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Trump vs Biden Townhill startin soon



don't care about this faggot shit


delete the thread
make it again
call it the twogay


more like twogayzionists amirite



trump denounced sportschan




please don't make degenerate threads



File: 1602840867712.jpg (30.92 KB, 640x358, 320:179, e3bbf595e71faaef6741e38808….jpg)

How is trump or biden going to solve the nigger problem?





File: 1602848211751-0.png (418.55 KB, 414x550, 207:275, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1602848211751-1.png (353.25 KB, 354x470, 177:235, ClipboardImage.png)


i want drugs


are they gonna ask biden why he asked that TV guy if he got tested for cocaine before they let him on TV?




God the trump and biden show is so boring


yeah but the dems canceled the BLM show when they realized they were the heel


File: 1602852553969.jpg (126.91 KB, 875x1200, 35:48, EkcnIedW0AARYb_.jpg)



its hilarious watching modern propagandadists in action


trump will let the market solve it


>At ABC's town hall event on Thursday, Democratic candidate Joe Biden had a plan to deal with the so-called problem of police brutality. Instead of training police officers to shoot violent suspects in the center of mass, Biden says police officers should just "shoot them in the leg."
>"So, instead of anybody coming at you, and the first thing you do is shoot to kill, you shoot them in the leg!” Biden exclaimed.
double barrel biden at it again


oh man giuliana is teasing us that theres some sort of chinese manipulation of biden in hunters emails


>Donald Trump Says Joe Biden's Latest Alleged Gaffe Means 'Dementia' Is Getting Worse
>Alleged Gaffe
is it really alleged? the man said he was running for senate and referred to romney as 'that morman governor'
fuck i want journos to die


File: 1602853778175.webm (3.9 MB, 640x730, 64:73, Back In Town.webm)


File: 1602853977355.webm (2.86 MB, 640x352, 20:11, stopping racists from spr….webm)


File: 1602854097757.webm (2.17 MB, 448x336, 4:3, MagicSchoolBus.webm)


'10 mill a year from ccp for introductions and advice on how to best utilize the relation' is already out somewhere if it wasn't on tucker last night


driver going out the window might be in the best position of all of them tbh


lovin this tbh. and i think they're real, too. theyve had them for long enough to go through the work of verifying them. obviously just holding onto them long enough to release at the most damaging moment
i do remember watching an interview with giuliani a long time ago saying he had documents relating to ukraine and other biden stuff that was damning.


File: 1602855099911.png (226.09 KB, 712x674, 356:337, ClipboardImage.png)


>Joe Biden's campaign has said that, according to the vice president's scheduling records, he did not meet with the Ukrainian associate. However, even if he did, and even if they are lying—it would not be illegal for Joe Biden to hold such a meeting.


File: 1602855291798-0.webm (2.08 MB, 640x640, 1:1, dog and steamroller.webm)

File: 1602855291798-1.mp4 (4.87 MB, 352x640, 11:20, dog stalks bird.mp4)


A bot account meant to rile up the same group of retards into agreeing with each other


why did you post that


between this, the spying on blump stuff, biden's cheese brain, the fact biden's even running is wew
hope october surprises keep coming, dancing in the piss puddle of the great experiment


i think the /s for sarcasm trend on leddit is specifically for their wrongthink detection bots.


it really is disheartening that trumps administration was legitimately sabotaged for years and nobody treats it like its a big deal
thers no way this level of delusion can continue for too long without eventually coming to violence
>webster dictionary changed the definition of sexual prefererence to support democrats critique of barret for using it
fuck me in the ass. it enver ends


File: 1602855692840.jpg (97.35 KB, 625x625, 1:1, surf the kali yuga2.jpg)

eem surfin


yeah if it wasn't for their sabotage dup could've given $74 billion to the chosen instead of a paltry $34 billion, and blapipo could be getting $1 trillion and mandatory reparations for peacefully looting and murdering everyone.
death to everyone in DC death to america


Yah and i think the bait threads on /pol/ are just response farms, to understand what anons are talking about


i really cant fucking stand you. will you just shut the fuck up already? i can't tell if you're legitimately endpol tier annoying or what. im not talking about that. i dont want to be talking about that im talking about leftists now will you stop acting like a massive faggot at all possible times ?


you know the DUP is an actual party
your tardistry is vary confusing


this more money 4 nigr and more money 4 allies only stupids hat dup


File: 1602856409519.jpg (99.69 KB, 900x1080, 5:6, EkcxGSOU0AE28OR.jpg)


anyone got highlights of dup and joo buydhim's shitflinging so far i dont have time to watch the streams


it's already at violence from "the left" and those events are being rewritten too. just found out yesterday that security leftie from denver news tried to jack the magats stuff and had to clear a malf before shooting and i'll probably forget that in a week anyway
even if they weren't rewritten wholesale people disagree over one minor detail and and the whole event just vanishes
herded solipsism with imagined herds? not sure how to describe it in a way that isn't trite


File: 1602857612888.jpg (326.63 KB, 1345x666, 1345:666, ZOGBots gotta kike em all.jpg)

>go red!
>no! blue all da way!


>denver leftie tried to jack magats stuff


nothing funny tho? this election is gay af i want the riots back


The only funny stuff is joe sperging out


well from what i heard drumpfs town hall was just the 'moderator' interrogating him the entire time instead of lettin him interact with the audience, while bidens they didnt' even ask about the emails




thomas sowell is p. great tbh


File: 1602858078396.png (564.6 KB, 1238x922, 619:461, migapedes redditors.png)

based niggers
based trannies


matthew dolloff, unlicensed security hired by denver news who shot that guy, started shit by trying to take away dude's pepper spray


worth watching? his cocktail's been disappointingly good lately


its snowing already


File: 1602858452573.mp4 (1.03 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Steve Guest - Do you want ….mp4)


File: 1602858482988.png (11.95 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


Supreme Leader….. ;_;


File: 1602858614218.mp4 (1.26 MB, 640x360, 16:9, VJ7GoL5vWmcJlEB4.mp4)

when was that? didn't he do my boss years ago too?


heem sad :,(


Jesus christ you can practically hear the lines being fed to him


kim jong needs to buy the xfl from the rock


bros we need to cheer him up


ah, yes. President My Boss


make the card thread


its really hard to listen to him speak
he like, starts a thought, then jumps to another one thats somewhat related, then jumps tback to the original one but only sort of
like wtf is he talking even talking about christ


he was the only one who stood up to CR's reign of terror


>Spoiler alert: Frump never had covid..and he lies about every single thing he says.
t. youtuber, invoking the liar paradox and showing his cognitive dissonance


File: 1602859325229.mp4 (14.09 MB, 272x480, 17:30, M8 les hav a looksi at yr ….mp4)


the likes aren't showing anything, but all the comment sections for the town halls are really anti mdeia


i'm sure they had some concerns that they might be reporting on information russian haxx0rs put out there and were unable to verify the veracity of the information since the feds swooped in, probably because they were thinking the same thing.


>top 10000 reasons drumpf voters are totally demoralized and tired


2016 was a deluge of yimmers for him, haven't seen any this year besides the don't care still voting cope


republican efforts to suppress the vote may be backfiring.


File: 1602859830917.webm (1.65 MB, 256x256, 1:1, george floyd pie.webm)


>ya im a lifelong republican, until now
>i just can't take this administrations lying and divisive politics anymore
>for the first time in my life im voting democrat! blue wave!


the circumstances are entirely different


>believing leftists propaganda


post vidyo


different elections are different? woah
still think he'll win unless it's rigged to hell but it's holding nose voting and Here's Why That's a Good Thing:


its usually articles, they put like 3 or 4 of those in there


idk man, looks like a lot of people might show up this cycle if early voting is any indicator.


i want drumpf to win for the sake of chaos but tbqh hes not handling this campaign well

i anticipate some sort of ploy near da vote which will make it closer but looks bad for him right now


>holding nose voting
isn't that pleonasm?


today thread are all about the vidyos tho
sports are ded
geopol is gay
whorbs are oogly


here's a nice futuristic video showing 2022


honestly pretty good vid


i like dat word
thx 4 usin it


i think i still did it wrong though,
isn't it 'a' pleonasm in that context?


just looked it up what a fucking faggot i dont know why anyone still pretends this isnt a civil war
just because one side is too pussy to use their guns because theyre worried about optics tah twill never favor them doesnt make it any less of what it is


early voting looks blue, new voter registration is leaning red and dem polls are down from '16 in swings
who knows and why i care remains an unsolved mystery


>why i care remains an unsolved mystery
sam here budy i hat them all


is it still a war if only one sides fighting, or allowed to?


learn about the genocide of boers instead, like I'm doing


gud link thx


yes two opposing sides in an increasingly violent conflict = war
doesnt matter if one side is being limp wristed retards trying to own the libs by sucking up to niggers
history is full of one sided civil wars though so far this one is probably the most retarded or at least really close to it


both parties suck for sure bud
itd be funny if drumpf does it again


civil war implies two national movements fighting each other. you have larping militia groups on both sides, but no coordenation on a national scale or popular support for any of these small incoherent cells of retards for this to even resemble a civil war. with the military making it clear that they won't pick sides here, it's just some random acts of political violence. to be expected in this hyperpartisan atmosphere where news crews apparently need to hire dubiously qualified armed security guards


i wish the south won the first (even tho i'm a yankee)


i'm being pedantic, but this feels more like a coup. revolver news has a write up on norm eisen that puts things in an interesting light
propaganda level and biological warfare (ssri's, birth control in water, bpa, opiods, whatever memeflu brings) is on a whole other level
ironically 5G warfare


civil wars often start out as clusterfucks tho especially more modern ones and especially when they involve muttified hellholes


dafuq are ya smokin son




i wanna smoke a beer with you homie


i only smoke dabs


I need list of chemicals to avoid


4cuck was defending trumps supreme court pick being a white woman with a white family that adopted niggers.
saying that there is literally nothing wrong with that. "im racist as the next guy, but whats wrong with giving them a better life? raise them better than niggers" "less crack dealers. more white people should do this"
and wojack memes



it still requires a coherence that both sides lack entirely. also, feds. if they larp too hard, they get v& like the guys in michigan.


4cuck is unironically retarded nowadays 4/pol/ is funny when shit actually does happen 4/tv/ kicks out some funny memes still /s4s/ is still /s4s/ and then /b/ has that rare few good threads daily

still ruined by its own popularity and was a long time ago only worth browsing briefly tbh


you rally need to stop browsing that bort


redpill me on anticonvulsants


<just thinking of the absolute state of 4/sp/
<navy ditz still posted there
<there are still a few crossover posters between here and the cucked spee board


bro i smok moonshine i also drive it around in west virginia because blackscar sucks and i decided to make my own racin game


File: 1602862804794.png (275.26 KB, 596x782, 298:391, EkdfX42UUAI9vJt.png)


off top my head: plastic, receipts, they sneak soy into food, high fructose corn syrup, filter your water, flouride toothpaste, aluminum cans, antiperspirant has aluminum in it, go natty as you can with meat, eggs, dairy, fruits & veg


i only eat cock and cum


dr. /sp/ does the best abortions
he is my favorite


prolly for the best she a mutt, still disgusting behavior tho


true this sort of shit can take time to actually blow up though
it could also wind up being nothing and burgertopia just turns into literal brazil for the rest of time
then i guess we'll just be another extension of endless cartel wars


based, my nails have never been healthier


usa will be worse than brazil
you will be begging to live in a sao paulo favela

by 2050 people will be killing each other in the streets for food


look at that dead gaze the babby is better off not having her as a mother


my money's on corporate hellscape pod world


it was always unironically retarded.
it makes me sad to visit. 2005-2008 /b/ was the best time i ever had on the internet and it's never coming back.


hard to avoid
>they sneak soy into food, high fructose corn syrup
i know i avoid these
>filter your water,
I have my own well and sewer system
>flouride toothpaste
I brush my teeth with baking soda
>aluminum cans, antiperspirant has aluminum in it,
why cans? and what are the effects of aluminum
>go natty as you can with meat, eggs, dairy, fruits & veg
how do i do this as a poorfag? I try my hardest tho


brazil is the worst a country can get and still sustain itself tho
it would be a blessing to have people killing each other for food because thats when shit actually changes because people finally have to prioritize their own well being over playing video games while ignoring the niggers destroying their homes


where do i buy adrenochrome


/b/ makes me sad too now
though there are rare good threads packed between the porn
but its like sorting through of ocean of piss

/b/ was alot more fun with moot involved and having an antagonistic relationship with other sites as well as /b/ itself

my favorite thread in /b/ history is probs giants vs pats that gave back /sp/
its why i have to laugh when outsiders call this board /b/ with sports as though that formula cant work


File: 1602863357743.jpg (32.74 KB, 472x674, 236:337, media/Ekdb-deWkAMptmS.jpg)


File: 1602863478843.jpg (106.1 KB, 890x1200, 89:120, EkazwpoU0AAxwuK.jpg)


all i see is some incoming domestic terrorism from militia groups if trump loses. if he wins, there may be some protests and riots and sheet, but nothing the cops and feds can't handle.


plastic is hard just don't consume out of it
receipts contain bpa
aluminum cans are lined with bpa
aluminum in general is linked to cognitive decline and cancer
antiperspirant plugs your shit so toxins aren't cycled out
grow or hunt as much food as you can, long as you're doing what you can you're good budy


wats bpa


wait for the spiderman threads, make sure you're on NordVPN and use the promo code "dudder" for 50% off your first month


bisphenol A
>BPA is said to mimic the structure and function of the hormone estrogen >Due to its estrogen-like shape, BPA can bind to estrogen receptors and influence bodily processes, such as growth, cell repair, fetal development, energy levels, and reproduction.
>In addition, BPA may also interact with other hormone receptors, such as those for your thyroid, thus altering their function
>One study observed that women with frequent miscarriages had about three times as much BPA in their blood as women with successful pregnancies
>What’s more, studies of women undergoing fertility treatments showed that those with higher levels of BPA have proportionally lower egg production and are up to two times less likely to become pregnant
>A separate study found that men with higher BPA levels were 3–4 times more likely to have a low sperm concentration and low sperm count
>Additionally, men working in BPA manufacturing companies in China reported 4.5 times more erectile difficulty and less overall sexual satisfaction than other men


wew fuck this shit i'm goin anprim


>he didnt know about bpa

Show us your sissy penis and feminine hips girly boy.


thats short term im talking about like ten-twenty years from now
if you look at everything in a small window like that of course it'll look like nothing ever happens


remember seeing the same 10-20 years thing 10 years ago?
turn everything to 8, bring it down to 2, turn everything to 9, bring it down to 4, etc
boiled frogs like warm water


the content creators, the haxxors, people from all walks of life willing to do random shit strictly for the lulz and the complete lack of sjw's was something special. the publicity fucked everything up.


what the fuck are you saying


i think if history has shown anything its that the last 2-3 weeks are where it really counts
if there are stops to be pulled out, >we'll be seeing it soon honestly think thats what the email thhing is about


again, i don't see the popular support for it and i don't see it rising after this election, regardless of the outcome, nor do i see the feasibility considering the domestic policing capabilities the US has.


the feebs have had these emails for a year
it's time for lustration for the FBI


the nigger child thing is gross but she really does seem like a good judge. like the ideal of what an actual judge should be


File: 1602864984898.mp4 (9.53 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 16028457065530.mp4)


this was their 'october surprise' i think. idk if it rally did anything though.


wow! spartmans rally know some fancy words!


what metric are you using for popular support?
the headlines of the media??
if you spend any time driving around, the moment you get outside anywhere urban all you see is trump stuff. his numbers are still pretty much 50/50, and you can probly expect that a lot of people are lying about their support for the sole reason taht if you voice it you're liable to lose your friends, social standing, job etc etc


i saw some of the confirmations, she had a weird reaction to the dems' questions, like she's surprised that people can be this retarded
she might be a psychopath but she'll probably be a "conservative" judge


if theres more and they keep rolling it out day by day and it gets worse and worse, i could see it bein alright





she has an excellent voting record


well i disagree even in the most heavily monitored cities most crime goes unsolved even if they bother investigating
cops and feds arent invincible all knowing gods and most of the power they hold is based purely on the image they project and the data they mine from retards who use the internet to plan anything


look twice save a life


make da thread



doesn't she follow the pope for guidance?


luckily early reg is 80% people who would have voted anyway. really hard to say more without more of a breakdown of the data


she said she'd recuse herself on anything the pope talks about. luckily, that pretty much shields her from making any retarded decisions, because everything the pope says is cancer


I’m finally calm again after I got really annoyed by this idiocy and a lady who found it necessary to constantly shake her head back and forth which made me think she had some form of Tourettes. Or was she just put there on purpose? In a desperate way to attract voters? In any case, this lady is badly confused or it's her 5 minutes of fame. Nevertheless, not that it's vital that Americans should be aware of this, but let me ask you a question: Are you aware that Europeans consider Trump to be one of America's greatest failures? I sincerely hope that you will get this illiterate, blatant, racist-narcissist banned from any form of politics. And if possible from television or the globe. We never thought he would run for president anyway … that it was a joke, but unfortunately, this is how the American people voted. So I would say ; PLEASE save whatever can be saved in terms of self-preservation so that you are still taken seriously in the future. I fear your beautiful country (that I used to visit very much and spend my money) will go to damnation while retaining this evil actor. He's a con, in every way!!



Thank you Einstein for your constructive thoughtful comment, but unfortunately we have to get involved in your politics as we, and not just Europe, have economic interests that taxpayers also open their pockets for. Agreements have been made with world leaders that your president does not care about. Agreements that concern us all.


why did that guy in the hoodie get into the white van ?
why did the driver let hoodie man into the van ?
they were just two random people as far as i can tell ?

slavs be wilin


yeah what the fuck at first i thought he was going to get the van guy to help take the lady to the slavspital but they just fuckin drive away this shit is funny


>lifted up her arm flap
>instantly disgusted
also bitch deserved it. if you're going to cross traffic like that you better move your ass not expect people to stop for you


longer schizo post: realistically the right should be fighting as much, if not more, than the left as we're already in a decade old dystopian greentext
there's multiple 'soft-control' pacification systems in place that are just going to continue ramping up
political fears will allow the 'hard-control' either as a reaction to a large scale civil dispute or right wing uprising (or under the guise of covid) to takeover before they let the cattle kick the farmers
any large right wing armed movement gets stomped the fuck out
the issue has been guided towards the false dichotomy of blm v. cops and a lot of people are siding cops
right wingers aren't likely to shoot LEOs, and they instantly lose the vast majority of their troops if so


80% of americans live in urban areas though. if you're right and errybody in urban areas is just scared to say they'll vote trumpski, he should win by a landslide.

i think you underestimate how much the intelligence communities have shifted to and have gained experience in counterinsurgency with all their foreign adventures. i'm pretty sure they've been gaming out all possible scenarios.

the drug/gang thing is a seperate issue and doesn't get much attention from the alphabet soup anymore, precisely because they've been focusing on (domestic) terrorism.


hmm. better than nothing but i don't see a non-vote as a win as the pope runs his yap on everything


im just sayin, whats changed between now and 2016? adversaries have gotten crazier, not more moderate, and trump has proven the sky won't fall if he's elected. better yet, he shows its possible to elect him in the first place. its not like his behavior has changed at all since his initial presidential run. why flip now? economy did great under him. off these alone it makes me think he's gonna win.
dont get me wrong.. i dont feel confident it either– but if the propaganda machine is working as intended thats exactly how im supposed to be feeling. the curtain wont fall until the bitter end


i lik pop, fratelli tutti was an interesting read.


ya but right wing and police/military tend to have a lot of overlap. its not like its just right wing siding with them, right wing are them to a great extent


fatty might've been drunk but insurance fraud is big over there


yah they were rally right wing when they were pushing them around in charlottesville and doing nigger kneels for blm
we love our boys in blue


File: 1602866802856.png (540.29 KB, 768x451, 768:451, ClipboardImage.png)



very cop i know hates niggers tbh.. as i imagine most do. can you imagine how tiring that would be?


and i think youre jumping the gun and falling for fear tactics by concluding they have everything under control if a comparatively tiny and much more authoritarian shithole like the uk cant keep people from committing domestic terrorism then how can you expect the authorities to have such a stranglehold on a country that is about the same size as the european continent? bluffing is a part of making yourself look like youre in total control


yup, but they're also system guys who red flag gun owners & kill their coons
just need to get to that pension then they'll get their morals back


then maybe they should stop listening to their commie shit mayors and stay standing while shooting niggers and hipsters
exactly theyre nothing but kike mercenaries at the end of the day if the guy waving the dollars in front of their noses tells them to kneel and lick nigger toes then theyll fucking do it while squealing its for muh keeds


yah all those trips to israel must be tiring and taking orders directly from the FBI and ADL seems rally based


the economy did great because they cut down regulations with a chainsaw. whether that's good for the people remains to be seen. the markets haven't reflected the outside world for a long time apart from employment. median wage adjusted for inflation has been stagnant since the 70's, no amount of deregulation has changed any of that and the overwhelming majority of voters has a job. if the economy doing great doesn't translate to your pocket, why care?


File: 1602867104493.png (11.96 MB, 1936x2592, 121:162, ClipboardImage.png)



>whether that's good for the people remains to be seen
i think its already shown itself. redundant, excessive, and unneeded regulations are good for nobody.


dude was legit base. declared open war on his enemies and killed them. kinda surprising too, guy was riverine. every riverine guy i knew was a faggot


lot of sites actin funky for anyone else lately?
they were hinting at a """cyberattack""" during election and phone carriers got ddos'd offline couple months ago


if outright illegal bidenr elated stuff gets revealed in the days before election, i'd expect a ddoz blitz everywhere for awhile to blot it all out


they're not in control of everything, but they're watching for it. ofc they won't be able to prevent all domestic terrorism, but a modern day garibaldi would get v& immediately and if you want to have a civil war, you need a garibaldi to unify all the militia groups if trump loses. if trump wins, i think a deep state cia coup is more likely than blm and/or antifa ever turning into any serious threat to the government.


beheadingb owl in paris


if people wanted a civil war, the feds wouldn't have a chance in hell of stopping it. far too much rural land available for carrying out insurgency, combined with rural populations that are more than sympathetic.


ofcourse, there's no need to watch or limit what companies are doing, their bottom line equals the common good. i'm sure they won't pollute the world, exploit workers or dodge taxes, we'll just take their word for it.
>falling for neoliberalism


File: 1602868209537.jpg (74.11 KB, 603x596, 603:596, 1602354338366.jpg)

both shit
both control everyone anyway


>if people wanted a civil war
people don't though, that's my point. not until errybody goes hungry, and even then they'll probably go to the ballot box a couple of more times because they've been so indoctrinated with nationalism that seeing america as anything other than the greatest country in the world is beyond a lot of them.


so you have no clue what most regulations consist of, basically.


its true tho 🤣


many past civil war leaders were targeted by the ruling governments of the time tho
im also not saying things are going to turn out ideally here or that whoever actually kicks things off is going to be anyone i actually agree with on anything
i do however think its retarded to say these shadowy agencies are all exactly on the same page to the point of being able to smack down every garibaldi as you say or that they dont have conflicting interest within their own ranks
>not until errybody goes hungry
and we've come full circle to that stuff about being brazil tier
shit is clearly very crazy in america on almost every level i pray for mass starvation so it can finally die instead of becoming north american brazil


>white old man
>prancing around in his underwear
>arrested for daring to wield a saber
>helpful civilians happy to oblige
portrait of a fallen empire


File: 1602868678951.jpg (197.59 KB, 1000x993, 1000:993, 1602354377728.jpg)

check this out terry
know better than to send it to the ol' ball and chain 😎


i understand most are red tape bureaucratic nonsense, but that's the trojan horse here, because they're also cutting down the ones that aren't.


now this is some good satire


File: 1602868934907.png (1.39 MB, 1268x828, 317:207, ClipboardImage.png)

lit on fire with officer inside last night
guess seattlel still wilin


i hat wife
luv beer and nude mag


heem cookin bacon


go watch freidmans lecture on the role of govt in a free society. ever expanding government is just one of the reasons >we are in the situation >we are now.


File: 1602869100451.png (236.89 KB, 1940x806, 970:403, ClipboardImage.png)

who must go?


File: 1602869114669-0.jpg (682.84 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, paris high res.jpg)

File: 1602869114669-1.png (2.09 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, paris jihad.png)


dead islamaphobe. good riddance




File: 1602869396869.png (358.43 KB, 1016x1252, 254:313, ClipboardImage.png)

oh gawd


File: 1602869417093.png (123.62 KB, 500x829, 500:829, days-since-last-muslim-ter….png)

Remember how these used to happen every day? They still do but the media usually never reports it anymore.


btw lel this tweet was made months before
search his name and you can see all the tweets made by his muslim budys


when you kill your enemies you win!


>many past civil war leaders were targeted
this is true, but prison sentences are incredibly stiff in the US and where Hitler got out after a couple of years, a modern day Hitler or Garibaldi would be locked up for life (if he wasn't just abducted and waterboarded in jordan in perpetuity)
>agencies on the same page
oh, they're definitely not. a lot of them are barely competent. but there's still a huge number of them and they've been worried about exactly this sort of shit happening for a while now, so i think they'd be reasonably prepared. there would also need to be enough ambiguity in the dispute for the military to stay on the sidelines. i'm not saying it's impossible, but it seems very unlikely to me. lots of moving pieces would need to fall into place at just the right time imo.


i know friedmans point of view on the subject. there's a middle ground between ever expanding govt and cutting down all regulations though.


people are dying in paris from beeheadings and you're concerned about economics?
fuck you.


hey im sure if the government just puts some more regulations in place to prevent beheadings that would fix it


>frogs dying


you mean like laws? why would anyone want laws?


no, you dont understand
like, instead of the existing laws, lets just start dogpiling on top of it. every few years some new ones could be drafted that try to accomplish teh same thing, and nothing will ever get deleted. the lawbooks will be so thick, criminals will be too busy reading them to commit any crimes!
this is what anon actually believes


well whose to say the agencies themselves wont accidentally start the war regardless of whatever this gay election brings about? shadowy groups with varying motivations coming into conflict with one another is also another way civil wars get kicked off
just look at the entirety of chines history that shit is full of supposedly allied groups keeping secrets from one another and then having it blow up in their faces and splintering the country over what should have been simple misunderstandings
you are right that the pieces have to fall together just right, i just dont think the chances of that happening are quite that astronomical all things considered especially in the massive insane asylum that is america
also our military is increasingly feminized and niggerfied its going to be interesting to see where that alone leads



basedness comes and goes in france
someday they might just yeet all the muzzies
probably not today


In all honesty though mudslimes will all by tranny queers in one generation of moving to the west, this is just growing pains from extermistcels sperging out as last bastion of religious fervor


no, you don't understand. we need to let corporate interests decide which of the laws and precedents are actually relevant, because they don't have any conflicts of interest at all.

a cia coup after a dubious trump victory is within the realm of possibility and could theoretically kick of some shit. you're underselling the military imo, it's a huge x factor in any civil war games. if they get it on the action, it's game over for whoever they target.


think so? they largely isolate into their own communities and are woke on demographics


either they get pussified like their western hosts or they take over and "fix" it, but only for themselves ofc


they've banished them to the barrieux and try to ignore them, but it's becoming kind of hard with stuff like this.


looks more like they'll make their own little ecosystems. yuropean muslims are turning into american black people in a hurry.
>lots of kids
>discrimination against them in the labor and housing markets
>many sunni muslims not allowed by their religion to take out mortgages
>get them all stuck in dystopian ghettos together
what could possibly go wrong?


can somebody inform larry kudlow that he's not actually the president?


>you're underselling the military imo
i dont think i am tbh outside of the hardcore doorkickers who are mostly retarded (sometimes literally) patriotic ypipo and gangspics who go in specifically to get training so they can in turn teach their fellow gangbangers the military consists of college tier histrionics and obscenely corrupt officers
the only way to verify how effective they are is to have it happen though and neither one of us can guarantee it will or it won't
also there have been civil wars where the military was either split against itself or basically a nonfactor because it was severely weakened or corrupted by dissidents both of which i could easily see happening in america's military
those obama purges of the higher ups really did a number on them


can somebody inform me who larry kudlow is?


i had to google what he actually does.
"Director of the United States National Economic Council" is his title, but he seems to think he's in charge of both the treasury and the fed and maybe he is, who the fuck knows who does what in this admin? kushner seems to have about a hundred jobs. he's just now said that he can get enough republican senators to sign a covid relief bill if nancy brings one.


dont worry tpast, when some liberalism doesnt work more liberalism will fix it


ya, the military would probably just stay out of it if there was no clear right or wrong.

i think the drone command and the air force could decimate any uprising and avoid forcing the rank and file to face their conscience though.


File: 1602878260268.png (4.65 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


File: 1602878349199.png (737.35 KB, 798x862, 399:431, ClipboardImage.png)



>ben retweeting bari weiss

I hate him so fucking much.


the thing about that is they'd be bombing their own land and property if any dissident groups crop up in a city or anywhere near major infrastructure they're going to be a little more apprehensive about dropping explosives because that shit can cause a lot of collateral damage and potentially flip a lot of people both inside and outside of the military to the opposition
if theyre just bombing people out in the middle of fields and shit no one will care enough to do anything about it though


File: 1602878945126.png (22.47 KB, 614x308, 307:154, lol7.png)

The endgame of neoliberalism is the complete rejection of nature to satisfy your subjective moral goods.
Mass insanity.


vote trump and it'll get better🇺🇸🇺🇸


that tweet is genuinely fucking with my head rn
how can you be so retarded as to even come up with a thought like that and be able to breathe much less type?


the options are both so fucking stupid, i fucking hate previous generations for bringing these people over. imo there's two choices: assimilate or annihilate.

annihilate is just not going to fucking work, because the general public are a bunch of pussies. Instead you get ghettoization (i have no idea if this is a word in english, but you know what i mean) and institutional racism. this will eventually turn a country into what south africa was, where you drive your armored car from gated community to gated community to avoid being robbed and killed by the starving black people roaming around. murrica never quite got there after the civil rights movement, but that's the max endgame for altright larping.

assimilate means spreading them out, making sure they're completely outnumbered whereever they are. in due course, they'll adopt the prevalent culture.

both options suck ass, but all this in between bullshit is only exacerbating the problem. the left is pretending there's no problem and the right is pretending there's a solution, both have disastrous results.


it's a very interesting hypothetical, that's for sure. i'm jealous of the people that get paid gaming these scenarios out.


ya know she might have a point were it not that knocking a chick up means that youre gonna be either wasting 18yrs of your own life, and fuckloads of dosh. or worse: get your ass handed to you in civil court which favors women 95% of the time and get child supported to fucking death while never EVER seeing your kid and/or face jailtime for trying to dodge it

all that said, in terms of pregnancy to fuck over the other party, ive literally only ever heard of such a maniacal thing from one side, and its not the party she is referring to




lmao you never been to civil court, huh?


thank christ prenups are standard in tpasteland now.


File: 1602880792234.png (533.41 KB, 1003x758, 1003:758, shitrat.png)

>im not going to have kids because hurrrdurrr feminism bad

cope harder


also, you never hear them bitching about inequality when it comes to custody battles or financial bias in court cases. they're all so fucking equal and independent, but my money is somehow hers because she took a couple of months of paid leave?


>incel is trying to convince the world it's a political statement that he can't get laid


same here i really enjoyed this conversation


its wild that they arent literally everywhere

i just had to testify on my buddies behalf
his literal firebreathing devilwoman ex wife has been continually opening up completely faux-pas ""abuse"" charges for the past two years since the kids birth. poor SoB has had to just poor money into lawyers for every baseless charge shes come up with, to the point where the kid is now two fucking years old, and without any proof at all, shes had a restraining order against him to where he literally hasnt seen the kid since he was born, except under state supervision
up until like last month when i had to go speak, the bastard hadnt even been able to speak or present the case that all he wants is partial custody
literal 10s of thousands of dollars and 2 years of his life just to do that, and now finally its being treated as a custody issue, rather than a domestic one

absolute insanity

pull tf out kids lmao

lel aint talking about feminism buck
not gonna tow the closeted faggot party line and say its anywhere near the majority. but if you think there arent chicks out there who will go to such lengths simply to destroy a man, then you def havent met one w narcissistic personality disorder


Women are retarded but its still no excuse to never have children because "women are insane". Women have been insane since the dawn of time.


maybe it works in tpasteland but prenups get tossed in burgerland all the time they mean nothing when all your judges are ridiculously corrupt and pick and choose when to give a fuck about the laws tehyre supposed to uphold


damn youre fucking stupid
im not saying "women are insane"
im saying "there are insane women, watch your ass"
p different


>judges are ridiculously corrupt
golfin with the judge


you disregarded a lot to get to that conclusion the problem isnt the fact that theyre insane its the fact that the court systems actively enable them to get their way without much effort


No you are stupid.


>no u


Cope, seethe, dilate.
The logical conclusion of all muh feminism results in MGTOW nonsense.
So please continue coping, seething, and dilating.


were still not talking about feminism my dude


>thinks the female tipped scales of justice isnt directly tied to feminism
>calls me a retard


the issue has existed at a court level for decades longer than 3rd wave feminism


3rd wave, 2nd wave, 1st wave, its all the same thing retard


me to bud.

>/sp/ shitposting thread turns into substantive discussion with valid arguments on both sides

>happens every time

>/pol/ threads, /int/ threads, /mu/ threads, /tv/ threads, all better on /sp/ than on their designated boards.

i think /sp/ should cross over into different genres of threads more often. there's a bunch of well-informed people here with seemingly good taste and sports are a bit less exciting with this whole covid thing.


nod rly
2nd wave is too baste and redbulled for 3rd wavers nowadays


always said that srs disgussion and unfiltered funposting dont have to exist in separate vacuums
but autists simply cant handle that reality


No but it really is because all liberal policy just leads to more liberal policy because it becomes a stuggle for progress for the sake of progress.


guys are still getting sucked dry here, not to worry. it's blatant sexism all across the board, based on the archaic idea that the bond between mother and child is more important than the bond between father and child, and an equally archaic idea that the man is supposed to be earning enough money to support his entire family.


well good luck trying to get it so they cant vote or whatever your retarded idea is
id rather just see it get to the point where people cant drive other people into bankruptcy via lawyering them to death
esp so when a kids life is on the line and is being used as collateral


if you can afford to golf with a judge youre probably rich enough to off the whore if she gets too uppity


My ideas are the ignition of Yallowstone, the falling of the Moon and the rising of the Sea.


the problem of course is if the whores father is the one golfing w the judge, and youre just some blue collar dude taking out loans and working 70hrs/wk to pay his lawyer just so he can maybe hopefully see his kid one day

no doubt in my mind, if he hadnt been able to get the case moved from her hometown, to one where their fam doesnt own the whole town, then he wouldve already been in prison for some fraudulent domestic abuse charge


thoughts on the arab spring protests?


File: 1602882931928.mp4 (5.39 MB, 640x360, 16:9, ilhan.mp4)

/our girl/ won


Are people dying ?


theres absolutely no way this isnt some pol chucklefucks taking the piss here
i refuse to believe this was made without irony


>he was the one moving up in the relationship
thats where he fucked up never have a kid with a girl thats richer than you and is from a well connected family
this isnt medieval days where somehow being a stubborn enough peasant to fuck your way into the nobility earned you knighthood it just lands you with rich people problems on a poor person's budget


"I do not"


i dont think he was ever trying to have a kid tbh
from what he told me, she was """""on BC"""""
poor dumb bastard fell right into her trap


When does the voting for the 2020 AntiSemite of the Year Awards start ?
Please tell me Sportschan is on the ballot.


idk but buckeye is on the ballot for filthiest jew of 2020 award


it's such a shame. i'm going to try to diversify the board so everybody can accuse me of cultural marxism by starting a weekly stram somewhere early december (busy moving for while) for gud tv and movies, i'll see how it goes.


fake that man's death then kidnap the child and move them out of the country
the kid might be waited on hand and foot his (or is it a girl?) whole life but his mother is clearly a cunt if shes wringing a poor man dry just fr wanting to see his kid and money doesnt make those problems any less traumatizing
this exact shit happened to my brother and my nephew is turning into an angry little psychopath because of it


lol weve joked about it
he just wants to be there for his son, ya know
even if he can only do it on weekends
hes just worried shell get full custody and poison him against him and torture him for the rest of his life with the kid srsly dont doubt it, bitch is that crazy
in fact she literally already did it to some poor sod 7yrs ago, he just couldnt handle it and had to BK out


i suppose she might be honest about feeling humbled and limited in activities and dreams, since shes likely another loony leftist with foolish aspirations getting to discover that wyman arent after all equal to men, that will and belief is not in fact the same as capability and power, that despite years and years of willing the rock away there it remains
but raging against Nature would be admitting defeat and insanity (and would put her in a possible path to recovery) so instead in men she finds a windmill to charge at, "they took it from me, those bastards and their oppresive sperm!" and so she prolongs her neurosis. change is hard, in fact change rarely comes about if its not forced by hard circumstances, like a wall. nevertheless her stupid rationalizations are evindence that shes in the process of contrasting her beliefs against reality and finding it traumatic. she delays for now but reckoning must eventually come

tl;dr: sportschen's very own mass insemination white ops fucking when


how is it that the cuntiest women always seem to wind up with and shit all over guys who actually want to be around for their kids while women who want to have a man around always wind up with a deadbeat that fucks off before the kid pops out?
im not talking about nigger women here either ive seen a lot of other women in both situations and it seems very backwards like god himself went out of his way to switch the dynamics around to be as fucking stupid as possible


who tf knows?
sad shit man


cause…those couples stay together?


it does really seem like some sort of divine intervention tho, doesnt it?


in a very literal sense tho, most dont


decent people capable of caregiving usually end up with a partner that needs it too




theres zero way that bitch has a kid
shes just a womens studies major


Because women fail to realize that in the game of "trading up" they will always be the loser because Chad can always go get himself the younger model Stacey whenever he desires. But instead women get resentful and take out their resentment on the guy who becomes their provider.


but they clearly dont thats why im wondering in the first place
im not saying they're representative of all relationships, its just a trend ive noticed and it honestly bums me out because most of the kids are going to grow up to be little bastards and have shitty lives as well as be a drain on everyone around them
but what about the ones who try and fail to keep men around? is it hidden cuntiness that i dont pick up on or is it something else? a combination of factors?


my theory:
educated white women from good families always get their way, so they instinctively look for a strong man that isn't a doormat. because he's not a doormat, she doesn't get her way. this internal contradiction of 'independent women' that want to be told what to do but are selectively grossly offended by being told what to do, drives many of them clinically insane or at least incapable of maintaining relationships. they're used to getting their way when they throw a hissy fit, but if there's anything a strong man despises it's a hissy fit.


File: 1602884631312.png (692.54 KB, 629x450, 629:450, reerw.PNG)



>but what about the ones who try and fail to keep men around
Femcel shit defective personality types with the inability to address their personality faults
>mood swings that rival bipolar disorder
>insane jealously
>constant nagging
>lack of motherly instinct


so is the solution to knock up uneducated black women?


i think the ones that can't keep men around are basically just emotionally reliant on their partner and judge their happiness by their relationship, thereby putting a lot of pressure on the relationship. this is my experience dating these types.


File: 1602884804161.png (56.53 KB, 964x343, 964:343, ClipboardImage.png)


No, find your ass an ugly bitch.
Preferably when she is young, 18+ of course we aint pedocel out here.


nah, the solution is to just find a nice person with some humility that can take care of herself.


>ugly bitch
meh ill take the hot reformed-ghettotrash shaneequa any day


Dating black women is actually based and redpilled and Pastor Anderson approved.


well that makes sense but how do they wind up with poor motherfuckers that cant afford to deal with their bullshit in the first place? ive personally never seen a rich girl in a dive bar or shitty nightclub tehyre always at those pampered overpriced places
do they fuck the bouncers/doormen or something? my brother was a doorman for a place like that so maybe thats what happened with him
so theyre damaged to the point of being incapable of maintaining a relationship but thats what the so desperately want
thats some existential horror right there


File: 1602885208719.mp4 (664.5 KB, 656x360, 82:45, pussygrab.mp4)

>people get payed to write this


>existential horror
a sad amount of women are like this
it literally breaks their brains to do something as simple as admitting what their own best interest is, let alone acting on it


rich grils are slumming it on the reg, a lot of them are new money plebs and can't control the vulgarity that has been imprinted in them. also, tbf, rich ppl conversation is rally boring.


File: 1602885653342.mp4 (982.27 KB, 640x640, 1:1, autotune.mp4)

wut show


File: 1602885970612.png (161.97 KB, 740x704, 185:176, ClipboardImage.png)

lamo if ACB fucks the football on her first case




>2016 on the signs
i haven't seen it but i'm guessing american horror story (4th season?) i remember shitposting about it on 8/tv/ right when dup posting replaced drup posting
looking back its not surprising they went full on political crying mode the first season started off fairly pozzed and the second was borderline unbearable so i dropped it after that


btfo him


fuuuuck do i go my car isn't legal do I risk it


kill that zionist


forgot about that, that was the one with deepweb 4chan wasn't it?




ah fuck it I wont risk it ill catch him somewhere else in the country


Hello pedocel.


i mean if you want to y not if your car isnt stolen then minor traffic violations are meaningless and you can talk your way out of them


i dunno i cant remember much of what i watched from it because i had to be drunk as shit to make it through especially with the second season
didnt watch it after the second, kept shitposting about it anyway
children smell and are loud why would i ever like them?


that may be but i think my point still applies because its not strictly necessary for these loony types to experience their cooked up reality ripping in their own flesh, with a tiny bit of imagination they can spot the cracks just by looking outside their windows


cops have a million other things to worry about


It was a joke because /tv/ is filled with pedoniggers and Gahoole himself is a suspected pedonigger.


thanks for the support but wanna catch him when i planned for it so i can get a good seat its probably full this is Trump country as they say


you're chinese, they'll give u a free maga hat and escort you on stage


are you gonna heem him?


i know i thought you were going somewhere with it tho




im not chinese




im gonna start a we love you chant and btfo the entirety of imageboards


File: 1602886907174.png (12.24 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)

explain why this is on your site then?


in his defense thats mine i like to lick it


File: 1602886969199-0.jpg (61.71 KB, 656x126, 328:63, woah.jpg)

File: 1602886969199-1.jpg (96.45 KB, 480x1080, 4:9, woah2.jpg)

Broooooo, hold up, so you be sayin', *smacks lips*, we finna be like *shuffles feet* a JEWICIDE SQUAD ?


we love our feds, our CIAniggers, we love our cuckservative politicians they're important


the secret relationship between blacks and jews


aint got no site
its already working


>first pic
that conversation earlier about america being an insane asylum where some weird shit could happen? this is what i was talking about
even if yt burgers just roll over and die the niggers will still find an excuse to gank the kikes because they despise anyone lighter than them


File: 1602887250040.png (217.07 KB, 807x918, 269:306, 2020-08-05-013529_1920x108….png)


File: 1602887280541.png (99.98 KB, 705x481, 705:481, irrefutable proof.png)

explain this then


>having an email with your real name on it


screenshot on a macintosh of a site that aint mine


i thought that site died completely like three years ago


yea the way shits going there'll be hologram AI alien false flag against iran or something before anything expected happens
internet's created uncharted waters
wtf do you even compare the influence of the internet to? church?
they only wish they had this much influence and that always got cray


it was up maybe up till around a year ago just as a kareha board
it came back, not sure if it's really nano behind it or someone larpin


ok you're clear but i'm eating the egg roll


thank you come again




>wtf do you even compare the influence of the internet to? church?
the way shitheads treat the internet comparing it to a religion is probably the closest thing
the way people can see the same thing but come away with completely different takes on it just because of a couple of clickb8 articles engineered to cater to their general dispositions is comparable to sects of a religion warring against one another
the rittenhouse videos are a good example of this the bare facts are the kid was attacked and shot a couple of people in defense but you have people twisting or outright lying about this one event in bizarre ways to make it fit with their various conspiracies
it makes me really wonder about stuff we're told about that doesnt have video evidence backing it up like how many incidents are blown way out of proportion or outright faked yet they make it to twitter or facebook or whatever garbage site people use en masse nowadays and the reality stops mattering because tens of if not hundreds of thousands of people have already taken the story and run with it before verifying if its real or even plausible
shit im fixing to go into schizo tier ranting if i keep going with this train of thought







The truth is the sexual revolution ruined everything. From birth control to abortions to no fault divorce, women were allowed to become hedonistic whores with no one to tell them otherwise. On top of this, kikes capitalized on this and pushed propaganda on society claiming that this a gud thing, here's why: ad nauseum.

the only thing women understand are babbies, and the moment you take that away from them they become zombies consuming anything to gib them meaning in life. And since they're all dumb whores they'll listen to anything that gives them immediate pleasure.

Basically weak men allowed women to be dumb whores without restrictions and they don't know what they want. But don't get me started on men.




DPRK has no active cases
the only case was a defector to south korea who got infected there and returned to DPRK for treatment
he recovered 100% with treatment invented in DPRK and then executed for treason against DPRK


Kim Jon Un IS the cure to corona virus.


i like the thought of curing a traitor just so you can execute him


LMAO go norks


too late professor the cancel mob is already on the case
say goodbye to academic life and prepare for a life of manual labor in the siberian steppe


>schizo tier
double dare you
personally convinced the entirety of international and local news issues are either intentional and carefully crafted to fit the dichotomy or accidental. the latter is being worked on and we be total great firewall soon
real schizo tier: i think the high tier nerd simulation proof is being observed in some part by an abortion'd form of collective consciousness. not in a meme magick way, but in a quantum observation slit wave type thing where our brains are fighting a lifetime of propaganda


leave the good professor alone



ugh those commies are evil! support american imperialism and bring gay rights to north korea


Has GHOST been redpilled ?
Has he been radicalized by the Youtube to Alt-Right pipeline ?


he found pastor anderson


GHOST went from young turks, to jimmy dore, to caleb maupin, to aleksandr dugin, to eric striker


don't think we need to go full china to go full china in a way of speaking
you just have to think how the same implementations will be made in our economy
like a social credit score wouldn't be a government thing but a big tech thing
a great firewall can be accomplished mostly by hosting providers and cloudflare dropping or not picking people up


yeah that rally is packed I'd've never gotten in


>georgia is now a battleground state
how did this happened?


big government is gud if the government is gud


lettin felons """""""vote"""""""


>personally convinced the entirety of international and local news issues are either intentional and carefully crafted to fit the dichotomy or accidental. the latter is being worked on and we be total great firewall soon
i am completely with you there i wasnt so much believing it on the local level until the past couple of years when i noticed my local paper (obsolete i know but theres a lot of old boomers here) pushing some of the most obscene pozzed shit despite my entire county openly despising this shit to the point where people have been assaulted for trying to set up gay festivals and shit like that and never been charged for it because even the local cops wont arrest anyone for slapping fags and the DA doesnt give enough of a shit to bother charging them regardless of how much the stubbled "women" complain
yet despite this open vitriol from the locals if a new person moved here theyd probably think this place was ultra progressive just from glancing at the local rag's headlines
i dont know what youre talking about with that real schizo tier stuff though but feel free to elaborate
i wont though because my schizo theories are always boring as fuck because at the end of the day im more convinced a lot of shit is accidental and that most of the time whoever is in charge just takes advantage of a situation as it happens rather than planning it all out in advance centuries ahead of time
if we're dealing with something like that then even being mad about it is futile and all discussion is ultimately pointless


that's a big if


see north korea see nazi germany see russia see


do felons even vote? why would you participate in a system that fucked you for life in the first place?


can't tell if ironic or not.


can prolly sell their votes, especially now


who told you this
thats florida


true, curious what happens with that section 230 stuff
banks and credit cards already drop people for bad thoughts


nazi germany is gud
something wrong bitch?


monarchies are gud too
democracy is baaaad and gay


women voting is baaaad because that means women get a say in the control over men


That is why we must return to tradition and get us femboy housewives.


good point, tho vote buying was a thing even all the way back in the early 19th century



ur right nick fuentes
no women EVER


yeah, dead people been votin forever so you know some fuckery been goin on for a long time


same happened with the news here, see it in a lot of places. add in people leaving california and affordable housing and it's paint by your own numbers lego communities
lik ur approach to it. over getting mad about it but the tism kicks in sometimes and the red yarn and push pins come out which isn't healthy


must be the niggers, atlanta, and all the filthy carpetbaggers


how reliable is this site? do they deliberately poll in democrat heavy areas? not that i care if dup loses or wins, i'm just always skeptical of these poll site's methods and motivations


musk just needs to transplant femboy brains into khazar milker bodies


Fuck, I wanted to post the Murdoch Murdoch clip of them shitting on Fuentes.
But they are blacklisted from all Jewgle platforms lmao.


File: 1602891241274.png (186.03 KB, 1369x660, 1369:660, ClipboardImage.png)



what're they on then?




cheekyvideos dot net


bitch shoot


u have a lot of new yorkers there?
new yorkers ruined virginia by movng to NoVA and richmond
nobody gave a fuck about the confederate culture here until that stupid fucking out of state fag started shit in charlottesville in 2017


I dont know, maybe bitchute ?


i honestly don't want to talk about nazi germany anymore, it's such a boring topic and it's somewhat arguable that he did a fairly decent job before he got paranoid and greedy, so let's not go there pls.

russia and north korea tho? russia is a complete kleptocracy and nk arguably has the most retarded system in the world, neo-juche is pretty much the worst idea ever. if it weren't for the chinese propping them up, the Kims would have fallen a long time ago.


oh you can still youtube-dl it then if they don't make the magnets available


ok guys I took the iranpill what's the next thing I need to shove down my throat?


oh i still get mad about it because im not convinced we're dealing with any organizations that are that omnipotent but youre right about the red yarn and push pins tier shit being unhealthy im pretty sure my habitual teeth grinding is a direct result of that
my dentist even told me to calm the fuck down before i crack a tooth lol


wtf must be the niggers but Trump is there at this very moment to a packed crowd
ya atlanta has a bunch and a lot are niggers cuz atlanta is black mecca so niggers move in from all over though white millennials who are so far left they legit believe niggers are perfectly safe even in rough areas are gentrifying the fuck outta it and its gotten a lot better like a lot a lot


File: 1602891567889-0.mp4 (477.41 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Heil Hitler, Bitch!.mp4)

File: 1602891567889-1.mp4 (6.73 MB, 640x360, 16:9, videoplayback.mp4)

>i honestly don't want to talk about nazi germany anymore, it's such a boring topic and it's somewhat arguable that he did a fairly decent job before he got paranoid and greedy, so let's not go there pls.


then they go to the bar and complain about gentrification because the bars gonna close because nicer shit has bought it and i have to explain that them being there right at that moment is the gentrification theyre complaining about
they dont know how to deal with this information and move on


hope this town has uber


idk, they seem to be the site to have the most different and varying polls i've come across. i feel like 538 doesn't really gather enough different polls. especially with the local ones i can't be arsed to do a deep dive into these polls, so i just try to go quantity over quality.

you know how it is tho, once one party gets ahead they start pushing for more polling. if repubs had favorable poll numbers though, they'd be conducting more polls. also, the margin of error for these polls is secretly pretty huge, because a 45/47 split could actually be 49/43 split in the other direction. almost all of the exit polls for 2016 were within the margin of error.


currently getting gentrified out of my city. feelsbadman.


File: 1602892138070.mp4 (22.87 MB, 960x540, 16:9, nice bike.mp4)

146.47% of russians agree


my friendship brother allah bless our comraderie peace be upon us
how do you do the cross sign again? up down left right?


i lik rural more maybe you will too


all day like assad
hezbollah wew


theres no quality to poll sites anyway quantity is all you get with them and theyre all a bunch of faggots for various reasons
politics is faggots fuck politics give me field to work so i can make crops and be too busy to hear lies and know theyre lies but still get mad about them anyway because im a dumb angry asshole


moving to a small city where my family is connected to everybody, so i'll be able to engage in some nepotism over there to get a proper home that doesn't cost me 70% of my wages.


File: 1602892519358-0.jpg (400.44 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, EVXv2vmUUAEkM5W.jpg)

File: 1602892519358-1.jpg (400.89 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, EVXv2voU0AAkIQ7.jpg)

I think you already know.


jesus. lying when i say i don't get mad now i think about it
the people or orgs aren't invincible but the ideas may as well be at this point, forced to fight it on those terms with the way any non left violence is dealt with
forcing myself to chill when discussing it probably helped


nice hope it works out gud for ya


iktfb. some toothpastian mormons fucked off to the rainforest with a bunch of families recently. they were like fuck the world, you're all fucked, we're going to start over. wish i could join them


is this stonetoss porn?


I believe so.


have link? can't find anything


replace toothpaste with dutch and mormons with pilgrims you dumb nigger /sp/ has rotted your brain


Your mom's fat ass has rotted my dick.


dutch pilgrims would never survive the rainforest


plymouth rock landed on us motherfucker


thx bro. trying to brace for economic calamity tbh. found a job with the taxman to be as secure as i can in my work and am going to live in one of the properties >we own to keep my overhead as low as i can.


i just take comfort knowing the cycle will break eventually
even knowing it might last until after im dead there is a small sense of peace knowing that eventually someone will have enough of this shit and start the killing. ive already isolated myself from most of this stuff to the point that it doesnt make sense to get mad about it anymore but knowing about it all still gets to me sometimes. taking a break from the internet entirely helps a lot though, ive found going just a week without bothering with being online at all tremendously improves my mental state
you can always try
but didnt the dutch colonized a bunch of african and azn shitholes including rainforests?


File: 1602893334251.jpg (86.98 KB, 1136x757, 1136:757, biden-texts-Slide1-1.jpg)

this is worse than a gril blowing up your phone


If the Rays blow this, I swear to Allah that Texas will be destroyed by ISIS.


guyana french guiana suriname
yea suriname that one


I wish the spanish empire would've taken more of the world


indeed already the privately owned media, the universities, the ngos and """thinktanks""", rather than the govt, are the main ones drafting the purge of undesirables and deplorables with many collaborationist capitalists signing on it


does a single african/nigger/latino country speak italian?
did italian dip it's dick in any third world sliz?


yeah surinam was the dutch thing. until the glorious revolution when the brits were like 'oh, you guys are making money in surinam? we'll just build guyana right next door and take half of your shit and you can't do shit about it because you're our ally and our king is your head of state.'


I think a piece of somolia was a real italian colony. Pretty sure libya is completely arabized


i hat italian monkey


i hat u


no italians
no niggers
no buckeyes
no coons




are they in the union?





File: 1602894240536.jpg (172.5 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 121530782_351049559440774_….jpg)


did they fight for the cooniun or the coonfederacy?


it wasn't heavily publicized, it happened in one of the small ostracized ultra-religious communities toothpastians are barely aware of. it was only found out after they had already left iirc. toothpaste media & politics is all centered around the secular amsterdam-rotterdam-utrecht-the hague area, they don't really have a clue about the rest of the country. (catholic south, rabidly protestant east and southwest, mostly secular north). calvinist toothpaste exported most of their mormons and baptists, but some stayed and built their own little communities to inbreed and admonish people for mowing their lawns on sunday.


but northern italy is yt! also they wuz literaly caesars!





If I encountered this whorb in her high class slut outfit in a dark alley it would be RAPE time.


wait how is it possible that their are so many cardinalities in such a tiny country!


Wow, you sound pretty gay



thx bby



I would probably rape her poophole so it hurt the most.



File: 1602894736175.mp4 (33.83 MB, 960x1060, 48:53, littleraly me.mp4)


File: 1602894861035.mp4 (1.38 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, nono.mp4)


She could say "No no" all she wants but once this BWC is up her ass she will be saying "YES YES YES"


i like rursian


philippino looking for hot white stud to dominate my asian sissy body


i hat rusa


i luv putin
i luv russia world order


this sort of shit just proves even the fags in charge arent happy with the world theyve created
it just make mes wonder why they keep on this path of destruction
it almost always turns out that nearly every career politishitter, nearly every banker, nearly every corporate ceo has a fucked up miserable family life despite all their riches are their destructive tendencies their way of taking out their personal frustrations on the general populace?


that's why >we sent them all over to you. it's a confusing tale. first amsterdam was the catholic center of the cunt and all the protestants were living in antwerp. then the dutch govt basically made a deal with the spanish saying we get the north & west, you get the south. mass back and forth migration, some struggles with that. you had calvinists and lutherans which were both deemed ok by toothpaste after they protestantized the west (even though some amsterdam catholics just moved their churches into houses and kept practising their religion there). With the massive influx of protestant refugees not only from belgium/south netherlands, but also from the 30 years war, it was decided that catholocism was a fact of life that they had to live with, but mormons were sort of heretics that should be encouraged to fuck off. the baptists was a bit more complicated, since they were heavily involved in the politics etc, but they were ostracized in a slow way and then also encouraged to fuck off. toothpastian rulers wanted to keep things simple after an 80 year war partially about religion and the horrors of the 30 year war in germany, they didn't want any theological debates. a lot of countries in yurop encouraged or sent their religious extremists/dissenters to the new world, mostly just to be rid of them.


Show us your body, lets see that itty bitty flip clitty.


File: 1602895358489.png (650.74 KB, 825x639, 275:213, 2020-10-16-204105_1920x108….png)


wheres the manifesto




ive never felt less threatened by someone w an assault rifle




drunk andrew dice clay


hickory dickory dock
i used to make pranks with CR


do a joke


>it was decided that <foo>ism was a fact of life that they had to live with, but <bar>ists were sort of heretics that should be encouraged to fuck off
>they were ostracized in a slow way and then also encouraged to fuck off
i was going to reply to your earlier point about "assimilation or annihilation" but then got busy/distracted, and now, maybe unintentionally, you're touching on the subject again so im thinking maybe ill write something later, but basically that was one point i was going to make: encouraging exile, emigration, deportation


its like a puppy growling, an empty threat

now pull now them pants and submit, its raping time


can she even hold that rifle up for more than 5min


the last digit of my post determines how many sleeping pills i'm taking.




nobody could have predicted this


do the carp bath tub joke


time for your one (1) melatonin gummy bear


i forgot this game doesn't work with /sp/ posting speed.


little miss muffet sat on her tuffet eating her kurds and whey
along came a spider that day right beside her and said


i hat kurd


i hat negr


File: 1602897066046.png (210.56 KB, 590x343, 590:343, ClipboardImage.png)

i hat gyp


i still have one 50mg oxazepam that i can bust out, but i'd rather keep it for a bad hangover. i'll just accidentally a couple of more when i'm going for my one (1) pill.


alexa tell me about the gypsy crime rate in romania


File: 1602897131621.png (60.04 KB, 293x172, 293:172, ClipboardImage.png)

i hat jedun


File: 1602897224809.gif (3.52 MB, 720x404, 180:101, emsoAtt.gif)


Debussy "Clair de Lune" on Piano for 80 Year Old Elephant


wish I was born an elephant
simpler life
strong nationalistic pride


this is what (((they))) took from you


File: 1602897437375.mp4 (16.04 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Debussy "Clair de Lune" Fo….mp4)


holy shit how did you do that?!


Merry Christmas Mr. Spartman. Merry Christmas.


File: 1602897620045.png (375.22 KB, 735x479, 735:479, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1602897685839.png (1.75 MB, 1071x1321, 1071:1321, hu-gyps.png)


i lik phant


real question does melanintonin stolen from blapipo work fro helping one sleep?


File: 1602897804057.png (1.08 MB, 600x768, 25:32, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1602897823786.png (329.58 KB, 456x386, 228:193, PC Computer - Doki Doki Li….png)

me t҉o bu҉dy


he seems based and funpilled


an elephant martyrededded himself by derailing a fuckin train with his body and got all the elephant pussy wet af and made his elephant kids permanent elephant nobles in under a minute
wut hav u done? commit suicide in glorious fashion now derail a banker with ur body today


i lik arabesque no 1



elephant vs train would be more like a man de-railing the fed tbh




gud phant
baaad pianist




12 inch pianist


freudian slip?


yea, that was a terrible rendition.


that just means someone needs to one up the elephant and derail israel


I would bomb AIPAC but dudder says drumpf might be there


holy shit type in random jewish names in wikipedia and you see a bunch of terrible people in society



this thread is now about gud pianists


my personal favorite



>Levy "went down there and carried on like a character out of central casting for a crazed New York Jew. I'm sure there were 227 people who voted for Duke just to get at Mordechai Levy. I hold him personally responsible for the election of David Duke."


hope he has a piano in his cell so he can practise his transitions.


he made /cow/ proud


i squished the fuck out of one of my fingers with a punch machine at work the other day. i didnt sever the finger but im pretty sure i fucked the nerve cause i cant move half of the finger all that much and seeing these guys play piano now feels me with horrible envy even though i never played piano


I squished a ton of saunakees with my fingers man up pussy


where is pedocel today?


i squish balls with hand wut now nigr
for real tho if you fags ever have to work with a punch machine it will fuck you up so quick be careful


]i'll post some low test Satie, anybody can get to the point of being able to play this.


File: 1602900265962.png (453.57 KB, 750x800, 15:16, ClipboardImage.png)


there's a very specific technique for those punching machines, you gotta avoid the big hunk of metal in the middle. once you figure out your stance and the movement of your upper body to put your weight behind the punch, go for a top right and give a hook that crosses up slightly. +900 score pretty much guaranteed if you have any semblance of strength. grate way to pick up plebian grils. steroid boys will be sweating trying hundreds of times, leaving their grils looking bored as shit while i beat their high score in two tries looking like a spaghetti noodle. it's a great moment when a group of locals want to kick your ass but have just seen you btfo the machine and think you're some sort of martial arts expert and get apprehensive while you abscond with the grils they were trying to impress.


*if you're a righty


and everyone's clapping


i ws looking for the video of the chink guy that had his hand flattened by the same machine i was using but i guess i deleted that entire folder so yes i was practicing boxing and it beat me up i lost to a fuckin stupid machine either way


yea somehow there is also a soundtrack following you around
its fuckin great


the more i read your post the more i delve into the fictional ramblings of a literal stick


that's not true, the chinese are kyokushin karate masters, a punch machine could never best them


in this instance, ppl were too busy laughing at all the steroid kids and their impotent rage. they just went back to the machine, unable to accept the fact that they just got btfo by a featherweight. honestly, look up how to beat these machines, it's a good life skill if you want to ever want go bar hopping by yourself and find yourself in a sketchy bar. southern yurop is infested with these machines.


i pretty much am a literal stick. but literal sticks can beat these machines.


karate is nip


i am the machine i punched myself to experience pain


is someone talking about china?


not yet. we're going from punching machines to literal sticks, so it's only a matter of time before we get to chopsticks.



china did nothing wrong and is in fact based


i am without realizing it im sure


hong kong protests were funded by the CIA


Good morning GHOST my son! Hope you have a marvioulous day!


why are you calling yourself your son?


File: 1602902215666.mp4 (1.38 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, nono.mp4)


is taht no is kpop?


I wanna be a white guy who makes videos for the chinese government about how china is actually guuud and they don't get a fair shake


seriously i want this job too. Need that dragon money before the whole fucking thing pops.


it aint gonna pop
socialism with chinese characteristics is eternal


File: 1602902677771.png (450.15 KB, 800x767, 800:767, ClipboardImage.png)



Are you implying there is anything wrong with that ?


anything with chines characteristics is eternal because the chinks actually have self-preservation instincts so even the most retarded of cancers like communism can't kill them off
i hat them so much but there is no denying their resilience


july was 10 days ago??


this is a viable career path, if you have videography / editing / camera / production and direction skills in your portfolio or network. RT is also always looking for americans to sow division, if you write a couple of anti-american articles for them, they'll reach out. for china, i'd try to go through a company like hikvision and send them a polished video. they're very close to the powers that be in chinaland and can patch you through to the right people to become an official shill.


Bringing about the Death of America is in fact a BASED and REDPILLED move.


id rather do RT and russia than china. there's just something chinky about the chinese.


File: 1602902994776.gif (5.58 MB, 576x333, 64:37, nonononnonon.gif)


HHS is close to the admin and will want to project flattening of the curve so trump can brag about having solved it.


vary mature blogpost title

here's 50 yen


>he still believes in America


yen is nip


i mean i believe america exists as a landmass, but no the constitution was a mistake, the enlightenment was a sham, and the protestant revolt single handedly caused the fall of the west.


File: 1602903323704.gif (1.1 MB, 268x170, 134:85, sana no.gif)


haha ok sana time to go into the chamber!


RT contributors don't even have to move to moscow, they have offices in DC and London and stuff. if you want to be a chinese shill, you'll probably have to sit through some ccp brainwashing. RT just wants to give anti-establishment pundits a plaform, they don't really care about your loyalty to pootin, they'd just want you to criticize the west.


sana is nip


Good, then embrace shilling for the CCP.


>they don't really care about your loyalty to pootin, they'd just want you to criticize the west
literally more free speech oriented than burgerland


i should go back to reading RT.


More like 'fuck the west' oriented, which is a valid argument, but i feel 'fuck the east' is a valid argument too and there's no way for you to criticize pootin without getting a healthy dose of pollonium in your bloodstream.

in the end it's just shills shilling shills about just how shilly the shills on the other side of the shill aisle are.


it depends on what you believe philosophically then. Do you think every age is truth vs anti-truth, or is it hegelian where it's all bullshit competing with each other to get closer to "truth"?


File: 1602904097484.webm (7.54 MB, 640x360, 16:9, sana spring roll.webm)


File: 1602904186270.png (515.26 KB, 750x599, 750:599, wise chinese kot.PNG)


bomb the fbi office
bomb the cia office
im dudder


i mean if you live in the west and decide to criticize pooter they'll probably just take you off the payroll before they waste the resources on killing one of their clickb8 retards governments typically only do that assassination shit on people who can do more damage than simply presenting a shitty opinion that probably won't be read beyond the headline


File: 1602904994475.png (71.08 KB, 952x392, 17:7, hegel, one of the greatest….png)

it can be both (from different povs it is both)





















i make the rounds every day
>Foreign Policy
>Fox News
>Al Jazeera
>Arab News
>some trustworthy toothpaste press
>Gulf Times
And whatever network where semi-serious discussion of american politics takes place

much as i hate philosophy, i'd have to go Hegel here. it's all bullshit colliding and it's our extremely timeconsuming job to figure out
>what reasons could medium x have to speak out against country y?
>who is funding medium x?
>what did country y say it did?
they did the same thing with the economy, they buried >us in paperwork and pretend-esotericism, knowing we wouldn't have time to sort through everything.

I just try compare the lies of different governments, look at the 'que bene' of it and see which elements of truth can be lifted from all of their lies. it's an 8-10 hour job to try to figure out what happened in any given week. with this election thing, i could be working full time on it and i'd still be vulnerable to disinformation campaigns.

Cambridge analytica type companies are scarily good at their jobs and it's hard to browse with an open mind when they're trying so hard to bombard me with stuff i generally agree with. I also visit all sorts of political sites I don't believe in or care for, just to fuck with their algorhythms.


its enough to make me seriously contemplate running to the mountains and living the caveman life
being eaten by mountain lions is a better fate than dealing with modern society, even medieval peasants were lied to less frequently


>braves are blowing it

holy fucking shit
we are going to get an astros/dodgers eries
literally the WORST possible outcome


at least everyone knew what they were living for salvation of their soul

people have no idea what they're living for yet are dogmatic in their emotional and flakey beliefs that demand further expansion into depravity.


thx G-D no one actually gives a shit about sports this year. trashtros got lucky this year


I've considered all options.
Honestly, I think I'm too much of a city guy to be able to run an efficient self-sustaining farm. if i ever happen into a shitload of money I'm just going to set up my own cunt in international waters well outside of any shipping lanes or possible conflicted zones and basically set up a meritocratic hippie commune. i don't want to be part of any nation state anymore.


File: 1602907373325.webm (1.09 MB, 358x268, 179:134, bts.webm)

wat show?

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