /britpol/


ooooh britfeel survived Im surprised


/britpol/ went to 4/pol/ unfortunately i see their thread occasionally when im lurking for news


File: 1601263483899.mp4 (30.75 MB, 1920x1038, 320:173, got you.mp4)


ill do it when im sober


File: 1601263516398-0.png (8.02 KB, 768x190, 384:95, 1.PNG)

File: 1601263516398-1.png (55.54 KB, 756x524, 189:131, 2.PNG)

File: 1601263516398-2.png (42.76 KB, 850x832, 425:416, 3.PNG)

File: 1601263516398-3.png (11.66 KB, 724x273, 724:273, 4.PNG)


but that means they merged with the retarded 4/britpol/ faction


here's a janny bragging about it because im too lazy too do a screenshot
britpol is hidden it's still around, /asmr/ is still there, they're probably hidden too


early morning is best anyway imo


File: 1601263597508.png (571.48 KB, 2008x1376, 251:172, ClipboardImage.png)


where are they hidden? the 4chan britpol looks like cancer and I need /asmr/ for asmr


File: 1601263685468.png (306.42 KB, 316x450, 158:225, DUP WILL PROTECT OUR GUNS.png)

and the crown jewel
i still remember this guy yelling
in the middle of the street. truly bizarre i still laugh when i think of it
it b what it b man


fucking kek


look at how cute durr bees is playing like he has a chance


but what about /asmr/ thats more important


fuck my post was deleted in like 2 seconds


oh shit it got baleeted


thats why I was asking ;_; I need it, it was the only good asmr place


gone because q anon does not like asmr


fuck them


i'm retarded here>>1257706


File: 1601263937387.png (37.67 KB, 939x562, 939:562, Capture.PNG)

just remember those are the questions that are asked that every news channel runs with. they're such bad questions that they can make any narrative they want out of it


q runs 8chan? they are dumb /asmr/ was they only group that bullied the thots. frivvyfox even had her top simp defend her 24/7 there


i dont know why they even bother with stories anymore dumbdumbs buy/use their shit regardless of how blatantly harmful any of it is


I cannot figure out how to post a reply on that cuckime board


missed most the streams, just watched ur clips
2A people are eternal anglos, sucks. but i think they'll be more hilarity soon


its retarded


>q runs 8chan
lol how could it not be obvious, it's the only reason anyone even goes there, sorry abput your board budy


File: 1601264112275.png (169.56 KB, 229x245, 229:245, ClipboardImage.png)

what was the name of that "independent journalist" bong grill that looked like a gelfling


someone explain to me shorkcel's niggerpill reasoning?


q was originally a troll (think it was microchip or that maga crew) then watkins took over and fakes it all himself afaik


I forgot its been forever I kind of gave up every other chan to focus only on sp for a while besides periodically checking /asmr/ so I lost track of everything


people will go to great lengths for hope with shit the way it be


but explain why does he love Trump helping niggers?


when did q move to 8chan?


im honestly looking forward to the next vcdl rally since northams pet nigger essentially b& guns in richmond at all
phil cucked out hard last time with the cage around the building now the whole city will be the cage and there are angry and armed niggers and pantifa all over the place who dont give a fuck





fuck it they're paying out money for this election year I've gotten like $30 from this for doing 5 minute surveys twice a month


not sure he posted to half for sure, but it was censorship if so


oh wait i remember it was late 2017 that they moved


explain shit away by saying it's 4d so you can ignore faults
just look at any libs defending biden cause muh racist needs to be gone. same shit


richmond va is that far gone?


File: 1601264346238.webm (7.84 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, (ASMR Roleplay) Todd Howa….webm)


but that is retarded where is shorkcel he needs to explain himself


dems took over the state


nice win for me




its been that far gone for years now


some guy, p sure it was microchip, admitted to faking the q shit
then 8kun happened and codemonkey or hotwheels leaked they can fake trips and they got busted with the fake watch/pen thing

it may have been somewhat real in the sense it was a marketing thing from trumps project alamo but it hasn't been for a long ass time


Wasnt that ASMR chick buckeye was simping over getting BLACKED ?



is there any screencaps or anything?


is dirbro still here?


good luck he's full on dianetics
constant apocalyptic bombardment gettin ppl weirdgry


no I liked the polish chick who got a bf and quit making vids but she was a gud gril and I refused to watch one chick when she got knocked up and got rabid about that cuz looking at a hot pregnant chick do asmr is a form of cucking IMHO


why can't people just be normal I am getting rabid.


there's caps of both the microchip and the watch thing but i never saved em


But you are into being cuckolded you told us this two days ago…


File: 1601264705386.jpg (34.11 KB, 370x370, 1:1, orang male.jpg)

dammit budy


normal is racist and homophobic and you need to be fired or it's cuck shilling and infighting and you need to be fired
smith mundt act a mf bro


File: 1601264744176.jpg (250.94 KB, 960x1200, 4:5, madi and bf.jpg)

no I am not and no I didn't. I hope this chick has a retard baby tbh.


not impossible to find, i'll poke around if you're actually interested


>smith mundt act a mf bro
talk normal


i haven't heard this before and I also think it would be fun to fuck around on the q board


I can't find any pics of madi preggers maybe she had an abortion lel


Its ok bro, we know its just your jewish blood making you do depraved things, its 2020 no one will judge you for you cuckold fetish.



no I hate cuck or humiliation type stuff it makes me absolutely rabid


thought it was common knowledge, US state funded propaganda was made legal in 2012-13
since then it's done nothing but meld everyone into hating any group that would be allies
america only works with the populace divided against themselves instead of the system. i.e. oathkeepers and blm could easily see and work towards common ground


that wigger is fucking fat


>he's full on dianetics


holy shit she has 4 cats she is crazy


thinkin about getting a meme coon




File: 1601265041084.webm (72.39 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ASMR_ KFC Extra Crispy Ch….webm)


yeah, but she is a loser who thought being an la fitness trainer was a job


asmr mukbang is degenerate filth and people who like it should be shot


lemme look then
if you poke around and see an avi with a maga hat eating an ice cream you're on the right track


I think I get the cuckime site now, your posts show up realtime as you type them
kinda cool tbh


like a cr or a kot?


smith mundt act


wew madi has 5 kots, a coon, and a baby warning sign


Bro you literally told us yesterday that you wear a chastity cage on pizza deliver runs.
Its ok, your a cuck.


yeah have a lil cr just for the yims of course


File: 1601265173186.mp4 (30.75 MB, 1920x1038, 320:173, got you.mp4)



what does it do


Trump=L. Ron Hubbard


fuck there needs to be like a daily buckeye update thread or something.


no I didn't I hat everyone making shit up about me


let's you type that same question into the search bar


but 90% of it is fake


I met a cr last year and he was pretty cool but his owner was a fag so that says a lot about you. they clean themselves though


at this point the fake stuff is worse than reality


you were the one who brought it up I have a headache and can't take meds just tell me pls


except backwards


should get insurance. my medication's free
"to authorize the domestic dissemination of information and material about the United States intended primarily for foreign audiences"[


yeah that's true. fuck I guess I'll just get a german shepherd for the race wars


I can't take it cuz its Yom Kippur


wew found this gem pretty based for asmr twitter



Yom Kippur is about Jews placing all of their sins on the Goyim as a scapegoat aka the Goat that is sacrificed. Because Jews believe they should be able to commit any sin and the Goyim should have to pay for it.


File: 1601265598102.jpg (119.19 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, WTF.jpg)

fat people shouldn't be allowed to do asmr


i lik dis poast


no it's not cool it is an abomination



why aren't they in saunas?


I mean if you're going to put in the time to train a cr then yeah training a german sheppard is better in every way with the time



opera asmr exist? bet it would be nice


then who is xenu?


File: 1601265747486.png (286.26 KB, 746x618, 373:309, frank and boogie.png)

ruh roh


like the singing? no


Frank will turn Boogie into his sissified slave.


holy shit this girl is the most basic bitch I have even seen all she does it talk having a baby, plants, and kots. why do so many women suck holy fuck



File: 1601266045155.mp4 (8.93 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Thousands Of Girls Match D….mp4)


i lik dis poast



why do you think that sucks? women should be simple and good at nurturing kids and animals.


how do you talk to them about anything?


saw that face and quickly closed the tab




File: 1601266369923.mp4 (43.58 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, sicario highway scene japa….mp4)

you're meant to use the noises, it's not for cummies


did you learn nothing from your dad?


I don't use it for cummies but its about pleasant visuals and sounds and she is gross looking


women in my family aren't boring


Yeah you told us you use it for you cuckold fantasies that you like imagining the ASMR girl with another man while you have to sit and listen.



wew Gibi brought up /asmr/ on vice news



I blame her for singlehandedly ruining /asmr/


File: 1601267092235.mp4 (16.27 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Shrek Does ASMR 2 (Boyfrie….mp4)


Truth stop gaslighting us.


I like how tingles seems to have finally admitted they want to fuck these girls


all the hate is gone from /tingles/ and its just coomers left. not even angry coomers. why do all the things I love get ruined?


Because your people killed the Son of God and denied him.


because you didn't your sister's khazar milkers


Romans did



File: 1601267698823.webm (34.19 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ✩ Tea Time & Fortune Tell….webm)


Literally incorrect.
The Jews sentenced Christ to death the Romans literally didn't give a fuck.



is this the one who quit after people found she did incest porn audio?



what's her name


File: 1601267938650.mp4 (21.57 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Final Minutes Of Last Harr….mp4)

she still makes videos so it probably isn't unless she made incest audio and didn't care about people finding out


know everyone has quirks but I can't post w someone who jerks it to his sis
was gonna let the Jew thing slide but i'm out dry bout pickem rank


I should start metal detecting again




what do you think adams sons did?


The Jews didnt want Christ disturbing their power aka removing the need for the Pharisee class so they had him killed. The also only want their Messiah to be a vitriolic avenger reaping bloody vengeance on all the Jews enemies. Because the Jews also believe that once the Messiah comes Edom (Christainity) will be destroyed and anyone left will be slaves for the Jews.
Its all in the Talmud you filthy kike.




I don't



just checked her channel is nuked



not a scumfuck sister fapper so i won't share the caps but you're worse than teenbro's lies
later spee, buckeye i hope you die if you can't stop that shit's sick


good sport


now you are just getting rude if you don't want me here I will go



used it to find some dudes ring in a field once. got paid a bit for it


don't know her but I haven't kept up on my asmr lore


what ever happened to angrybro


she looks like a jewess, anyway just looks like she makes weeb content now, are you sure this is her?


File: 1601268596697.mp4 (20.47 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ♂FIRESTELLAR♂.mp4)

they aren't the same person then, that channel made the luna lovegood asmr


I highly doubt is her since she wouldn't want to show her face. I might have seen her face years ago in a leak, but I would have to do a mouth and jaw comparison and I can't be bothered


no just from looking its 100% not her the mouth and chin an jaw are wrong


also this girl is a britbong


I miss one the one anon would ask me for asmrtist recommendations ;_;


I wish Bjork was born decades later so she could have been an asmrtist


okay ricardo


what ru the dr bork of mouth and jaws


we made him leave because we hate it when you're happy



wait what
when the fuck did i give you advice on a 7.62 SBR
im also calling bullshit because i dont think you got a tax stamp for that
ar15.com sucks ass
for the most part, they all suck dick
i know one good anime/firearm group whose founding members are actually serious about it, but other than that i know of nothing


ruh roh here comes shorkeye to catch up on all the day's gossip


lmao ah a cool black guy
thatd be neat to know a cool black guy


i only shit it up when im feeling especially autistic and am enjoying a show


shorkcel explain why you are niggerpilled I want to know.


shork rec me a bcg
think it's the bcq, getting feed issues. clamping rounds and malf. trate of feed doesn't matter so it's not the buffer spring


hey shorkcel no question just wanted to say hi


who is frank? and how does Boogie think it's a good look to not understand he's being ding dong ditched


shorkcel thoughts on trump?


its called a doorbell ditch, boogie you fat shit


shorkcel do you enjoy roomates?


he doesn't know anything about real guns, he's just an airsoft enthusiast


how do you not know Frank Hassle shorkcel?


bro if my sister was abi shapiro id jerk it to her too


hey shorkcel whatever happened to the old asian lady you used to live with with the massage chair




hat niggers


is that anything like frank castle?


pretty alright. probly best pres of the past 40 years


real progunz usually chime in to protect him so i mention him


thoughts on trump?


why do people laugh at you and treat you like me?


he's got a sweet TempleOS hoodie


dude wtf are you niggerbabbling about
BCG BCQ clamping rounds and malf trate???????
you're talking about the bolt carrier group?
whos yours by now that really shouldn't be a problem unless you bought something with insanely bad QC
aero precision is good QC with low prices, just get Aero anything



why the fuck would you trust >>1257886 i dont even own an airshit gun


Now that the Kc group is out of power and the Commiefornia people are appearing less the buckeye, shorkcel, dots, and ghost alliance is trying to do a coup



replace dots with teenbro


hey dumbshit tell me whats wrong with your firearm and i'll troubleshoot it for you
start with what it is and who made it


you have to fix dudders speakers first


the serial number is … actually hold on


id like him to post more in h tbqh


yeah add him to


dotz isn't part of the cabal xhe is more like le grise emminence


lot of gunshots tonight
why are the warm nights always more violent?


nah it's an off brand
having feed issues where the round are getting crimped. it's a bcg issue


wew didn't know Jordan Peterson was on benzos


never heard of da vapahs?


>rounds are getting crimped
what do you mean? like its not feeding properly, gets caught before the chamber and the BCG smashes the cartridge, denting it?
>its a bcg issue
how do you know, if its what happens above, may well be a feed ramp or magazine issue


wew peterson did ketamine and went to rehab I guess cleaning his room wasn't enough


File: 1601270238229.png (3.88 KB, 75x86, 75:86, redirect-violent-extremist….PNG)

>the Kc group is out of power
um no babe


that's his first rule on the rules of life


File: 1601270263544.jpg (916.94 KB, 2450x1840, 245:184, WP_20200927_21_15_16_Pro.jpg)

was harnessing anchuent powers tonight


there is barely any royals or chofs posts anymore you guys are


never haerd of em


is shorkcel here?


nah just MALfag and SonichuStrong


haha hey been gone a couple weeks, mind explaining that one for me?


yes to the first
different mags work fine, swapped bcg's and ran a couple cycles just wanted to say hi and fuck with you


what'd you make that out of bitch


they're not even here its just survivalbro




I hat all these different people you all need to make yourselves seem more unique like the rest of us


when do you start transitioning ?


1.baseball isn't real this year
2.chiefs games are for watching intently not multitasking


chofsposting existed all other years so no excuse


well bite my titties i'll have to try that


this. i watch the week's games once a day and text andy and pat (i call him pat) with insight


File: 1601270547107.png (13.99 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


File: 1601270555210.png (961.7 KB, 700x797, 700:797, ClipboardImage.png)

you said off name but who actually is it?
some manufactures have issues for out of spec receivers. id say its unlikely, but a possibility
is it a smooth transition from the receiver to the feed lips? tell me which picture it is


this is forbidden knowledge
mods plz delete


yeah he might be fucked up permanently from what I understand


there's two more black circles in the meme stupid


if you want 100% accurate color reproduction, its Appel Barrel's Bright Yellow, Flag Red, Spring Green, Sunkissed Peach, White, Black


that was an intricate set of bots we (the KC bro nation) paid steaks to set up. However, it is no longer necessary as our meme magic has reached its desired goal.


File: 1601270643174.mp4 (901.19 KB, 640x800, 4:5, foot ball game.mp4)

haha good game boys see you next week!


shit you could make some serious dosh selling knockoffs I think




File: 1601270744513.png (25.34 KB, 137x95, 137:95, ClipboardImage.png)

ruh roh this is like the tile floor in that hotel room


the only thing wrong with that tile was your autistic brain


top row, random US company that no one's heard of, manual was a 5 page staple printout lel
it's in spec, good work tbh. they just cheaped on the bolt carrier


explain the owl win then




it was rigged to help Andy Reid


was the dance play a signal to bognadoffs?



File: 1601271046061.png (606.84 KB, 500x747, 500:747, ClipboardImage.png)

.>we all saw it


<.greentexting like that


> fucked up permanently
how so


just say the name
and give more details. what situations did it jam? approximate number of cartridges in the magazine? left, right, or both feed ramps? total number of cartridges fired? buffer weight? what brand ammunition?


shit i forget the [aa] text thing and don't think it works here


do you not know why he did that?


File: 1601271239497.png (269.71 KB, 362x329, 362:329, cr-hurr.PNG)

>he keeps refusing to name the maker
don't know whether to laff or get rabid


me 2 budy


roko's basilisk is so fuckin gay
confirmed my opinion that futurist/lesswrong/rationalist faction is ultra retarded


I agree


of course I do, explain to me why so I know you know


rationalists and lesswrong are retarded and roko's basilisk isn't as gay as the response to it was. I kind of like futurists as comfy entertainment, but you can't take it seriously.
although doing a deep dive into astronomy and physics has me facing a bit of an existential crisis


fucking retarded.


Peterson eventually enrolled in an alternative treatment program in Russia after North American doctors failed him and he had several close brushes with death. After suffering from pneumonia and being put into an induced coma for eight days, Mikhaila says Peterson has only recently emerged from intensive care.

“He has neurological damage, and a long way to go to full recovery,” National Post reports. “He is taking anti-seizure medication and cannot type or walk unaided, but is ‘on the mend’ and his sense of humour has returned.”


wasn't that all from reacting poorly to his benzos addiction though? why did he take so much in the first place?


File: 1601271642107.png (544.3 KB, 1035x507, 345:169, ClipboardImage.png)

this all stems from a benzo addiction?


pretty sure he claims to have an anxiety disorder


not giving the brand name cause it's a state away and totally unknown company
jammed on 2nd round fired on magpul gen2 regardless of rounds in mag, both ramps, buffer weight idk but it's light, 55gr fmj plinkers federal or sim


from what I heard I didn't understand cuz it seemed like it was related to eating something and then having a weird reaction with chills and being awake for 3 weeks and then over time he took more and more and apparently so many he switched to ketamine and ended up in rehab no way a doctor said that amount was ok


I love how a chick that gets money for bending over on camera is heralded as an expert on relationships by the lugenpresse.


quit being a nigger and gib the name


the only reason she is against this is she needs to tier 3 subs to gib money


File: 1601271812068.jpg (602.41 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, kdoB6sl.jpg)


who is she


just the one jam? how many times did this happen
if you haven't put 3 digits of rounds through it yet, and its not happening extremely frequently, try shooting it more. a lot of things tend to just smooth themselves out


Top 23 Reasons Not Letting Niggers Dress Ridiculously In Court Is Racist:


post link


post link


post link


consistent, entire outing it happened over 100 rounds
this was over 500 rounds in


this is a weird glitch
i guess i can't see posts beyond a certain number
just goes off the bottom limit of the page


well hard to say what exactly without actually being there to test stuff on my own.
obviously try to rule things out and work your way down i guess. slap your upper on a friends lower and see if it works. try to elminate component by component

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