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iraq is an american puppy state already
we need to invade scary iran


Hmmm this post seems Antisemitic.


Marking this user as a definite benefactor of the white race.


you are right tpaste, everyone is fucking crooked. ok so the bidens took a few millions from ukranian orgs but on the other hand the trump campaign took a few from russian ones, right? hey its all just lobbying! and thinktanking and such. so its fine. well except when its collusion, which alas cannot quite be proven or disproven, so you just have to trust (You) on that. you see, in the end all that altright larping nihilism never takes us anywhere closer to truth or probity, so why even bother or care?
alright tpaste im with you 100% now


guys what if dup wins the election but hacks the militias and sends them to mexico?


its so fucking frustrating, idk why i bother arguing with this retard tbh


altright larping brings us to authoritarianism and authoritarianism eventually leads to disaster. the current oligarchy pretending to be democracy situation is totally fucked, but autocracy isn't the solution.


>authoritarianism bad


yah we need democracy so this stuff doesnt ever happen again for real this time


File: 1603231686593.jpg (35.77 KB, 492x520, 123:130, 1603106224858.jpg)

Incorrect opinion


democracy is the most stupid form of government ever conceived
monarchy guuuuuuud


authoritarianism -> autocracy -> disaster
how do you guarantee a capable successor? pro-tip, you can't
it's the system where the middle always wins. little progress is made, but nobody holds enough power to really fuck things up.


can someone in this awful thread tell me what happen to anon.cafe? i wanna look at the armenia thread but it say the server isnt gone and you have to be a retard to lose something that big the owners just hiding it i know it


guys we need more democracy to fix the democracy that happened


its passed on through genetics mr. paste and the current monarch decides which of his best sons is worthy of passing on the crown to


totally monarchy gud
constitutional monarchy better
theocratic monarchy best


alvin. simon. theocrat.


basically. y'all trying to take a shortcut to magic candy land where the corporate dick isn't tickling your tonsils, but unfortunately, it never rally works out that way.
monarchs have superior genetics now? wew. you know they're all inbred, right?


For you.


for ppl in general. you're going to end up with a crazy guy in charge at some point, it's just inevitable.


we need democracy to fix this now


being disingenuous is like being a woman stop being woman you hav penis


technocratic monarchist that subjugates its citizens into a medieval feudal understanding of the world while hording technology for themselves because they recognize the inherit flaw of giving the common man access to high tech galactic brained good


where the fuck does this altright->autoritarianism meme comes? is there anything more to it than tpaste acting all scared bbe personality cult cheetoman because it makes him remember his family's long lost bikes?


women can have penises now you idiot


reactionaries are gay


cuz aut-right calls themselves fashy and does vhs filters on traps


p sure hes just playing dumb he starts his posts logically enough and then says some retarded shit or makes a passive aggressive jab right in the middle i dont know why you keep falling for it


anglos are retards, you cannot blame them


File: 1603233190293.png (692.66 KB, 1010x1010, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

i think its related to the I FUCKING LOVE SCIENCE sorta crowd thinking anyone that doesnn't worshiping getting fucked in the ass are literal nazis. like this shirt. tpaste is your typical yuro intellectual, which means his thinking is limited to a very small and patronizing ideological box


File: 1603233201780.png (26.61 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

yes vary reactionary
going back to kangz isn't enough
need to go back to living in tribes in the jungle
monarchs guuuuuud


digits = based and tedpilled


nooooo niggers are literally evolved to be king of the jungle
if anprim takes over whites are litterly done


checked and praising kek


File: 1603233308129.gif (9.41 MB, 640x640, 1:1, whataboutit.gif)

>vhs filters on traps


if anprim no niggers in europe or america because they can't build boats



i agree
where do i sign up for the god emperor gig?


guys what if we democracied out the people who are shitting up the us that were elected democratically?


i hat bowl patrol


we do it by lottery first



fuck you
I like my 600 reply thread


I love how europoors will whine about authoritarianism while they literally live under a government that actively edits faces of murderers to make them appear white and will show up to your house to arrest you if you say "i dont like immigration" on Facebook.

Europe will honestly be better as an Islamic Caliphate because at least they wont be as retarded and gay as they are now.



i lik babylonian lottery


uhhh wow haha, ameritard much?


Whiter than you Mohammad.


muhammad > anglo


but western values

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