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>Buncos (0-3) @ Jest (0-3) 20.20 EST
only on NFL network, nobody else wants to air this shit.


File: 1601496549628.jpg (29.39 KB, 450x308, 225:154, HOFK7S2V3ZA3NPD42KK4HRUKBE.jpg)

is darnold done?


today is wedensday


Its wednesday


I love Wednesday Football Night


imagine being such a NEET that time and space doesn't matter


wednesday is today
tomorrow, thursday, will also be a today


does it have to be?


It's a (pre-)game thread, the existing NFL thread was full. i just need somebody to tell me these jets are somehow salvageable. they're not


make the mlb thread


salvageable no, may eek one here
rest of the schedule isn't lookin great either


it's wednesday sweety


i'm basically hoping they lose so gase gets fired at this point.


it's thursday in half of the world already, catch up.


sauna time = global time


if he drops one against a third string qb buncos he deserves the soup line


.>that one unironi jest fan


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some tough picks this week


no jets fan wants to be a jets fan. i picked the team in 2010 because they were gritty and mean and i've been miserable ever since.


it's really still undecided then? he's been showing these same inconsistencies and these same flashes of brilliance for 3 years now.


brett rypien is the future of the nfl


>falling for the rex ryan meme


no idea i don't really follow em, but putting up w it for this long is an indicator


so is jimmy butter and da heet gonna fold like lebro jam n da cavs against dan spurr or is leb gon fold lik leb gainst daspur


yimmy gonna slap the dicks outta bron mouth


what happened in 2010?

dicks plural?


I was in new york. I thought Eli Manning looked like a mongoloid, so I arrived at the jets. I saw sanchez wasn't really the guy, but I didn't want to bandwagon a super dominant team because I already support one and it sucks if you can only lose or win it all. I didn't understand amerisports and salary caps etc, in yuroball the same teams win the title every year and will continue to do so forever with only minor reconfigurations in the rankings. i expected a team that would consistently make playoff runs and maybe one day with the right guy at qb and the luck of the draw win it all, much like the giants did a couple of years later.


>thought Eli Manning looked like a mongoloid
that's why I liked Eli, that and I'm the retarded little brother also


it's gonna be a tie


yeah, i really should've looked past it. i was in town again when the giants won it all, i could have celebrated the win and everything. instead i got the new york jets.



god willing


today is thursday


divegrass tier


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